MayaBeauty Exfoliating Bath Gloves

MayaBeauty Bath Gloves remove dead skin and create better lather of your body wash with exfoliating mitts. These gloves are elastic and stretch to fit any sized hand. These work well on dry skin that needs exfoliation regularly. Comes in lovely colors with a great design. Great for gifts and promotions.

Key features

  • High Quality
  • 2 Pack Value
  • Great for the shower

Honest reviews


The gloves to die for ..

Delivery was faster than promised and I just loved it .. Because I ordered these for my daughter to carry to her when I go on vacation on in dec .. She loves these and cant do without them.. Great for the body and face ..

Phyllis Corona, NM

Scrubbed Clean

These gloves are the most efficient way to exfoliate. Put them on when they are dry. Grab your favorite bar of soap, lather up and rub yourself all over.

Marva Waterford, OH

Do It & Do It Well Enough, Especially for a 2-Pk’s Price

These come two pairs per order, highly recommended, so once the first has had enough, you’ve got a backup to use while ordering a new set. You may want to have a separate, heavier-grade scrubber for tougher, calloused skin on feet, but these are plenty rough for basic exfoliation of human skin, from arms, elbows, legs & knees to torso & face–and that’s coming from a 40-something with dry skin. They’re small, so they start tight, even on my slender hands, but my 6′ husband fits into them fine. They do start fraying rather quickly, but unless you’re using them around your eyes, which you shouldn’t, or you’ve let your fingernails & toenails get fangly, which you shouldn’t have, then a few frays shouldn’t be an issue, & when fuzzies get too long, you can just trim them with scissors. Besides, a person shouldn’t use something like this for too long anyway. If you use washcloths to get clean, then you should change & wash them regularly; likewise, if you use exfoliating gloves, scrub sponges or loofah pads, then you should be disposing & starting fresh regularly. It’s basic hygiene. These things are used to clean dirty bacteria, oily grime & skin cells off your body, after all.

Taylor Dexter, IA

These gloves rock!

These exfoliating body gloves keep my skin so smooth and soft. I love them because i have small hands and they fit perfect. Will re order again for sure.

Eva Glen Gardner, NJ

Good Exfoliate

Gloves are large in size, but get the job done. I would prefer them with a loop ring for hanging and a slimmer design, they get you through shower time, feeling refreshed.

Corinne Tower, MN