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Matrix Total Results Sleek Shampoo & Conditioner Liter Duo 33.8 oz

Smoothing shampoo and conditioner.

Key features

  • 1 Matrix Total Results Sleek Shampoo 33.8 oz
  • 1 Matrix Total Results Sleek Conditioner 33.8 oz

Honest reviews


Read the ingredients on this before buying it!!

Before I started really reading the labels on hair products, I really liked this product; however, the shampoo contains- Sodium Hydroxide (it’s caustic, and is found in chemical relaxers, which are used to permanently straighten the hair, and can even dissolve the hair), and protein (which can cause even more frizz if it’s used often).

Twila Siloam Springs, AR

Large Bargain Size

If you have problems with frizzy hair, buy these! They will last you and the price is right for the amount of shampoo and conditioner you will receive.

Elda Kelso, TN

Been using it for years

I love this shampoo. I straighten my hair, so it helps keep it strong, but even when I am not straightening, it tames my hair.Because it’s not a cleaner, I ocassionally have to switch out, but it works so well for me I always come back.

Rachael Lake Park, MN


I purchased this because my hairdresser wasn’t avail at the time and someone else was working and I explained to her that my hair is curly and that I wanted something for my curls and I had wavy/curly/frizzy hair and she recommended this! Well I am almost done with the bottles and although I do like them, I now realized it’s for curly hair that needs to be straightened or whatnot lol I told my hairdresser and she asked me who recommended them and that what it was actually for and she recommended something else for me. I have been embracing my curls now after years of straightening so I have been doing the wash and go deal and I’m not going to knock this product due to my issues of getting the wrong one but it did make my hair nice even though I didn’t straighten it lol

Brenda Midvale, ID

the shampoo could not wash the oil treatment out.

I’m still using it and its made a difference in how easily the flat iron glides through my hair. And it leaves the texture more soft and manageable.

Nita Pencil Bluff, AR

Leaves my hair really smooh

I used cheap all in one shampoo and conditioner for years. I can’t believe how much smoother my hair is after using these products. And no itching, dandruff or noticeable residue like I’ve experience with the all in one products, either.

Rachael Martin, OH

Great shampoo and conditioner

I use this on myself relaxed hair and my girls hair who is relaxed and natural, It doesnt leave a heavy build up and leaves it moisturized. It also good at detangling. I love matrix products.

Loraine Bingham, IL

Thick Shampoo

I’ve been using this product for about a week now and truly like it so far. The shampoo isn’t clear and watery as most are nowadays. It is thick and moisturizing. I think this will help me tame my frizzy Latina hair quite well.

Araceli Brightwaters, NY

Healthy Hair Great Product

Great product !! I have been using it since August 2013 and Love it… Great prices by this seller and quick shipment…. Product holds true to healthier hair.. I have long hair 24" and this has helped make my hair healthy… Gotta love the price to Thank you

Matilda Oktaha, OK

Okay for the price

The shampoo works great and lathers up really well. He conditioner is a little runny in my opinion and it takes a generous amount to condition my slightly longer than shoulder length hair. Overall a decent duo for the price. I just wish pureology wasn’t so expensive so I didn’t have to look for alternatives!

Cathryn Radom, IL

Great Hair Products

I ordered the Sleek shampoo and conditioner by mistake (I meant to order Total Repair), but I had no regrets once I used them. I have long blonde (lightened) hair that takes a lot of abuse from heat tools, and the Sleek products really made a difference in the texture of my hair. After one shampoo and conditioning treatment, my hair was very soft and shiny. I can actually run my fingers through my hair from root to tip and they don’t get stuck. My husband has been using it as well (he has longer hair than mine), and I’ve noticed much less frizz from humidity and more softness and shine in his hair. The only complaint I could possibly make about these products is that my hair is now so soft that it’s hard to keep a clip in it, but a little hairspray and back-combing takes care of that. I really love the Sleek line of products, and will definitely purchase them again.

Rosario Fanwood, NJ

Love it!

This is by far the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used. Leaves my normally dry, frizzy hair feeling soft and silky after every wash. Way more affordable than other comparable shampoos.

Sonya Tallassee, TN

Love this shampoo set!

The set is marvelous for my very long thick hair. It is the only product that tames my thick frizzy hair. Most of the time, I do not even need tostraighten my hair because of this product. I highly recommend it. My daughter loves it too.

Lessie Lake Arrowhead, CA

great combo

I’ve been looking for a hair product that can tame my unruly hair. I’ve tried a whole bunch and they just didn’t do the job. I’ve read some reviews on this and I thought I’ll give it a try. Glad I did. It doesn’t feel heavy and and leaves my hair looking much tamer then before. The smell is not bad and the price is just right.

Lilian Westmoreland, NH

Great size for the price but leaves hair weighed down

I was hoping this would be a better product. There is a lot for a cheap price though which is why I didn’t give it less stars. If you have normal or thin hair, I don’t think you’ll like it too much. It left my hair weighed down like it left a heavy coating on my hair. Kind of how it looks when you are in humid weather and your hair clumps together instead of each hair separating. Maybe if I had thick hair or curly hair it would have had a different result. I’m a 35 year old male though and have short hair, and still have this humidified weighed down look to my hair after blow drying it. Its not horrible, but noticeable. I don’t put gel or anything in my hair during the week because I don’t care too much what I look like at work, but this was enough to bother me and replace it since I didn’t like that weighed down look after blow drying. I’m not throwing it out, but I am def reserving it to pawn off on guests that shower @ my place. Also, there’s nothing special about the way it smells. It doesn’t smell bad and it doesn’t smell great. I hardly notice a scent at all.If you have normal to thin hair, buy abba Pure Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner instead, its worth every dime of the extra money you pay and they come in big 33 ounce bottles too. Check my review on that. Your hair will come out feeling like silk after a shampoo and conditioning.15 bucks more and same big bottle size and almost all 5 star ratings:Way Better Shampoo= Better Conditioner=

Elena Scotland Neck, NC

Totally sleek.

This is my all time favorite shampoo and conditioner. It smells good, but not from chemical perfume. I’ve been buying it at Amazon for ages, because it is a great price here. I often use it on my Maltese who has hair to the floor, and it is excellent for her too.

Concetta Fajardo, PR