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Mason Pearson Handy Bristle & Nylon Hair Brush

The Mason Pearson Handy Bristle & Nylon Hair Brush has 6 rings of pure boar bristle and nylon tufts set in a pneumatic rubber cushion. Cleaning brush included. Mason Pearson has established a unique reputation for hair brushes. The reason for this is partly in the design and partly in the versatility of the brushes. The design consists of unique spired tufts of boar bristle, or nylon, or bristle-and-nylon mixture, set in a pneumatic pad so that every tuft penetrates right through to the scalp. In addition, the materials are first-class. With the range of materials, sizes and colors offered, there is a Mason Pearson for every type of hair.

Key features

  • Pink handle
  • 6 rings of boar bristle & nylon tufts
  • Generally recommended for normal to thick hair of short to medium length
  • Top-quality materials and hand-crafting combine to give years and years of body and shine

Honest reviews


Heirloom Brush You Will Not Regret Buying

*****This is a review for a “handy” or medium sized Mason Pearson brush made of six rings of mixed boar bristle and nylon. The longer bristles are nylon and the shorter ones are boar bristle. It is a beautiful heirloom brush worth every penny of the incredibly high price.All of the larger Mason Pearson brushes, including this one, come with a cleaning brush, so that you can easily clean loose hairs out of your brush.There are two things you should know when you’re ready to buy a Mason Pearson brush of any sort. One is the size: full-size (the largest size), handy (medium sized), or pocket (the smallest size). This is important not so much because of where the brush will be kept (say, in your handbag), but because of the bristle length of the various sizes. The smaller sizes have shorter bristles. The bristles have to be able to reach your scalp, and massage it and distribute the oils throughout your hair. If you want a small brush but you have thick or long hair, you’d do better with a larger size.The other consideration is the bristle type. Do you want a mixed bristle brush like this one that is part boar bristle and part nylon? What is most comfortable and performs the best with your hair. This mixed bristle brush will work well for you if your hair is fine to normal and not too long or too thick. Otherwise, you’ll need to go with the Detangler because the bristles are stiffer and can reach down through all of your hair to the scalp; the Detangler is the only Mason Pearson brush that can reach the scalp of extremely thick hair. Mason Pearson also makes an All Boar Bristle Brush for finer or shorter hair but I have never tried it.So, this mixed bristle brush is for normal, finer, and shorter hair. I bought it for myself but my husband uses it; although I have short hair it is very thick and straight and coarse and the brush bristles won’t reach all the way to my scalp, but slides over the top hairs. My husband loves it dearly though, and really enjoys using it himself, or as a special treat, allowing me to brush his hair. This makes the expense of a Mason Pearson brush well worth the money–it’s a luxury item and the purchase is an investment–but it’s worth it. If you’re the type of person who would rather enjoy an evening at home having your hair brushed by your spouse instead of going to dinner and a movie, then you can justify the cost. That’s how we did it :)For additional information on Mason Pearson visit their web site at […].Highly recommended.*****

Janell Baxter Springs, KS

Best hair brushes ever

I have used Mason Pearson hair brushes (the hair brushes of the Queen…England, of course) and have loved them. I have had a detangler for 20 years and purse size mixture for about the same time. Just got the bigger size Mixture bristle/nylon as it seems to work better in straightening my hair after washing. You will never regret buying one of these.

Lucia Jonesboro, AR


Amazing brush would recommend to everyone with HAIR! bought it for my roomate on her birthday . It changes your Hair its a must have for beauty GURUS

Viola Saguache, CO

Feels good

My other brushes are under $15 so this is my biggest investment as far as hair brush is concern. It feels good on the scalp as you brush your hair. Hair seems a bit static-y. I don’t know if it’s worth what I paid for but I’ll keep the item.I purchased the "handy" size and it is a great size for home use and traveling.

Cecilia Plaucheville, LA

Love my Mason Pearson brush

I’m a 33 year old female with extreme & severe oily skin/hair (16 hours after washing I look like someone with 3rd day hair and no dry shampoo…) Now with that being said anything not 1 inch from my skull is pretty darn dry 100% of the time regardless of how well/often I condition/moisturize.With my new Mason Pearson brush I’ve had for several weeks now the shoulder length sections are getting some shine, I’m seeing less frizz, although I’m not certain about any breakage difference. The lengths from shoulder to mid back aren’t that much different but I’m not brushing a hundred strokes a day, just when I feel the need to.Also my dandruff, normally caused due to my oily scalp not being washed frequently enough (apparently once every other day will send it into a fit!) is gone. The bristles get down to the scalp and actually remove excess oil and what would eventually turn to dandruff. If you’re not careful you can brush too hard, at least at first.My husband loves it too, although now I can’t get it near him. Day one I brushed his, very short, hair with it and he loved the way it felt on his scalp. He described it as a scalp massage. I cant use it on him now because he just doesn’t want to share the brush since I’ve got so much oil he doesn’t want it on his head. If I could afford to buy another for him on a whim to make him happy I would, but he doesn’t actually want/need it.

Chrystal Adams Center, NY

What in the world?

As soon as I unboxed this brush I knew it was going straight back. The quality of this brush felt like it was a $5 brush from the drugstore to brush my daughter’s dolls or our dog’s hair with. I couldn’t believe they charged me over $100 for it. Granted I didn’t try brushing my hair with it (I want my money back and don’t want any reason for them not to give it to me) but c’mon the handle is one of the cheapest plastics I’ve ever felt. The writing on the handle wasn’t even nicely printed on it. There’s more to complain about but I’m so flabergasted at what I just got that I’m speechless. I read the other review about Mason Pearson Brothers not being the same as Mason Pearson. Now I believe it! Don’t be fooled!

Caryn Port Orange, FL