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Mason Pearson Detangler Hair Brush

Developed and patented more than 100 years ago, Mason Pearson’s hair brush is the ultimate grooming tool. The patented pneumatic cushion conforms to the contours of the scalp, which optimizes brushing with minimal effort. Nylon cleaning brush is included. This pure-nylon bristle is specifically for brushing before and after shampooing for all hair types.

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Good Brush To Use After Washing Hair

I use this brush. It works well after I wash my hair. The instructions on the boar-bristle ones say not to use them with wet hair. This is a good alternative. It actually gets right to the root, just like the boar-bristle brushes do and feels pretty good. I don’t have really long hair, but I can see how this brush would be a gentle way to brush hair that is long. All-in-all, it’s a good product. I recommend it.

Sandra Bim, WV

Black hair review – Updated review after a year of ownership – changed rating from 4 to 2

. . . but at first I thought it was a complete waste of money. What made the difference? The relaxer! I was natural when I bought it and was having a very difficult time detangling so I thought I’d make an investment in a high-end hairbrush specially made for detangling. But it didn’t really help at all. I cleaned it and put it away expecting I’d think of someone with thick or curly (non-black) hair to give it to. But I eventually got a relaxer, which helped with the horrible issues I’d been having with detangling. Of course, my hair still tangled (because it’s quite wavy/curly), just not as badly, but still a chore.But eventually I remembered my expensive little white MP brush. I love it now! It helps me a lot. I do not use it as directed (it is not supposed to be used with product because certain ingredients aren’t good for the rubber) but I need to brush through with product and it’s also great for making sure hair evenly coated with treatments. Anyway, I finger de-tangle, then big tooth comb de-tangle, then the MP detangling brush brings it home. The result? Truly detangled, un-knotted hair. Hair that when you detangle, braid, rise or wash and then unbraid, is STILL detangled! That means fewer single strand knots for me, and just really pleased. Because it’s expensive I would encourage people with black or other ethnic hair to try to get where you can try and maybe return or something (if it doesn’t do the trick on your particular head of hair). Don’t bother trying to dry brush using this if you have black hair (in my experience at least). No 5 rating just because I wish it was a bit bigger and wish it was not so high-maintenance to clean, etc, but it’s still a winner for me. Thanks.*******UPDATE******It’s been about 6 months of using this brush and I just tossed it. The bristles have bent and are falling out. To be fair, the instructions say that it is not for use in hair that has product in it because oils and the like damage the nylon. So that means if you brush through with your leave-in product or whatever, as I have, it isn’t the intended use. I will not be replacing it because it doesn’t do a special job on my hair dry. It just doesn’t last for the use I found for it . . .

Dorthy Stratton, NE

Why did I waste my money?

Even after reading a few negative reviews, I ordered this anyway, likely based on the name brand. It did not massage my scalp as described and it is not worth the price tag.

Kathleen Craig, NE

Great Brush!

This is an excellent hair brush! It works well in my fine hair but I gave one to a friend with extremely thick hair and she loves it. The bristles are sturdy and work well on wet or dry hair.

Dina Monticello, IN

Great for wet hair

I save my boar bristle hair brushes for when my hair is dry and use this out of the shower. Works great and fits nicely in the hand.

Dona Belfair, WA

Best Brush I’ve Ever Used

I have very long, thick, wavy hair that is extremely difficult to detangle when wet (which is the only time I can brush it unless I straighten it because then I’m left with lots and lots of frizz). This brush is a godsend. I have LITERALLY broken the handles off of brushes before while attempting to pull it through my hair and this brush has survived three months of hard use and is still as good as new. It makes getting the tangles out quick and easy and painlessly as well.I always thought that since I have such long and thick hair then the larger brushes were the ones I should be getting. I never thought such a small brush could ever work for me but this has honestly been the best brush I’ve ever used.My baby is not born yet but I’m not even planning on buying another brush at first because I think this one will work beautifully. We shall see if I’m correct!

Edythe Ionia, IA

Best Brush Money Can Buy

*****This is a high-end luxury brush that truly delivers.There are two things you need to know when you’re ready to buy a Mason Pearson brush of any sort. One is the size: full-size (the largest size), handy (medium sized), or pocket (the smallest size). This is important not so much because of where the brush will be kept (say, in your handbag), but because of the bristle length of the various sizes. The smaller sizes have shorter bristles. The bristles have to be able to reach your scalp, and massage it and distribute the oils throughout your hair. If you want a small brush but you have thick or long hair, you’d do better with a larger size.The other consideration is the bristle type. Do you want all nylon, like this Detangler? Even though the Detangler is all nylon, some of the bristles are longer and some are shorter, just like the mixed bristle brush. It’s hard to see in the picture. You should know that the Detangler is the only Mason Pearson brush that can reach the scalp of extremely thick hair. All of the larger Mason Pearson brushes, including this one, come with a bristle brush, so that you can easily clean loose hairs out of your brush.The Detangler is a brush just like the other brushes, not something just to be used when your hair is tangled or your done shampooing. It is a fantastic brush for people with coarse hair or long hair or thick hair also. Even though my hair is very short, it is the only brush that works for me because my hair is so thick. This handy size is about eight inches long.It’s quite a large expense to buy any Mason Pearson product compared to other manufacturers of hair care items–it’s a luxury item and the purchase is an investment–but it’s worth it. If you’re the type of person who would rather enjoy an evening at home having your hair brushed by your spouse instead of going to dinner and a movie, then you can justify the cost. That’s how we did it :)For additional information on Mason Pearson visit their web site at masonpearson dot com.Highly recommended.*****

Lina Kailua Kona, HI