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MASH Professional 15 piece Nail Art Brush Kit Set

MASH is proud to introduce its first set of Nail Art brushes! The same great MASH quality you have come to expect, with a price that cannot be beat. These premium brushes are so beautiful, and so affordable, you will never chose another brand again!Three drawing tools, seven painting tools (also can be used as gel nail curing brushes), two liners, one dotting tool, two fan brushes for nail art effect. This brush set is perfect for creating that custom nail art to drive your man and friends wild, or make any man yours forever! PLEASE NOTE: This set comes with a white tip angled brush for specific nail art applications. It is not damaged

Key features

  • Mash, Top quality nail art supplies guaranteed!

Honest reviews


its supposed to be bent

Yes one came bent…read the is supposed to be. People are mindless. It came im a nice package..brushes look of the metal pieces holding the brush togetherWith the wood came off already though. And I tried using the brushes..maybe its my base coat or the polish..but it doesnt spread nice at all for detailed work..and it didn’t come with instruction package which would be helpful. Ordering special ink for detail..hoping that not at least I only wasted 9.99$

Kelley Halifax, NC

MASH Nail Art Brush Kit

Leslie Holly Springs, NC

They are a disappointment!

I was so excited to get such a great deal on these brushes!! They worked ok for there price but when I went to clean the polish off I got a little acetone on the black part and it started to come OFF!!! It made a Hugh mess and I to take it all off otherwise it was sticky and messy!! It was such a disappointment!!!! I posted a picture with what they look like without the black finish!

Celeste Grasonville, MD

Cant go wrong with these

I love love love these brushes! they are perfect for those really tine detailing designs to do! and you get 15 for 8 bucks! anywhere else your looking at 20 dollars for just half of as many as you get! so many sizes and lengths! also Loveeee that it came with a marbling tool! I have been looking for one of those! all in all another awesome buy from M.a.s.h. so inexpensive and still great quality!. I’m very pleased and happy I had purchased this item! 5 stars all the way!

Jenifer Lake View, SC

Good enough for the price

I had no expectations buying this. First of all, it does not come in that fancy back case, just a plastic bag. I use one of the brushes in there as an eyeliner brush for my gel liner, works very well. I’ve only used 2 brushes to make designs. It’s worth it for the price I guess. I wish there were better dotting tools..the one in here is really small so I still have to use the head of a bobby pin. Next time I will likely look for something else.

Tameka Kaktovik, AK


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Rose Martha, KY

Not Ideal

I purchased this set a couple of weeks ago. Everything in the package is as pictured…I just doubt that the brushes will last long, the set seems to not be very durable. First, when I opened the pouch for the first time, the flap covering the brushes was sticking to the handles. So much so that when I peeled it open, a portion of the paint or covering of the brush handles was stuck to the pouch! The handles of the brushes were then marked slightly. Then, after using one of the brushes with polish, I grabbed some remover on a cotton ball and was swabbing it clean…. and the BLACK PAINT on the handles came off onto the cotton ball (and my fingers)!!!The brushes look and function as intended…but whomever designed this set should have used other materials for the handles. The black painted finish is not practical.

Silvia Bassett, AR

Good quality brushes

It comes with every single brush in the picture. 🙂 Initially, I thought it was strange that there were two fan brushes but they’re actually not identical. The white one is angled differently to create different effects. The longer brushes all came with caps for safe storage and there is a good size range between the various brushes. It’s okay if you lose a cap too because it comes with extras. The bristles look great and I did not experience any problems with the metal part of the brush coming off. I’ve bought ridiculously expensive paintbrushes at Michaels before and these seem to be just as good in terms of quality. Shipping was very fast. I received it much earlier than I had expected.

Meredith Elfrida, AZ

Just as Expected! And extra Quick Delivery!

Corine Brainardsville, NY

they’re good

I wouldnt really know how to rate it since ive only used it once (a little lazy bug i am) but from using it the first time it was just fine. Through time i will be able to tell. Also the packaging smelled really odd.

Taylor Doddridge, AR

So cheap & fell apart!

I don’t know HOW this product got so many good reviews?? The ball point tip of the dotting tool broke off just when I took the plastic off of it. So mad and it only came with one! After the first use of 3 of the brushes, the bristles came apart and they were completely worthless to try and use again. I’ve tried everything to take care of them, but you get what you pay for I guess. In the TRASH is where they went! NOW I’m on the hunt for QUALITY Professional brushes!

Alison Colton, CA

Good for the price

I was pretty excited to get these in the email today. I do a lot of nail art and have not had very good tools to do it with so this was pretty exciting to have the right tools. These are great for the price. They do come in the little case shown in the picture and the whole case was wrapped in bubble wrap when I received it. There was a pretty strong smell when I opened the case but I’m hoping that will go away after some time. I only used 1 brush so far and it seemed to work ok. There were a couple hairs that were longer than the rest that dragged a bit. But the rest of the brushes look pretty good. And I should be able to trim the few on that particular brush before its next use.Over all I’m pretty happy with this purchase and for the price you really can’t beat it. Even considering shipping it was only around $1 per brush. : )

Lee Quantico, VA

Nice brushes

I love this set but wish I had gone for a glass or crystal handled set. I accidentally spilled acetone on this set and now the brush handles are ruined. I wish they had used acetone resistant paint or plastic….

Lucille City Of Industry, CA

Great Starter Set

I personally love these brushes. The money you pay for them is well worth it. There are so many different types of brushes in this set. From stripers to fan to a dotting tool. I think a beginner would love these and a seasoned nail tech like me would enjoy this set also.

Kathi West Newton, MA

Best Ever has everything you’ll ever need

Loved this set best quality and price. My first design with these were mistletoe I also bought rhinestone and the fimo canes from Mash. Mash has great quality products for a great price and I will continue buying from them. I especially love the case the brushes come in and they are easy to clean. Since I have 2 sets of brushes one is for the acrylic paints and nail polish the other is for the washable paints. Using washable paints to do nail art is easier if your afraid to do a mistake you dont have to start over just comes off with water just make sure to add a base coat and when done a top coat 🙂 have fun being creative with these brushes you have no limit.

Kristy Walnut Bottom, PA


Some brushes broke when I got them. There are some really nice detail brushes but overall it is average. I like the case though.

Noemi Woodsboro, MD

good 🙂

some of them worked swell- overall they were alright..good enough. the brushes could break easily though, just saying 😛 that was my issue

Catherine Clifton, CO

Love them! One is supposed to be bended right?

They are perfect condition and I know one is bended but I think that’s the way it’s supposed to be as I seen some like that before. I love the case and the protective top. Can’t wait to start using this product will be buying from mash again! Super fast shipping!

Dona Fulton, CA

Great brushes for a really good price

I’m a newbie at nail art, but was getting more adventurous, so decided to invest in some brushes. I already own a set of MASH stamping plates, and they’re awesome, so I figured their brushes would be too. The price is unbeatable, for the number of brushes you get. The shipping was super fast (oh wait, I think it was Prime Eligible…). I’ve used them a few times now, and am slowly learning which brush does what.In fact, I’d say the only thing missing really, is a little instruction sheet, with ideas of what to do, and the brushes to use. And they clean beautifully in acetone, but only pure acetone – anything else does not clean them properly.

Eunice Idaho Falls, ID

Great Kit!

I loved all the different brushes! Came in the black case and the brushes in good quality. Now I just have to learn to use the brushes correctly 🙂

Tabitha Widnoon, PA

Not good

These brushes are not good quality at all. I had several designs in mind to so but these are to cheaply made to do them with. The first time I went to clean these half the bristles fell out at least. I was extremely gentle. Also the case is very cheap when I recieve it, the case was stuck to the brushes and literally peeled off. Pieces of the case were and still are stuck to the brushes. Currently researching other brands.

Octavia Kinston, NC

Cool Brushes

It’s a great set. The brushes do their job, and give me a wide range of tools that encourage my creativity. I’ve really enjoyed working with this brushes, and creating awesome nail art. Just keep in mind that nail polish remover will strip the pretty black paint on the brush handles. So, be careful.

Margo Rocky Ford, GA

Nice brushes

Nice set of brushes, works well for nail art. Good quality & brush selection. Would buy again, but I think these will last quite a while!!

Leila Olga, WA

brush kit set

I love my brush kit set. I have done many new designs on my nails. I no longer have to have them done.

Marina Cochrane, WI


just what I wanted to help me in my nail design. great case and easily cleaned also. good variety of brushes too

Ursula Farmersville, TX

Nice little kit

I got it as a gift, but my netetr half seems to like it a lot. Construction seems OK too.

Jaime Havelock, NC

Nail Art Brush Kit

I saw this and had to have it because of the great value. There are so many brushes in this kit, I’m pretty excited to get to using it. While I’m not a professional, and I don’t know what each brush is used for, I can see the potential for lots of different uses.

Natalie Warrens, WI

I’m not a nail tech!

But I like to have all the equipment that is necessary for my needs.This one is one of those I rarely use, but will go crazy without.If you watch youtube tutorials, they actually use this brushes for design, I’ve only used one brush to clean up the messy polishes around nails.I enjoy having them eventhough I don’t use them much.Fairly good quality too

Mayra Hanover, ME

Great buy, just one problem…

Although I loved the variety and quality of the brushes, and the convenient case to store them in, cleaning nail polish off of these babies is no easy task. Anything with acetone in it will strip the hell out of the brush handles, and turn your hands into a black, sticky mess. Still, the price is right, and if you get a non-acetone brush cleaner, you’ll be golden. I personally haven’t had a problem since I switched cleaners.

Norma Essington, PA


This little set is perfect for the price. I even love the little fold-over case for it. Like someone else posted in a review, be careful when cleaning or using in acetone. If you dip the brush down past the metal bit that holds the brush to the handle the black paint will come off and get all over!!

Tameka Hankins, NY