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MASH Premium Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher Cutter Trimmer

High quality stainless steel cuticle trimmer/pusher. This cuticle savor has a bell shaped end for pushing/and or cutting your cuticles to perfections, conforming to your nail.

Key features

  • The only authentic MASH pusher is offered directly to you by MASH.
  • High Quality Stainless Steel, Bell Shape end for pushing and/or cutting cuticles
  • Curved-end conforms to the natural nail when pushing back cuticles
  • Retails for up to $15!
  • MASH, Top Quality Nail Supplies Guaranteed

Honest reviews



Works very well! I’ve gotten a lot of use out of this since I got it. The cuttertrimmer is really sharp and makes dealing with cuticles and deeply cleaningunder your nails a snap. Most nail clippers have a swing out nail cleaningtool; but compared to this tool those seem useless by comparison.There are more expensive options, but this tool works just fine.Highly recommended.

Kris Eden, WI

Not what I expected.

I’m pretty sure I read this before I bought it, but when it came it was nothing like I expected. I have a cuticle trimmer that is shaped like a V that is great for trimming my dry cuticles. I thought this trimmer had that feature to, but it looks more like a scalpel. I don’t know how to use it??? As far as the cuticle pusher end, the very first nail I tried it on it slipped past my cuticle and cut my finger.

Alexandra North Haven, CT


Good for pushing not for trimming. This is a nice sturdy tool and works great for pushing back the cuticle. The sharp end is as little dangerous unless you have a steady hand and good eyesight. It doesn’t really remove the cuticle. I’m puzzled by the 5 star reviews.

Diane Rowesville, SC

Not the best one available.

It is not the best cuticle pusher out there. I’ve had better ones. For the price, you get what you pay for. I will be buying other brand that costs a bit more, but it does the job.

Deidre Pine Meadow, CT

Nice quality, comfortable to use

After years of using an orange stick and finally realizing it was putting ridges in my nails, I am hoping this tool will care for my cuticles and do away with the damaging ridges. The curved edge is not at all sharp on the one I received and feels comfortable pushing the cuticle. I like the quality of the stainless steel and I’m sure it will last forever. Not exactly sure of the intended use for the pointed end but I can say it works well for cleaning up nail polish that gets on your skin at the edges of your nails. I’ve been using this tool with a cuticle cream for a week now and I’m loving it. For the few dollars it costs, this is a must-have.

Silvia Rawson, OH

Not worth it.

This is such a cheaply made pusher. It was absolutely worthless to buy and I feel bad for the environment having it shipped from god knows where. It was absolutely worthless for my nails. It is shaped too thickly to do a good job and it scrapes the nail bed.

Pamela Wheatland, PA

Sturdy and Easy to Use – Overall Good Cuticle Pusher/Trimmer

Overall, a good cuticle pusher. It’s very sturdy, and easy to use. And the smaller end used to cut/trim the cuticle isn’t too sharp. The wide end of this tool, is more square than round. My cuticles are more round in shape, but it’s only a matter of angling the cuticle pusher to adjust to my round cuticles, so no biggie. It’s definitely a handy tool to have if you work with nails.

Ashley Shirley, MA


For 5 bucks you can’t beat the price, great little tool to have on hand to help push back those cutiles.will definetly order from this company again. Thankse for the prompt delivery..

Rochelle Waleska, GA


This tool works wonderfully, it does just what it should. the tip used to get the unwanted skin off works like a charm!

Rosie Newry, SC

Great product!

This works perfect! It pushed back my cuticles with ease and it is so easy to remove the dead skin with the other end.

Whitney Springfield, MN

serves its purpose

No complaints here.

Tracy Broadview, IL

great tool

Great tool…good quality worth the money…when you purchase them I would recommend buy them in quantities…4 or five….I would buy them again

Jaime Bowdon Junction, GA

Very heavy, very sturdy, and very sharp! Great buy!

Normally I have to go to a beauty supply company and spend a ridiculous amount of money on one of these things. I was skeptical at first not knowing the quality since I was unfamilar with the company. When it arrived I found it to be very heavy, very sturdy, and very sharp just like the ones I use at work! Great professional quality without the over pricing at big chain beauty supply companies.

Shana Newport, AR

Cuticle pusher

Great Tool. if you do your own manicure it a good tool to push cuticles back, and cleaning the dirt from under nails.

Millie Madison, MO

Does it’s job

Does it’s job and the pusher side is a little wide but it works perfect , took some time to get here tho.

Tisha West Union, SC


Got this earlier than estimated delivery date so I was happy about that. I just got done using it. Worked fine. Works how its suppose to. I also like that it was really cheap, so i’m happy.

Natasha Richmond, OH

Heavy Duty cuticle pusher

I bought this to help take off the gel nails I do. This works way better than the little wooden stick I got that came with a gel manicure set. The stainless steel is very durable and heavy and helps take off the gel nail polish quickly.

Tessa Winchester, VA


very good implement…happy with this purchase I would buy this again.I shop on Amazon for everything and think they are great!

Lara Sharon, OK

Well Worth The Money

I bought this to replace my old cuticle tool which broke. It was exactly what I was wanting! It is sturdy and does the job of pushing back and trimming the cuticles. I highly recommend this product.

Ida Hollister, NC


Really good high quality. Is a little heavy for something like that, but that’s okay.

Belinda Tok, AK

Great quality for a cheap price

I’m pleased with it. Does what it’s supposed to. It was very cheap amd great quality. I would recommend it.

Shelia Melmore, OH

Love It

I added this cuticle cutter/pusher to my basket of nail paraphernalia. I think everyone who does their nails should have one of these.

Leah Glynn, LA

Will be used for applying white tips to collectible baby dolls

This will make tipping nails on life-size preemie and newborn collectible ‘reborn’ dolls much easier. Price was crazy low- and shipping time was good.

Barbra Rives, MO


i got it within a week of ordering (possibly less). i was surprised by it’s weight. it’s good that it’s heavy i personally think it shows that it isn’t flimsy and that it is durable. absolutely love it, it works amazing

Alyce Baker City, OR

love it

I love this cuticle pusher. I dont really like trimming my cuticles. I use the cuticle pusher and cuticle oil and voila! Decent looking nails

Kerry Peru, ME

It’s awesome

This product is perfect. I never had anything to push cuticles back and of I ever did it was plastic and something that breaks easy. This product is stainless steel and works perfect on the cuticle. For the sharp end on use that to clean under my nails. Not sure of its intended for that but it works great and gets the job done. Thanks again for a really sturdy product that works like a charm 🙂

Jade Beaver Falls, NY

It’s here!!!

I love this product its perfect for what I want to do with it. I would totally get this again if I need another one.

Loraine Haines, AK


Great purchase! Very heavy duty and does not tarnish. Definitely worth the purchase especially at the price! Just get it! 😉

Ellen Ghent, WV

I do recommend

Yes this gets the job done and it’s very cheap in price. It pushes my cuticles and I use the other side to clean the gunk out from under my nails YAAASSS.

Lara Racine, WI


This thing is great!! It works so well I would recommend this to anyone! Great price as well can’t beat this.

Rosanne Stockwell, IN