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MASH Premium Nail Art Pen Fine Tip Painting Polish Design, Gold

If you ever jealously eyed a calligraphy pen and thought it would be perfect for delicate swirls,thin lines, and writing in nail art, then you�ll be thrilled to try this newly released professional nail art pen designed by the nail art experts at MASH.These pens are specifically designed to aid you in creating the most delightful and personalized nail art creations. With a tip so sharp, even the longest words or detailed images can make it on to your nails. A MUST HAVE for every nail art enthusiast! Made a mistake, no worries: Simply use a moist cotton swab to make corrections. Will not ruin your base polish.

Key features

  • Fine tip makes it super easy to control
  • Mistakes can easily be corrected with a moist cotton swab without ruining base nail polish
  • Perfect for French tips
  • MASH Eco-friendly water based formula
  • Get creative with limitless possibilities with MASH Nail Art Pen!

Honest reviews


Fun and easy

I own one in black and white. Super fun and easy to use. Score! A must have if you’re into nail art.

Octavia Boone, NC

Not impressed

This pen is too watery. Even after shaking this pen, it’s too watery so you don’t get a true white. I much prefer the Sally Hansen nail art pens

Lacy Charleston, IL

Requires steady hands

Unfortunately, I suffer from essential tremor and could not apply the product with the care needed. One must apply pressure to the pen to make the color come out and this makes for less stability.

Ollie Denali National Park, AK

I love this product!

This pen worked great for me and is perfect for nail art. I would highly recommend this brand to everyone.

Adrian Matfield Green, KS

Not Happy with This

Reason being, the product doesn’t dispense well. I use it under my nail tips so it lasts longer, no chipping. This particular product doesn’t go on easily or evenly. I had to do it again after the first application. I do not recommend the MASH. I have used/ and recommend Magic Manicure (white only for me), in the past, but now cannot find single tubes. Still looking! Hope you find this helpful!

Evangeline Stacy, MN

Nice Pen

Pen works great most of the time. Sometimes I have to shake it for a bit to get the polish to come back out. Seems like it dries up a little or something.

Frances University Park, IA