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Max Factor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Volume Mascara Black, 9ml

Volumising Mascara for 200% More Volume Smudgeproof.

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Best Mascara Ever!

I’ve been using this product for over 10 years when you could easily buy Max Factor make-up at your local drugstore. I’ve tried expensive brands and cheaper brands and this mascara is by far the best I’ve ever used. It really elongates the lashes and makes them full. It flakes a little, but so did the more expensive brands. I wish Max Factor would come back to the U.S. I would highly recommend this mascara for the price and quality.

Cecelia Gillham, AR


I have been using this mascara for YEARS. I literally cried when they discontinued it and bought a massive shipment of it online and am glad to see it here on Amazon. No other mascara comes close to this in my opinion, I have tried many others but have not switched in over a decade. This is my favorite beauty product of all time, I cringe to think of a day without it. Seriously and I am not even a make up kind of chick.

Jami Maribel, WI

LOVE IT! (Well, I did)

This mascara is the best I’ve ever used. I’ve never bought the same mascara twice, and will without a doubt, be buying this one many, many more times. This mascara makes my stubby lashes look super long, thick and the best part– doesn’t flake! Comes off easily with warm water, and after trying over 30 mascaras in maybe 5 years, I think I’ve finally found the one.(3/21) After using this product for a month, The mascara doesn’t last, and flakes like CRAZY. Goes on well, and was amazing at first, but now is the equivalent of a cheapy brand.

Annette Crestview, FL

Like it a lot

I really like this product and it’s price. However, as with any volumizing mascara I have found it crumbling a bit at the end of the day. I do not recommend this product if your need is a perfect lash for more than 8 hours.

Isabella Calumet, OK

Not impressed

Being over 65 and having short lashes, I was looking for an easy to use, full looking mascara. This is easy to use, but not particularly full looking.

Marta Greenbush, MI

It’s okay.

Even if you use a primer with this, it gives the racoon eyes. Not as bad as some other brands… but still does the racoon thing…I use this with my other mascara and it does give some volume. But not worth the money. I also don’t like the brush. Will not purchase this again.

Allene Cadwell, GA

Nothing special

This goes under my "mascara is mascara" category. It does flake a bit after 10 hours even when I make a point of not touching my eyes throughout the day.

Reva Cameron, TX

I love this, it stays on and washes off really …

I love this, it stays on and washes off really well. Very impressed. I do not have to purchase really expensive mascara anymore.

Kristine Brazoria, TX

I’m very satisfied as this is my 1st time using this product………

I purchased this based off of the reviews, and I am glad I did. I will buy again, and would recommend to anyone looking for longer eyelashes! (:

Rhoda Galway, NY

Nice Mascara

Max Factor mascara, although they don’t have dramatic effect of Lancome, are great for everyday use. No clumping and great separation of lashes.

Angelique Greenville, IA

Good for the price

This mascara is good, especially for putting a top coat on another mascara to really make them pop. This mascara by itself makes my lashes too clumpy. However, a top coat with this mascara is awesome. Probably would not repurchase just for the top coat and because there are so many other ones to try. This one was above average but not ground breaking for me.

Mable Bennettsville, SC

very nice formula, but doesn’t last all day

This is a very nice looking mascara and gives me better results than most that I’ve tried. No clumps, layers well, looks natural, but definitely kicks your lashes up a sexy notch!Unfortunately, it flakes and falls off a bit in maybe 8 hours or less. I still think it’s worth getting, but be careful to touch up.

Chasity Daisy, OK

Pretty good

I like this mascara, but it isn’t waterproof, as I thought it would be. However, I do like the wand, and it really does make my lashes look amazing. I wore it today, and my eyelashes looked like movie star lashes.

Dixie Kingmont, WV

Big wand

Big wand. Doesn’t make your lashes "hard" to the touch, but I feel like I ran out pretty quickly. Maybe the wand takes up most of the space instead of the actual product.

Lakisha Anguilla, MS

My wife loves it

My wife owns a Beauty Salon in Costa Rica. Max Factor mascara cost $33 in Walmart. I purchased this item for less than $10 on Amazon. Mrs. Lee has used many mascaras over 24 years in business, she said it is Best she and her customers have ever used!!

Corinne Sharpsburg, OH

Like the mascara, hate the brush

Its a regular issue to like either the product or the brush. For me, the brush is the most important thing. This is a softer bristle brush and it doesn’t separate as it coats the lashes. It is also shaped like a triangle so the end of the brush comes to a point. This means you really have to move the want around to get all of your lashes make the chances very high that you will get it on your actual eyelid. I don’t think it is worth buying again, but it was decent for the price.

Sally Village, VA

Pretty Good

I like to try different mascaras. This one is pretty nice. However, I find that I get it on my lids much more than when I use a curved brush. It’s not too big of a drawback. On the other hand, it doesn’t clump and looks more natural while still making my eyes pop.

Gwen Crossville, TN

Dramatic is an understatement.

I find this mascara a bit too thick. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a guy who uses mascara, because frankly bushier/thicker eyebrows are more masculine, and mine are too thin. So using mascara actually makes me more of a guy. This is an aptly named formula, but it may be a bit much. If "dramatic" is really what you’re going for, though, it’s perfect. Maybe not for me, but five stars because it does what it says.

Annette Bancroft, MI

Great mascara at a great price!

This is a great mascara for me. I have only skin and eyelids and it does not smear under my eyes by the end of the day, yet is washes off easily with water. I also have very thin, sparse eyelashes and this makes them appear longer and fuller. Love it!

Allyson Sequoia National Park, CA

Love it!

I have used this mascara for years. I’ve tried other brands but always come back to this one. Unbeatable combination of the quality, price and the convenience using it. No other mascara (regardless of the price) gives so much volume and definition this one. It gives volume and makes my lashes longer, doesn’t mess with my contacts. If you need a dramatic look – apply few layers but don’t forget to allow the previous layer to dry out for a bit. But do not expect it to give a super voluminous lashes like in magazines – it does its job giving your eyes lots of definition but you go to far you will end up with that clumped together look.

Ashlee Springville, AL

This stuff works!

Immediate LOOONG lashes. Be careful though, because it has the propensity to create spider lashes if applied too liberally. Overall I like it.

Cristina Tullos, LA

Volumizing and waterproof while still being removable

I’ve been on a search recently for a mascara that adds volume (not just length), stays on all day, and doesn’t require ripping out all of my eyelashes to remove. Max Factor 2000 covers all of these! It goes on smoothly (no clumps, even after two months of use) and definitely adds volume and perhaps a bit of length. It also stays on all day, which is pretty impressive when you consider the fact that I have bad allergies and my eyes water a lot in the spring. I’ve also tried Neutrogena Healthy Volume mascara, which was pretty good, but didn’t have the same staying power as the Max Factor. In contrast, Maybelline’s Great Lash stayed on all day, but was impossible to get off at the end of the day, even with eye makeup remover. Max Factor will last the whole day, but can be removed when you actually want it to be.I’m trying to write more informative reviews, so if you found this review helpful, please check "Yes" below where it says "Was this review helpful to you?". Thank you!

Frances Delphia, KY

Ok- but clumps

This does help plump up your eyelashes, but I have to comb through them every time to remove the clumps and that causes a lot of flakes to fall on my face.

Peggy Drifton, PA

(Nearly*) on par with Dior Show

Dior Show was $29 the last time I bought it–back when I was in high school. It was (and probably is) the BEST. Although as an with a full time job, its no longer as burdensome price-wise, I still like to play around with what’s out there. THIS is very VERY close to the real thing. It extends my lashes just as well and is clean, clump free, and very buildable. Only thing is, you DO have to build a bit (apply, let dry, apply….and so on). Definitely worth a try!

Gina Dawson, PA

Just okay

Does a good job, but does clump some and does not extend my lashes much. Not as great as I thought it would be based on reviews, but I guess still a pretty good product.

Esther Birchwood, TN