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Mason Pearson Detangling Comb

Mason Pearson Combs are manufactured in Switzerland by a contract manufacturing facility that ONLY makes combs. The same, strict, quality control standards followed in our brush making are applied to our combs. Mason Pearson combs are Hand Made from the finest celluloid material in the world. This is the same material used to make designer costume jewelry, hair ornaments, and eyewear. Look carefully at the “tortoise” pattern of our combs. You will notice, the “3D’ effect of the “shell” pattern. This is the result of an internationally patented process that replicates natural tortoise shell. The “plastic” comes to the factory in Switzerland from Italy in a sheet, where it is die-cut into general the general shapes of the comb styles. From that point, until the comb is finished, everything is done by hand. Each tooth is cut, one at a time, on a special saw. The comb is then tumbled in a polishing drum to smooth the surface. The next step is hand polishing to remove all burrs, sharp edges, and surface imperfections. Finally, it is buffed to create the high gloss finish.

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I don’t know how Mason Pearson makes the best hair care products across the board. This might be expensive for a comb, but it works better than any other comb I’ve had and most importantly it does NOT rip at my hair at all. It seems to just glide right through. I don’t think I’ve left my house without it once since purchasing and I immediately went and bought the Mason Pearson rake comb.

Jesse Broadford, VA

Great detangling tool

Great for detangling thick, long, kinky textured hair. I use it on my wet or damp hair to gently detangle. It has a smooth, seamless hand finish and will not snag or break your hair. I usually detangle first with a wide tooth comb then follow up with this comb to further remove any remaining tangles and shed hair.

Tonia Bloomington, TX

Perfect comb!

Famous quality. Useful. Easy to handle. I use it daily. Totally smooth so no pulling and this comb works where a brush might have been the only choice before. I have fine fragile hair and this is perfect when my hair is still wet. I won’t use a comb or brush that pulls my hair or digs. This is made for detangling and it works. Also good as a regular comb for thick or long hair, my daughter uses it on hair when it’s dry for that reason. The quality and attention to detail is legendary. I am extremely pleased.

Kimberly Delhi, CA

Handmade Comb–Nothing Like it Anywhere

*****This is a wonderful comb well worth the high cost. It is a quality comb, just like the other Mason Pearson products. It is all one piece, entirely handmade in Switzerland, and includes a rat tail. When I comb my hair with it, it makes my hair even straighter, I believe because of the width of the tines (they are pretty deep). It is very sturdy and will last for a long time. This was the first Mason Pearson product I bought and I was so impressed with the quality that it convinced me to buy the brushes as well. My entire family is a big fan.It’s a huge expense to buy any Mason Pearson product–it’s a luxury item and the purchase is an investment–but it’s worth it. For additional information on Mason Pearson visit their web site at masonpearson dot com.Highly recommended.*****

Rita Lemont Furnace, PA

Feels good

I use this to clean my mason pearson paddle brush and I thought the teeth would be too small to comb out my coarse hair post shower – but it’s so smooth the small teeth work just fine. It’s great just like their brushes.

Suzette Clinchco, VA