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Max Factor Panstik Foundation – 13 Nouveau Beige

Pan Stik – #13 Nouveau Beige

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The best foundation ever!

Panstick,originally by Max Factor is the easiest, best foundation ever. And Deep Olive shade is the perfect shade for me. There is no other makeup that even comes close to matching my skin tone…either too yellow, too pink or grey. Max Factor sold to Covergirl and they don’t make this tube contained foundation, that easily twists up to smooth on your face and then spread with fingers or a makeup sponge. I obtained this Deep Olive Panstick from a company in the U.K. through Amazon. I contacted Covergirl and they say that the replacement for this product is their Simply Ageless one with regenerist in it. The reviews say that you must swipe your finger in the jar to include regenerist in your application. It is a foundation in a jar…Haven’t tried it, but it’s more pricey and less what I’m looking for. Panstick is sold by but the color choice is very limited. They don’t have Deep Olive. I have used this product for, unbelievably 51 years and it breaks my heart to have the perfect, no mess, great coverage, product go out of style because it was too inexpensive, easy to obtain and lasted forever. The new Panstick from the U.K. is much more expensive and smaller than the original Max Factor Panstick, but it is the same formula and I love it. I’m very grateful that Amazon carries it and that I can still get it. Many thanks to Amazon for always having what I’m looking for and for great service and dependability.According to reviews I’ve read, I’m not the only woman looking for Panstick in the Deep Olive shade. It was and is still the best formula ever made.

Madeline Marcell, MN

perfect match

love,love,love this foundation.perfect coverage.Not as oily as some foundation which means not having to add setting powder every hour to sop up oil.The color was perfect match since i have fair skin…will be buying more in the future..thanks again..

Jeannette Storrie, CA

terrible for fair skin

I have very fair skin (think German) and I do have a hard time finding a decent foundation or concealer for my face. This looks totally ORANGE on my face. Its awful. This is also the lightest shade, so please don’t waste your money.

Lynnette Pennington, NJ

Max Factor, PLEASE bring back the “natural” shade!

I had used the Pan Stik in "Natural" for years, assuming I could go on buying it at Walmart or Bed, Bath and Beyond. It was such a great shade and such a great makeup; when I wear it, I get comments on how smooth and youthful my skin looks! I am hoarding one last "natural" Pan Stik that I use for special days. I don’t know why this makeup is available for a reasonable price in other shades, but I did order this "Fair" shade, thinking it would be close. It is close, and it’s the same great makeup, but the fair is just a little too light for me. So I have to mix it with some light-medium BB cream in order to not look ghostly, which deepens the shade a bit but takes away from the Pan Stik coverage as well. I have tried expensive foundations that don’t work nearly as well as the Pan Stik in Natural for me. Bring it back!!!

Lynette West Chatham, MA

Good Foundation!!

I do like the Coverage, But I’m not too fond of the color. I believe it was too light on my complexion and I’m definitely Fair in color. Next time I would get a different color. But otherwise it was good coverage.

Ines Tehama, CA

Pan Stick is wonderful. You can not beat it for full coverage.

Pan Stick is a great full coverage foundation! The "Nude Ivory" shade is gone, such a bummer, but if you need full coverage in one of their other colors remember this is still the one. You can still find some colors in this country for a fair price, or you can order from England.

Dawn Tivoli, TX

Was so disappointed with this

Was so disappointed with this! Definitely NOT my mother’s Panstick, which was uber creamy. This is dry and finds every wrinkly. Trashed it.

Chrystal Whitesburg, TN

This is the best cover up.

This is the best stuff on earth to cover anything you might want. There simply is no better cover up. I wish it was sold locally.

Cherry Banner, KY

jo jo east baltimore

Sadly another American product, not available to us! The pits!! It works great for my olive skin, it’s much smaller than I remember it, but still works the same!

Briana Upton, NY

Max Factor

This stuff is so thick and yucky! I ordered a color that should have matched my skin because it is what I normally wear and this stuff I cannot even use because it is so dark and so thick like paste. I do not recommend this stuff. And, the tube is tiny!

Carrie Belcher, KY


This goes on really nicely and covers well. Its too powdery to wear under-eye, but it is easy and nice on skin.

Adrian Primghar, IA

Nice and Creamy

I have been looking for this product for a LOOOOONG time!! I was soo very happy to find it on Amazon. I have very dry skin, so this foundation is good for me. If you apply setting powder, this foundation will last all day. Very creamy. I really like it. It doesn’t seem to settle into the dry patches on my face.

Angelica Shady Spring, WV

What a shame that it’s discontinued!

Not only is this a piece of cinema history, it still looks great on–especially on older skin that isn’t as forgiving of the "non-oily" formulae developed for younger people. You can apply a light coat using a cosmetic sponge or a heavier coat. Leaves my older, combination skin looking fresh and dewy, and a light coat isn’t any heavier feeling than any other makeup I’ve used–including mineral makeups. This one is a winner! Too bad it’s also history…

Darlene Cuney, TX

love this makeup

easy to apply and if you choose the right color that matches your complexion, your face will have a flawless look\no need to re-apply throughout the day. does not come off until you wash it off

Martha Campobello, SC

Covers up freckles

I love this foundation and it’s impossible to find in the store anymore. I am so glad I can buy it on Amazon. I have a lot of freckles and it does a good job of covering them up. I use a sponge to apply and then about an hour later I wipe off excess with a tissue.

Linda Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


Max Factor panstick Foundation in 25fair is perfection. I use it as Concealer for under eye shadows and since it is light weight it feels and looks great. This product is now hard to find.. Thanks Amazon for making it available here. This seller had fast and courteous service. I will reorder from them and and recommend others to do so.

Berta Majestic, KY