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Matte Style 16 Piece Color Nail Lacquer Combo Set + 6 Sets of Fruit Scented Nail Polish Remover

The 16 color nail set presents long wearing and chip-resistant nail lacquers, with Special matte LOOK on the finish. Colors include 1, Matte Lady 2, Matte Violet 3, Matte Evergeen 4, Matte Black 5, Matte Pearl 6, Matte Charcoal 7, Matte Holiday 8, Matte Scarlet 9, Matte Disco 10, Matte Tan 11, Matte Pink 12, Matte Blue 13, Matte Orange 14, Matte Yellow 15, Matte Green 16, Matte Red 17, Matte Brown 18, Matte Siver Also Include 3 set of Scented Nail Polish Removers

Key features

  • 0.5 oz each,
  • 6 scented Nail Polish Remover
  • Display rack not included
  • Limited time offer 18 Colors
  • New Improve Color

Honest reviews


Need to apply top coat

Color is dull when it dries, need to apply a top coat for shine. Other than that, colors are bright.

Leta Swanquarter, NC

Great Colors!

You couldn’t ask for more… great price, great colors (something for everyone), and you can leave it matte or just put a shine top coat to make it look glossy. The package arrived FAST… no damages, I’ve already used 5 of the colors, they dry fast and are great as a base for stamping or water marbling, too.

Marcy Brownsville, CA

hate it

i wish i cud have give this nail polish no star i wudnt even call it nail polish i dont no what came in the bottle but it came out so thick and uneven had me like wtf

Aileen Goode, VA


Just ordered this and it came really fast. All the polish is exactly how it was pictured! i already tried out the colors and they come out really nice, it is matte so you deff need a top coat if you want it to be shiny. All the polish is full size which was surprising considering how cheap they are! My one complaint if the polish brush is a little big but thats just personal taste.

Katheryn Brush Creek, TN


Got this for my sister in law for Christmas, came on time and it was exactly what she wanted! Thanks!

Adela Sun Valley, CA

arrived prefectly.

arrived fast and as i was glad to see packaged correctly and unbroken. i got a couple colors that were close but deff not the same, the polish works great and its exactly as described.

Sybil Beechgrove, TN

Love it!

I’ll start with the packaging and delivery… It was delivered before the expected date and the nail polish was packed securely in little boxes rapped in bubble rap and placed in a box of those foam peanuts and the scented nail polish remover pads have a plastic seal. I got all 16 bottles of nail polish and 6 sets of the nail polish remover pads. No damages and nothing missing . Great color selection and I really like the smell of the scented nail polish pads. Great deal for a great product, definitely getting more for your money. I only have one little complaint, not really a complaint more like a wish. I wish it came with black, don’t get me wrong I like the color selection but black is a must have color. No worries the "Rated R" red color makes up of for that.Helpful Ideas: Pick your favorite color of Matte style nail polish and try to get the same color or a different color in glossy nail polish. Paint your nails with the matte nail polish and do a fun design with the glossy color on top. It really makes it pop.I used the yellow matte and a black glossy made a bumble bee. Anyways I recommend this product! So hurry up and order yous! have fun.

Meredith Aimwell, LA


I got the order and everything was like it said but these polishes are kind of thin making me apply more coats which ultimately chips and peels form using so much.

Sierra Kirwin, KS

Love the colors

I recieved my polishes all in tact and I love the colors. I can’t wait to try them all out!!

Jewell Grand View, ID

not too bad…

i have bought better nail polish for sure…but it was a damn good deal especially for nail polish remover pads too. Considering how reasonable the price is it wasn’t a bad purchase…it was either a hit or miss with the colors they sent me though…some i really like others were "eh"

Cristina Seth, WV

The Best Deal On Amazon

This has to be the best deal on Amazon. I received 18 nail polishes and the six scented nail polish removers. All the bottles were nicely packaged and arrived in tact. The colors are vibrant and dry quickly. My manicure lasted about six days before it started to chip. The nail polish removers are simply amazing. Two pads are enough to remove all of the nail polish from both hands. They have a pleasant smell and the oil leaves your nails feeling moisturized. Great deal.

Velma Taylor, PA

Great colors

Good variety of different colors to choose from good for artwork on nails thanks the matte colors are becoming very popular with young people they work great for different design work at our nail salon great for holiday colors

Becky Marcell, MN

Beautiful colors. No duplicates

I received this set, and I think it’s a great set for anyone who is trying to start a nail polish collection. I received no duplicates, and I am so excited to try every color!

Gabrielle Harper, IA

As described

I received Cherimoya Brand mattes they work really well the neon ones took a while to dry and the smell is bit like melted crayons. most of these cover in 1 coat except the neons. The fruit scented removers work pretty well they aren’t that fruity really so its not a super strong smell all in all a decent deal for the price.

Lee Bush, LA