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Mavala Stop – Helps Cure Nail Biting and Thumb Sucking, 0.3-Fluid Ounce

Apply a coat over the entire nail (or polish) and allow to dry. Repeat the application every two days. Continue the treatment until nail biting is ended. Of course, before each re-application, remove Mavala Stop with Nail Polish Remover. Precaution : Never wash hands immediately after application For external use only. Not for children under 3 years old.

Key features

  • Nail biting and thumb sucking habit-breaking and prevention treatment with easy, brush on application
  • Bitter yet harmless taste and the appearance of clear enamel helps break the nail biting and thumb sucking habit
  • Keeps nails healthy and strong and keeps hands out of mouth to prevent spread of germs
  • Safe for children aged four and adults of all ages
  • Recommended by dentists, orthodontists and pediatricians nationwide

Honest reviews


Oh gosh, it’s nasty! Nasty! Which is good!!!

My son is a finger sucker. I wouldn’t care so much if he’d keep it in the privacy of home… but he’s 6 now, he does it in school, the other kids tease him – so it’s time to stop.We tried Thum. Thum doesn’t last long at all – and it doesn’t even taste that bad. Spicy, but with all the Thai food I ate when I was pregnant with my him, really, spicy probably doesn’t phase him.Then someone on a parenting board I read mentioned this and we bought some. Good God. This stuff is FOUL.We were sitting downstairs playing video games and my son stuck his fingers in his mouth, then ran upstairs to get a drink of juice to get rid of the taste.I tried some on my own thumb, to see how bad it is. It’s bad. And after washing dishes twice and washing my hands I don’t know how many times, yuck, still bad! And it’s BAD, bitter, nasty, not just spicy.I’ve got high hopes for this. We just started using it today but if any sort of flavored deterrant is going to do it, this stuff will.I’m almost afraid it’s TOO nasty… You don’t realize how much you inadvertantly stick your fingers in your mouth till there’s something like this on them. I did it a couple times during dinner. Yuck! It’s really, really nasty!!!Crossing my fingers – so far I’m impressed.1/25/10 – updating to say he totally kicked his habit in a very short time. I would reccomend this to anyone with a finger/thumb sucking/buting habit. Money very well spent!!!

Patti Ewen, MI

Not for me

I bought this for my son who is a chronic nail biter. Unfortunately it didn’t work at all.

Ester Henrietta, TX

Worst thing

I wonder why have they allowed this thing to be on the shelf. Please try this product but a slight brush on ur nail and , u wud have hatred towards it. thankfully i tried it before trying it on my child. I think better is trying to encourage your child out of it.I wonder why isnt there negative rating

Lea Lampe, MO

Didn’t work

ended up using maybe a total of 3 times, because my babies. Twins. Decided that they like the taste of the stuff, when it actually tastes I bit hazardous and toxic in my opinion (though I’m sure it can’t be) I was too scared to continue because they just suck it right off, and Keep right on sucking their fingers.

Mina Rimforest, CA

Save your money

I thought this product would work for my 2 1/2 year old son. My son keeps sucking his tumb and I have tried everything. This was my last thing I have not tried. I have tried several nail polish stoppers and just like the rest this did not work. Save your money and just use baby orgel.

Katelyn Elderon, WI

Only Wish I Had Tried This Stuff First!

Since my now 4-year-old son was three months old, he’s sucked his thumb.It’s rare that we can find a photo of him without his thumb being in the vicinity of his mouth; not always in but definitely nearby at the ready!My husband and I have tried everything to get him to stop this horrible habit: promises of rewards, pepper, Tabasco sauce….you name it, we tried it.Taking into consideration that my now 13-year-old sucked his two middle fingers until he was three (stopping on his own), we even tried waiting it out.However, after doing plenty of research, I learned it is an absolute must that children stop sucking their thumb by time their permanent front teeth are coming in; which is typically around the age of 5.Not to mention that I really didn’t want to send a kid off to kindergarten still sucking his thumb.After all of our other efforts appeared to be fruitless, I decided to give some “reminder fluid” a try.Searching all of the information out there on “reminder fluids” and reading personal reviews on each product, I opted for the Mavala Stop for Nail Biting and Thumb Sucking.Wow! Is this stuff amazing! Hindsight makes me wish I’d saved all the trial and error and started at this point.Just minutes after applying the first coat, I saw a streak of little person running to the refrigerator to grab some water. It tasted that horrible!Since the first time I applied the stuff to his thumb, he’s never sucked it again. Just to ensure the breaking of this orally unhealthy habit, I applied it a few more times but it really wasn’t necessary.Mavala Stop is easy to use: paint on thumb as you would nail polish, dries clear within seconds. Although the smell and taste is horrendous, it is non-toxic and safe for consumption.

Leila Lancaster, MN


This product was tried on a thumb sucker and a nail biter. It did not work for either.I felt terrible after using it, it made my 7 year old vomit. As for the thumb sucker, he didn’t care, he just kept right on sucking his thumb. The smell of this stuff is very, very strong. If the child touches ANYTHING, the taste and smell will get on that item. If your child, for example, is going to eat a banana, they will get the taste/smell of this in their mouth/nose. When it is on, it’s hard to have their hands even near your face, it’s so disgusting. I would never put this on another child. Even as an adult, just lifting your coffee cup to your face you’ll be able to smell it, get the taste, from your hands. We can’t recommend this for any child and will keep looking for solutions to our thumb sucker and nail biter. I was hopeful after reading the reviews, but we are deeply disappointed. This is just awful.

Marion Findlay, IL



Nona Montevallo, AL


I have been biting my nails for 37 years and had thought that I had tried everything- nothing had worked. This product is amazing! Yes, it tastes horrible and it lasts for days! The best surprise with this product is that it actually strengthens the nails! I cannot believe it. My nails are growing and they are growing strong, therefore I do not expect them to break and tear. I highly recommend this product to everyone, especially people who believe they have tried it all!

Faith Kettle River, MN

It did work!!!

It did work. I bought this for my niece, who was three years old when she first tried it. She had always sucking her thumb during her sleep since her birth. My family and me were very worried that it would ruin her finger and the shape of her mouth. Luckily, she stopped it before the bottle ran out. She has not sucking her thumb for months now!!

Glenna Bloomfield, IN


I am adult nail biter and let’s say I’ve fought this battle since I was little. I have went in and out of phases where I bit my nails, sucked my thumb, etc. since the womb! After wearing acrylic tips for about 10 years, I finally said enough was enough. I bite my nails, especially during peaks of anxiety and I needed something that was going to help counter than anxious habit. After reading reviews, I bought the Mavala Stop and I am glad I did! It has been two weeks of use and let me say, it works. The polish DOES NOT taste good at ALL and it does leave a horrid taste in your mouth. Eating foods with your fingers is tricky because this polish makes your entire finger taste something terrible. I usually only need to apply about two coats per day since I wash my hands a lot and use hand sanitizer frequently. To counter the smell, I let the Mavala dry for a few minutes and then apply some natural, scented lotion to my hands so shaking hands during business meetings won’t be awkward. It’s been 2 weeks and I can say I see some growth coming in and I haven’t bit my nails. I have tried but the taste is repulsive!

Ebony Georgetown, MN

Worked for a while

But once she figured out she can just lick it off in several short attempts, it was done deal…it became more of a "I got you, you didn’t fool me" war, we stopped using it. It just became annoying.

Marie Guadalupe, CA

Just as nasty as you can expect

My 4 year old still sucks her thumb. The first Mavala we had gotten from the dentist but it kind of got used and old. This smell is awful and the taste as well. I believe this product works. Be careful when using on small children because for the first time I tried it in the evening and my daughter was throwing up that night every time her thumb ended up in the mouth. It is a good idea to try it during the day first.

Regina Greenacres, WA

started Tuesday, no more sucking thumb by Saturday

My daughter just went to her first dental appointment and the doctor advised she stop sucking hey thumb immediately. We have been discouraging her from sucking her thumb for months but although she knows it’s bad for her teeth and she doesn’t want to do it, comfort prevails and she continued the bad habit. We bought her a book, showed her pictures of crooked teeth from thumb sucking, and tried to put colorful band aids on her thumbs. She liked the bandaid but eventually would pull them off and suck. I would even try to hold her down with her arms away from her face so she would fall asleep without sucking. I was hesitant to try this because I thought it would be cruel but after trying so many things, just decided to go for it. She liked putting the polish on and even asks for more but we only put it on her thumbs because the taste does come off on food and she still sometimes finger feeds. It was funny watching her the first time she tried to suck and hard not to pretend something was different. Eventually that day she asked me to wash her fingers off. But we told her it would help her stop. And it did. I found we had to reapply once a day. I tested it on my pinky and it lost its effectiveness by end of day. She is sleeping now without sucking although it does seem harder to put her down because she doesn’t have a comfort mechanism now. She asks for story after story…. But it has worked. I will continue to apply for another week to make sure she’s weaned completely.

Trisha Madeline, CA


I use this for my husband and he hates me every time I ask him to put some on his fingernails coz it really stops him from biting it. LOL

Leta Opdyke, IL

It works

My daughter used to pick her lips to the point that they were crusted over with blood every morning. I put this on her nails and told her that it was yucky. The first time she picked her lips she realized that it was the truth and she never picked her lips again. I also used it on the door stoppers that the cat was chewing on, and on the tiny (swallowable) toys that my husband just had to buy my son. He put it in his mouth once, spit it out and complained of how yucky it tasted. I got a bit of this on my finger and realized it later when I licked frosting off of my finger. Its bitter and just yucky.

Leanna Turner, AR


I sucked my fingers till I was 12 so when my son started sucking his fingers we tried to get him to stop but nothing worked. He would suck “thum” off and not even flinch so with him being in 1st grade we need him to stop immediately. This product stopped it the first day! It has also helped with the booger eating issue too. Great product!!!!

Tara Lakeview, AR

It feels weird to give this an “I love it” rating, when it tastes *so* awful and made me so miserable.

I got this for my boyfriend, who wants to quit biting his nails. Because I like to do terrible things to myself (apparently, at least), I put a tiny, tiny dab of this stuff on one of my fingers – not even my finger nail, just a random place on the top joint.What I learned is that, while I may not bite my nails, I put my fingers in my mouth a lot. At the very least, I put them in my mouth twice within an hour, and let me tell you – I did not put my fingers back in my mouth for the rest of the day, especially because this stuff doesn’t just wash off. I have no doubt that if I put it on my fingers tomorrow, I wouldn’t put them in my mouth later that day, either.It’s terrible, and since that’s the whole point…great job, guys at Mavala. That was disgusting.

Velma Islandia, NY

Works Wonders!

Okay, I have been biting my nails since I was a little kid. Nothing my parents told me stuck and I just kept going until I got into this interesting habit of improving my looks. So, I’m going for my nails now.I have been using this since February and it’s doing great. Granted eating finger foods is a little difficult but if you really want long nails then you get past the bitter taste and just eat the food and learn ways to avoid the nails, like a fork! That’s what it’s for! I have figured that its better to eat fries with a fork any way. No salt left on your fingers.In short, this stuff is amazing. now i just need a strengthener because my nails are a bit weak and have broken once already. Mavala makes a great shiny coat over nail polish too so it looks nice!

Cleo St Thomas, VI

it worked for my 3 year old

I ordered this for my 3 year old because he was biting his fingernails and it worked to make him stop. I asked him why he was biting his nails any more and he told me "They taste nasty because I have sanitizer on them, and it wont come off when I was my hand." So he believes it is sanitizer on his hands that causes his nails to taste funny so he stopped biting them. I am glad he did and this product work very well.

Concepcion Monument, NM


I bought this for a coworker as a joke but it really it working! His nails are not stubs anymore.

Audra Omer, MI

It worked, but over priced

I bought a bottle for my daughter (10) and myself to help us to stop bitting out nails. The flavor to me is bitter, but not a digusting flavor. It stays on the tongue for apx 10min. For me, it did help me to stop bitting my nails bc the taste would remind me to get my fingers out of my mouth.For my daughter, she doesn’t use it everyday, so it hasn’t helped her…..if she used it everyday, I’m sure that it would keep her from biting her nails. The problem is it has to be applied daily to get that bitter taste effect & she doesn’t remember to apply it daily, or just doesn’t want to.I do think that the price, $12.00 a bottle ,is a little over priced.

Juanita Orient, SD

This product does the trick!

This is worth every penny because it makes you very aware of what you are doing. If I have a hangnail, Mavala made me stop picking at it because of the unpleasant taste. It forces you to grab a nail file and be done with it. The taste lingers for a minute or two, and it’s enough to make you stop. Perhaps now I’ll have longer nails than ever now!

Anastasia Limington, ME

Nasty Habit prompted purchase of this Nasty Nail Polish.

Wow! I have tried other brands with the flavor trigger to induce vomiting if fingers are put into mouth. Kidding about vomiting, but the taste seriously lingers for a long time. It’s nasty. My brain would automatically stop me when I started to nibble. Usually, when I’m editing my writing on the computer. Now I will need to purchase a nail hardening system since I can finally see the whites of my nails. I was never a nail biter until I started this insidious habit 2 years ago. Before too long, my beautiful, healthy and much longer nails were being nibbled to the quick. I suggest anyone try it if they just can’t stop biting on their own. Or, for those kids who are too old for thumb sucking. Wished I known about this while my daughter was growing up. She actually sucked her thumb through the 4th grade. Nothing we tried would get her to stop. Even wearing gloves at night!

Penny Lucernemines, PA

Works great and not just for finger nails and thumbs

This stuff is great for anything you want to keep out of your kid’s mouths. My daughter would absent mindedly chew on her iPod headset cord. A quick coating of this stuff, just on the section she put in her mouth, cured her of that potentially expensive habit.

Rosalind Lagrange, OH

Pretty good

I’ve been biting my nails on and off ever since I can remember. I was always able to stop by myself by just getting my nails done and painting them. But even with that, I would still use my teeth to chap the nail polish from my nails and then eventually would get back to biting.Mavala Stop tastes really bad. Like, really. So even though I have my nails long, I still use it to keep my hands out of my mouth. It’s been helping me a lot, but it does bother me that finger foods are pretty much ruined for me right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to break the habit soon and not need it anymore.I recommend this product.

Charity Murphy, ID

Almost worked…

My fiance insisted I buy this for his niece as he can not stand the sight of her chewing on her fingers all the time. She will be going to school soon and we hoped this would stop a bad and nasty habit. I applied the product several times and she said it did indeed taste horrible. However, after a few times, she began to bite her nails anyway. She said it tasted bad but, would often just keep doing it with a disgusted look on her face. I do believe this product would work for any child that isn’t so insanely stubborn. I think she just needs an attitude adjustment but, she isn’t my child lol.

Juliette Oil City, LA

I never thought I would give five stars to something that tastes so nasty.

I never thought I would give 5 stars to something that tastes so nasty, but it works.I bit my nails for years and years, but finally kicked the habit when I became a nurse and realized how disgusting a person’s hands can be. Unfortunately, I have been stressed lately and started biting again. It’s such a gross habit, and I knew I had to quit again. But I just couldn’t.In stepped Mavala. It is so disturbingly gross that I have to be careful even when eating things with my fingers to ensure I don’t accidentally get any in my mouth. You do get *slightly* used to the taste, but not enough to allow you to want to purposefully put your fingers in your mouth.Works on pets, too! lol. My brother’s dogs kept chewing on a corner of a hammock stand. I slathered the stuff on it and the chewing stopped right away. Just a thought.

Robyn Aberdeen, OH

Fixed by thumb-sucker in two applications

After the first week, my 7-year was still sucking his thumb and being stubborn. However, shortly after application two, I noticed his hand was no longer in his mouth as he slept. Still working on my nail-biting 11-year old, but he hates the taste so he’ll stop soon. This stuff tastes as awful as advertised, which is great in this case.

Louisa Baileyton, AL

Didn’t Work

This did not work for my 3.5 year old daughter, but I think it’s due more to the fact that she is very stubborn. I applied every other day, but she still chewed on her nails. I think I will try again but apply everyday this time.

Debora Clarissa, MN