Mastex Thermal Heat Cap

3 Heat Settings.

Key features

  • Quiet, Automatic Thermo-controlled Unit Heats Deeply Without Overheating.
  • Unique Design Provides Evenly-heated Therapeutic Treatments.
  • Dual Thermostats for Complete Safety.
  • Convenient, Washable Liner Included.
  • Designed for Use with Most Hair Care Products.

Honest reviews


Good product

I love using this product especially when I do my hair treatment. When I do my hair treatment before I used a blow dryer for heating my hair under a shower cap. But now everything is easy because of this product.

Marcy Plankinton, SD

Great heat cap

This is a nice heat cap. I use mine weekly and it has been working fine, it gets VERY hot, so be careful. I am pleased with it and will update again after I had it for a while to let you know how it is holding up.

Carrie Silver Beach, MA

Great Purchase

So far so good. My hair is more healthy since using this cap. My scape gets the deep conditioning it so needed.

Tonia Bealeton, VA


I use this cap when I deep condition my hair or henna it. It looks ridiculous but it totally works. it gets very hot, and stays hot. The only thing I dislike about the product is the chin strap. It was very uncomfortable so I barely used it. I never found a need to wear it anyway.

Tonya Ceresco, MI

Not what I expected.. but works!

I didn’t expect this big plastic thing with a cord running from it.. I guess I was expecting something a little less bulky..?Well, it does work! I’ve used it about 4 times now for deep conditioning of my dry, coarse, curly hair. I found that the highest setting is perfect. It’s not too hot when it’s on my head, and the cap is cool at all the outside edges where it might come in contact with skin (around the hairline).I plan to use this once a week if I can keep up with it. Especially during the winter months.

Yolanda Suitland, MD

Look no hands!!!!!!!!!

Anyone who might have problems drying their hair with a hand dryer; holding your arms up and moving back and forth; this heat cap works so well for me because I wear a short hair fashion and I slao have difficulty with hand dryers. I highly recommend this cap. You do have to be aware of the direction that the hose is coming in because it could get rather warm or if on high hot.

Winifred La Crosse, IN

Looks dorky, works awesome

i have thick, course hair and deep conditioners just lay on top of it but don’t penetrate. This cap works wonders. Suddenly my expensive hair potions work miracles. After just one treatment with the cap my hair stylist freaked out like I have the most awesome hair ever. I became a spectacle at the salon. 3 years ago I was the burnt hair freak recovering from a bad dye job. This this is awesome. I use Ojon with it and have fallen in love with it all over again. Totally recommend. Also, if you’re into nurturing your hair, try using Wen with it as your cleanser.

Sasha Malcom, IA

Perfect Addition To My Haircare System

This conditioning cap heats up fast and gets pretty hot. The only issue is that it does not seem to have heat coils in the back. I wasn’t really surprised by this because many others have left reviews stating the same fact. I will however keep the cap as I think it does a good job of providing heat and I don’t need to lug my hair dryer out just to do conditioning treatments anymore.

Bertie Newville, AL

Great for Traveling

Used this as my heating cap while living overseas in South Korea. This helped my deep conditioners penetrate even better and helped my 4b extra tight curled African American hair make it through the harsh Korean winters.

Bridget Riverside, PA

Good if you don’t have a lot of hair..

This does work well, but if you have long thick hair, you may be a bit frustrated. The cap will basically not hold your hair well. The heat output is good and as long as you are aware that this product is not designed to DRY your hair. It is supposed to provide deep, penetrating heat which increases results when deep conditioning, dying your hair, or protein treatments, etc..

Susana Angus, MN

Just little bit more heat, please

I know we all talk about using too much heat can cause heat damage to the hair, at the same time this does not generate enough heat for my deep conditioning weeks. I’m a person who usually stays on low or medium heat when I’m using a heating cap or heating bonnet, yet even when I have it pre-heating for at least 15 minutes and place my hand inside the cap it feels more warm than anything. The front part of my hair and sides do get some heat sometimes when I do use high heat it works like it’s on medium, I know, it is strange. I just believe if you are going to make an effective heating cap for your customers make sure it does the job in all sections so I won’t feel like I am not wasting my money. I give it three stars because it stays secure to your head and I can adjust the core so it will not be in my way if I have to move around.

Marguerite Garvin, MN

Not bad at all

I love this product so far. I’ve had it for about a month and now i wonder why i didn’t get it sooner! The shape of the cap allows for a snug fit to the head without covering your face. The heat penetrates the hair on the sides and back of the head. My previous cap was too long so if i wanted to see anything i’d have to lift the cap above my eyes but lifting the cap meant the heat didn’t reach the entire head. Also it heats up in no time at all. I’ve only given this 4/5 stars because it’s still fairly new and who knows how it will perform 6 months from now but i’m definitely in love with it right now.

Sierra Dougherty, IA

really good and works..

heat is high and adjustible. worked for me .. I have medium to thick hair

Lucia Pleasanton, CA

Great for deep conditioning

Tired of using the blow dryer on my plastic cap, or sleeping with a plastic cap all night – I purchased this cap after much research so that I could deep condition my hair. I have been very pleased with the cap. It gets hot, but not uncomfortable so. I agree with other reviewers that the bottom of the back does not get warm, so (like others’ do) I also turn the hat around half way through my deep conditioning and it’s fine.

Pearl Windsor, NJ