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MASH Special Nail Art Stamping Polish 15ml

MASH is incredibly excited to introduce you to our new nail art polishes! Our Stamping Polish is specially formulated with a much higher viscosity than traditional nail polishes, giving you the perfect design your mani deserves. Crystal clear and perfectly detailed stamped nails start here! Don’t worry� can thank us later 😉 *Not to be used as normal enamel/base coat due to high viscosity. Use MASH Nail Art Polish for nail stamping art designs only. Do not apply on your nails directly as a base coat.

Key features

  • Specifically formulated specially for nail stamping art
  • Makes it so much easier to transfer your design from plate to stamp and from stamp to nail
  • Crystal clear and perfectly detailed stamped nails
  • Higher viscosity than traditional nail polishes
  • Large 15ml bottles

Honest reviews


Silver glitter useless for stamping, white polish works poorly

When I first saw the silver glitter stamping polish, I thought “I don’t see how that can possibly work.” Normally any polish you’d use for stamping needs to be highly pigmented. I’ve had good luck with chrome polishes as well, likeSally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear, Celeb City, 0.4 Fluid OunceNonetheless, I thought I would give it a shot. Sure enough, it’s useless for stamping. The glitter is pretty sparse. The polish itself isn’t overly glossy in use, so you can’t even really use it over matte polish. I think it might be a top coat in reality.Bottom line: don’t buy it for stamping. I guarantee you’ll be disappointed.UPDATE: I just finished testing the white stamping polish. It does stamp, but not well. I tried it on a spider web design on black nail polish. The full design didn’t come out and was hard to see. It wasn’t the plate, my Konad polish worked just fine. I would straight up avoid MASH polish for stamping purposes altogether.

Liz Davant, LA

Too Light

I couldn’t get this to work for stamping nail art images. It is just too light in color for it to show up on nails.

Geraldine Chincoteague Island, VA

Mash stamping polish works great for stamping but not this one!

I bought this for stamping along with white and silver and I didn’t like how this one worked at all, its not really the right consistency for stamping despite being called "Special Nail Art Stamping Polish." The black, silver, and white all work, I actually went back and ordered a bottle of black after liking the white and the silver so its not the brand, its this specific color because when it comes to the silver glitter I was disappointed, it didn’t show well. If you want a glittery look I liked Harp On It by Color Club (its a holographic and it works great for stamping.)

Ma Watonga, OK

Poor Stamping

Poor stamping quality, thought I would give it a try thinking it would be good. But I completely wrong. It is horrible. I will never order Mash polishes again. Wet in Wild actually works better than this.

Miranda Livonia, NY

Great stamping polish

I was surprised how well this polish stamps. I like it as much, if not better, than the Konad stamping polish. The price is great so I ordered 2.

Candace Wynona, OK

good polish for stamping and nice shiny for regular use too

nice color, really shiny, the only thing is, when use on plates with big designs (I had problem, for exampe, with the skull) you have to do it really fast: put the polish on the plate, scrach the excess and without leaving it even a second stamp it on the stamping pad, then you have to check the design on the stamper and after you can relax more and stamp it calmly on the nail. To make the skull same as it on the plate I had to remake it three times, but then it was perfect.

Bridgett Burnside, IL

Doable, consistency is slightly on the thin side

This stamping polish seems to ok. It isn’t that thick in consistency versus the other brands, but it is doable.

Candice Forsyth, MT

Such a WONDERFUL stamping polish!

I have used a LOT of stamping polishes, as well as regular polishes. For stamping on nail art, this is one of my absolute favorite black stamping polishes. What Mash did was create a very rich, pigmented stamping polish that works just as great as the "competitor" brand, but it’s even BETTER than that! It delivers a clear image, yet cleans up easier than the competitor without so much mess. Not only that, but the amount of polish in the bottle is amazing for the price. If you buy only ONE black stamping polish, this is The One.

Rosalyn Patriot, OH

Great Stamper

This stamps really well I didnt have a problem using it on any of my plates. Its a larger size than soem of the other stamping polishes and its priced really reasonably

Tonya El Dorado, CA

Works, but only with certain plates

I got this hearing rave reviews for the stamping polish…I cannot get it to work with my Konad or Bundle Monster plates. It only works with one type of plate I have that I bought online that is not sold on Amazon.

Melody Hunlock Creek, PA