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Mason Pearson Junior Bristle & Nylon Hair Brush – Medium

Junior Mixture Bristle/Nylon Mix Hair Brush BN2

Key features

  • Product Dimensions : 8 7/8″ long, 2 3/4″ wide
  • Mason Pearson has established a unique reputation for hairbrushes. The reason for this is partly in the design and partly in the versatility of the brushes. The design consists of unique spired tufts of boar bristle, or nylon, or bristle-and-nylon mixture, set in a pneumatic pad so that every tuft penetrates right through to the scalp. In addition the materials are first-class.
  • Bristle and Nylon tufts: This mixture is a good combination for thick or long hair. It is the ideal brush for anyone just becoming accustomed to brushing his or her hair.
  • Brushing the hair cleans and polishes it and stimulates the scalp all at once. And brushing is a wonderful conditioning treatment as it not only distributes oil along the entire hair shaft but gets rid of any scaly particles as well. This is the way to brush: ideally, bend from the waist. Brush from the scalp to the ends of the hair in long, slow, firm strokes, touching the scalp each time with the bristles of the brush.
  • You’ll find that a Mason Pearson glides more easily and smoothly through the hair, allowing you to lift your hair in wide curves. A Mason Pearson brush is designed so that every individual tuft penetrates right through to the scalp. Too hard a bristle would hack at your hair and scalp, too soft a bristle would slide ineffectively over your head.
  • Brushing is for all hair types. Dry hair: Brushing activates the tiny oil glands at the case of each hair – so that they lubricate each hair shaft just enough for elasticity and bounce and there’s no danger of hair being brittle, dry and difficult to manage. Greasy hair: Brushing helps lift away excess oil from the hair shaft. Dandruff: A Mason Pearson brush reaches every corner of the scalp and makes a thorough job of sweeping away the scales.

Honest reviews


If the price was more reasonable I’d give it 5 stars! 1 caveat…

I love this brush and don’t know of any other that is better priced and would work as well on my wavy, somewhat thick hair. For this price I really think the brush back and handle should be wooden at least, instead of plastic.This brush is plenty big so you don’t need to pay more for one of the larger ones unless you have long, thick hair. My hair is a little longer than shoulder length, and this brush is the perfect size.CAVEAT: do NOT use this on wet hair! boar bristles should never be used on wet hair and this brush is a combo of nylon and boar bristles. I use a comb only on wet hair. If you really want to brush wet hair, buy a nylon only brush. You can get one from Mason Pearson or find one much cheaper online.

Kelsey Dardanelle, AR

Lovely Brush, Heirloom Quality

*****This is a review for a Junior (medium-size) Mason Pearson brush made of seven rings of mixed boar bristle and nylon. The longer bristles are nylon and the shorter ones are boar bristle. It is a beautiful heirloom brush worth every penny of the incredibly high price.All of the larger Mason Pearson brushes, including this one, come with a cleaning brush, so that you can easily clean loose hairs out of your brush.There are two things you need to know when you’re ready to buy a Mason Pearson brush of any sort. One is the size: full-size (the largest size), handy (medium sized), or pocket (the smallest size). This is important not so much because of where the brush will be kept (say, in your handbag), but because of the bristle length of the various sizes. The smaller sizes have shorter bristles. The bristles have to be able to reach your scalp, and massage it and distribute the oils throughout your hair. If you want a small brush but you have thick or long hair, you’d do better with a larger size.The other consideration is the bristle type. Do you want a mixed bristle brush like this one that is part boar bristle and part nylon? What is most comfortable and performs the best with your hair. This mixed bristle brush will work well for you if your hair is fine to normal and not too long or too thick. Otherwise, you’ll need to go with the Detangler because the bristles are stiffer and can reach down through all of your hair to the scalp; the Detangler is the only Mason Pearson brush that can reach the scalp of extremely thick hair. Mason Pearson also makes an All Boar Bristle Brush for finer or shorter hair but I have never tried it.So, this mixed bristle brush is for normal, finer, and shorter hair. I bought it for myself but my husband uses it; although I have short hair it is very thick and straight and coarse and the brush bristles won’t reach all the way to my scalp, but slides over the top hairs. My husband loves it dearly though, and really enjoys using it himself, or as a special treat, allowing me to brush his hair. This makes the expense of a Mason Pearson brush well worth the money–it’s a luxury item and the purchase is an investment–but it’s worth it. If you’re the type of person who would rather enjoy an evening at home having your hair brushed by your spouse instead of going to dinner and a movie, then you can justify the cost. That’s how we did it :)For additional information on Mason Pearson visit their web site at masonpearson dot com.Highly recommended.*****

Marlene Delevan, NY

Very expensive, not convinced yet it’s worth it

I haven’t quite put my finger on why I’m not thrilled about this brush. Maybe the bristles are too short. Maybe they are too stiff. I probably haven’t given it enough time to make a definite decision, so, I will make an effort to use it more frequently and revise my comments later.

Luella Florence, AZ


Love this!My hair is sooo silky. Also have 100% boar hair brush as well…but this one is best!I’m considering buying pocket size too.

Lynnette Okmulgee, OK

the holy grail of hairbrushes

grew up with them, never found anything like them, this was a replacement one for my Mother who had her last one for 40 yrs – yes they’re pricey but they last forever and are kind to your hair and scalp, real quality, something worth what you pay for it

Kim Rockhill Furnace, PA

Nice brush, to expensive

I do like this brush, but I am not sure what all they hype is about. It is a nice brush, my hair feels good afterward, but it really wasn’t worth the money. That said, I don’t love cheap brushes. Before this brush I bought a Fredrick Fekkai brush that fell apart, so I returned it. I own a Phillips light touch brush that is decent quality and quite inexpensive. Nothing wrong with the Mason Pearson brush just way too expensive.

Felecia Christiana, TN

Worth every penny

Seriously you… that girl that doesn’t spend money willy-nilly and isn’t sure if this brush is worth it? I was just like you, I splurged, I have never regretted that I did. It’s the perfect size for any normal human being (if you have a pixie cut or hair down to the floor maybe it’s not quite), but anyone I’ve let borrow it (for a quick brushing) has been just as in love as I am.Seriously, just press buy.

Juliet Ramona, CA

It is different than my ones from years prior…They changed the brush!

I have sent this letter to the Mason Pearson company and awaiting a reply, here is the letter:”I’ve have owned a junior boar and nylon Mason Pearson brush for many years. I started back in 1992 I believe. I need a question answered please. I had two prior brushes lost, stolen back in the day. Loved them! I just bought a new one from an outside retailer. (amazon) I can bet my life that this brush is different from the past two I owned, I know I always bought the same brush as in size and style. This brush seems to have less boar bristles then my brushes I bought in the 90’s. Please confirm if and when the design changed. Why does there seem to be less boar bristles present on the mixed brushes you are selling? Thank you so much for your reply and to end the confusion in my head.”Sincerely,…This brush does not have the same feel as the two old ones. (maybe good for super thick hair) It is much harder, too hard.The extra boar hairs really did glide through my hair with greater ease and kept it shinier. The brush is not like before and not worth the price.**My new favorite is brush is the ibiza in the G series.*********Update: Here is the reply to my letter, from the Mason Pearson company direct in England, they are using less boar bristle!!! :(Thank you for your enquiry. Because of the changing nature of the raw materials we use (possibly an evolving nature) & often due to the country of origin, we have to be prepared to use the best bristle available at the time to do the work required of it. Which sometimes means less bristles per tuft but usable, or more bristles per tuft but not so effective when brushing as a Mason Pearson hairbrush should be. Rather than compromise the quality of our hairbrushes we have chosen at this time to use the stiffer bristle but less of them per tuft to get the results that are expected from a Mason Pearson hairbrush. However, it may be at some time in the future we may only have available to us the best bristle that is slightly finer (but not too soft)where we can use more per tuft, (as was possibly the case with your previous hairbrushes).Best wishes,Mason Pearson Bros. Ltd.

Caroline Moweaqua, IL