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MASH Set of 25 Nail Art Nailart Polish Stamp Stamping Manicure Image Plates 26-50 Accessories Set

The hottest new set of image plates from the nail art experts at MASH! MASH Plates 26-50 were designed and created from the ground up to introduce exciting new designs to nail art stamping. There are no other nail art image plates like them. Each plate measures about 1.8″ (5.5cm in diameter) with sanded edges for easy, comfortable handling and a protective nylon screen. All image plates are made from high grade stainless steel and are paper backed to prevent scratching during storage. This fantastic collection of plates comes with 25 plates ,each containing 5 to 7 design per plate (OVER 125 IMAGES!) . Use this variety pack to create show-stopping nails! If you are new to nail art plates, trust us, this mash collection will not disappoint. MASH nail art image plate scraper & stamper set sold separately MASH nail art image plates are designed to get optimum results with our MASH nail art polishes, now available in black, white and silver glitter!

Key features

  • MASH’s Hot New Image Plates Finally Come To Amazon
  • Comes with 25 plates. There are 5 to 7 design per plate (OVER 125 IMAGES!)
  • Competitors sets retail for up to $21.99
  • Each plate measures about 1.8″ (5.5cm in diameter) with sanded edges for easy, comfortable handling and a protective nylon screen
  • MASH nail art image plate scraper & stamper set sold separately

Honest reviews



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Amalia Dearing, KS

Fun, but takes some training

I love to do nails, so I bought these for something different to try. It takes some time and patience to get them to be perfect on your nails, and its easier to do them on someone else, than yourself. A little time comsuming because the plate has to be cleaned each and every time between nails. But still a fun little nail project.

Marina Bradner, OH

Good Plates

I received these plate about a week ago and immediately tried them out. I had been having issues with the Red Angel plates and read good reviews on these. So far they have worked alot better then the Red Angel.It took some time to find the right polishes that work well for the stamping. I also bought a Konad stamper to replace the MASH stamper and that is also working better. It is still new to me and need to keep practicing but it is definately better.NEW 2012 MASH Set of 25 Nail Art Nailart Polish Stamp Stamping Manicure Image Plates 26-50 Accessories Set Kit

Meredith Wiergate, TX

Great for people who don’t have wide fingernails!

I have used these a few times. I am an amateur but these plates work great, they don’t cut my hands, they’re sturdy, they fit in the Konad plate holder and I get A LOT of compliments on my nails. These are easy to use and clean up well. I have only one complaint, the full designs don’t fit my thumb nail so I have to use a design that doesn’t make my thumb look like it has a partial design which is only a few designs (that I like) out of 125 designs. My hands are not huge, they are a medium size but my thumbnails are wide. This is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT because the reason I purchased these plates were because of the full designs. I don’t really care for the designs that are meant to be put on the tip of your nails or the smaller designs. I bought these plates because you can spend 5+ dollars just on one plate so they are a good value. Also just as a side note, my advice is to buy polish meant for stamping. I tried stamping with nail polish that I already had but ended up ordering the Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish which works really well. If you don’t want to buy the Konad Stamping Polish you can use regular polish but it takes some time and experience to figure out which ones work. I did not want to take the time to experiment. If it weren’t for my thumbnail I would rate these a 5 but because of my thumbnails I am rating them a 2, otherwise these are fantastic plates for people who don’t have wide thumbnails.

Deirdre Wrangell, AK

Worth it!!!

I have had several types of nail plates, but this one is comparable to Konad Quality. When I got the newest version of MASH Plates I thought they were very cute. I was a bit surprised that they came with a paper backing. All the images are crisp and clean and stamp that way too. (I used both Konad Special Nail polish and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri)The wells on the plates are not too deep or too shallow. Some Red Angel plate are too deep and I can’t use the image. I had also ordered some nail plates on ebay and they were too shallow and the image was very distorted, so trust me when I say these MASH plates are perfect (especially for the price). Can’t wait for the next set. :)My only regret is that I wasn’t able to purchase the old MASH plates. I really would have liked to have tried them out.

Shelly Ames, NE

Very Good Quality

Really fantastic plates. With so few reviews on these, I was hesitant about ordering these after getting burned by the high rated Red Angel bundle that turned out to be garbage for me, but I’m so glad I did. This has turned out to be one of my favorite bundles. I’ve used a lot of different brands of image plates and these rank right at the top. I’d easily put these up against my Konad.I’ve been playing around with a lot of the images and can’t find anything to complain about. There’s a good variety of designs. Of course, in every bundle of this size there’s going to some images that don’t appeal to everyone, but overall, I thought the selection was really good (as you can see from the images Amazon provides). They’re along the lines of any of these bundle packages. I like the full nail designs best and there are a lot useful ones in this bundle. There’s some immature designs (like unicorn, horse, dolphin, ghost, kitty, rainbow,etc), but a good selection of more sophisticated ones as well. Since I use these for myself and my young nieces I’m really happy with the selection.The quality is excellent. There are no rough edges. All the images are well defined and transfer polish very well to the nail. These plates are worth a lot more than the $12.99 price I paid.If you’re into nail stamping art, you can’t go wrong with these. As I stated, the quality is really good, and even if you’re quite picky and don’t like all the images, at the $12.99 price, I can’t see anyone being upset with these plates, unless they don’t know how to stamp (it takes practice and experimenting).Also, I can’t believe how fast I got these (sold through ProSource DisCounts Inc, MASH Nails). I have the two day shipping and shouldn’t have gotten them until Tuesday (ordered late Friday night), but they came on Monday. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

Jillian Henrieville, UT

do not work

I read the reviews and so many were good that I figured the bad ones were just flukes or maybe the etching didn’t work on a couple of disks. Nope, I opened four different disks and tried a design on each one and not one worked. Which is a shame. I’m printing out my return label tomorrow and sending it off to UPS for a refund. Ridiculous! I think Amazon needs to take these sellers off as they are obviously a sham. Stick with the more expensive ones that definitely say they are "konad" products.

Tamera Newhebron, MS

Love it !

The first plate that I decided to try was one of the full size designs. I absolutly loved it. These plates work just as well as the more expensive Konad brand, and they fit into the konad holder as well. I have not tried the smaller designs yet.

Maribel Arverne, NY


Okay so I am a complete, COMPLETE newbie for stamping!! I bought the konad double stamper from amazon and this set of plates, I just used the polish I had on hand, which double as nail pens (the other end screws off and theres a brush) anyways, it took me a LOOONNGG while to do this accuratley, first painting all my nails, waiting to dry, then painting my plate and scraping for 20 minutes wondering why nothing is showing on my stamp. There is a plastic FILM on it! Remove first!! These plates are not BLUE but silver. Yeah I’m stupid I know, but if your new to stamping like me and have no clue, make sure you take the plastic off, and also watch some youtube videos too. It took my friend who got her stamp like an easy 2 minutes, it took me 2 hours (waited for polish to dry and then the plastic snafu oh and did my toes first! Disaster lol) BUT I know how to do this now so now it should only take me 2 minutes as well. Anyways lots of great designs, lots of full nail options and cute little ones. Fits my nails fine, my nails and hands are pretty small, so I was worried that the designs would be too big but nope showed up on ALL my nails beautifully. The pictures you see attached are mine, with OPI shower together (blue) and the white flowers over. I am officially OBSESSED 🙂

Abby Parker Dam, CA


the variety is great, a little bit of everything for everyone. in order to get really good at stamping, you have to practice and with a variety of colors too. i don’t use the konad special polish to get the stamp to show up, use really opaque colors or those that are holographic. they show up nicely. easy clean up too.

Hilda Higginson, AR

Fun product

Fun, easy to use, endless manicure possibilities. I love doing manicures with my little girl. We get quality creative fun time together and its a great reason not to pay $50 for a salon mani. I give it four stars because some of the stamps aren’t cut right and will not come off the plate complete.

Liz Macclenny, FL

Cute designs good quality

I haven’t tried konad so I can’t compare but I do have the red angel and salon express. I really do love the designs n these are as good as the red angel one I have. I would definatley recommend these for the price.

Shelly Protivin, IA


Beautiful designs, great etchings that transfer over perfectly. I had two duplicate plates and haven’t gotten it taken care of yet, but other than that, no complaints.

Cortney Houlton, ME

Great Stamping Image plates

Love love love Mash products. And these stamping image plates don’t disappoint. I am very happy with the purchase of them. I recommend these and any Mash products.

Christine Castleberry, AL

The Mash Brand is very reliable!

I am a nail artist who lovesssssssssss nail stamping. These are great plates. fast shipping

Keisha Ida, MI

Great value

This is a good set. They work just as well as the konad ones I have. The plates are a little thinner and can have sharp edges.

Ines Cordesville, SC

Great for storing plates

This was perfect to keep my plates safe and organized. Fits multiple brands of plates. I would certainly recommend to others in the future.

Christina New Burnside, IL

a great value stamping kit

This is the first time I’ve tried nail stamping. This is a great value kit, as you get so many plates in one bundle. Most of the images I’ve tried come up clear and are easy to clean. Nice variety of images. COuld have done wihtout so many tip stamps, but I knew what I was getting when I ordered.

Sonya Riverside, CA



Letitia Depew, OK

Nice set of stamp plates

This set of stamp plates were okay, I liked that it had a lot of stamp choices to choose from. The only thing that bugs me is that the full nail stamps was still too small for my nails. It did not cover my whole nail at all and my nails are normal length, not too long either. I would suggest for full nail stamps to be a little bit bigger to cover the whole nail. Other than that, everything works pretty well. Just remember to use a thicker polish than normal when trying to stamp!

Enid Bozman, MD

worked great

Haven’t used all but what I did use worked great. I used different types of nail polish and it still work great.

Marisol Safford, AL

Great quality

Very nice. Work as they should. Will buy more MASH products :). . . . . . . . . .

Marla Chesterfield, NH

Individually wrapped

This Item is different than other brands i have bought. Instead of the plates being in a tight box, they are individually wrapped in plastic. this was unique! I thought the plates would be easily scratched due to the close contact with the plates. Some of the blue plastic on top was scratched but the plates were perfect, so don’t worry! Some images are unique, such as the full nail plaid print. Out of all my 120+ plates that’s the only plaid design I have! I recommend this to anyone who loves nail stamping and would you look at the price?! great deal.

Tommie Viola, ID

NEW MASH Set of 25 Nail Art Nailart Polish Stamp Stamping Manicure Image…

This is an awesome product. They work very well.Will purchase more in the future. Love them. I would recommend this product to all people who love painting your own nails and creating awesome design!!

Clare Ford, KY

Italian Kitchens

Bought these as Christmas stocking stuffers for the girls. I liked them, think there great. I recommend them and you get so many of them for the price, that’s awesome. Also purchased the Mash stamper and the Mash holder for the plates. You won’t be disappointed good product.

Gloria Bloomington, CA

Great set of plates.

I was interested in this set of plates mostly for the all over nail designs. There are quite a few of that style. They stamp great. I use regular polishes but I look for thicker formulas or metallics. I like the variety of images. It’s a good purchase for those that love their nail stamping or even those that want to get started. If you do have trouble stamping I recommend searching for videos on tips and tricks. Once you get the hang of it it’s so much fun.

Inez Tilleda, WI

Well worth it!

These are my first nail stamping plates, and I am blown away by the quality for such a great price. Some of the designs I will likely never use, but most of them I will and they are even better looking in person than the photos lead me to believe. Each and every design I have tried has stamped perfectly with regular nail polish, so I could not be more pleased with this purchase.

Wendi Munday, WV

Love them!

Bought these and want to do my nails almost everyday just to try new designs. like being able to do these at home and not pay someone for art on my nails. This is my second set.

Noreen Holcomb, IL

Amazing price, amazing quality

I’ve been looking for quality stamps for a while, and read reviews on many different brands throughout amazon. Eventually, I chose this set because of the high reviews as well as the interesting and unique designs. I definitely made the right choice! These designs can take a few times to get right, but it requires nowhere near the amount of effort it would take to do these freehand. In minutes, my manicure is transformed from normal to extraordinary. I’ve had many people ask me who does my nails, which I consider to be the ultimate compliment. These are very well priced, great quality, and arrived merely days after I purchased them.

Christine Gideon, MO


MASH has done a wonderful job this go around, the image plates are excellent quality. ALL of the full nail images are equally sized and work great! I like that each plate was individually sealed in a package and also had the blue film on the plate as well as all plates were then in a larger package. There was NO WAY the plates would arrive scuffed or scratched kudos MASH.

Margery Okauchee, WI