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MASH Nail Art Tweezer for Rhinestones Fimo Canes Glitter Confetti and 3D Shapes

These tweezers are specifically designed by the Nail Art experts at MASH and the tweezer experts at OPQ to allow you to manipulate are your nail art decorations with the greatest of ease. These tweezers curved design allows you to apply your nail art accessories with pinpoint precision. Works with rhinestones, glitters, confetti, gems, fimo cuttings or any other 3d designs. Best suited to work with the complete line of MASH 3d Nail Art

Key features

  • These tweezers are specifically designed by the Nail Art experts at MASH and the tweezer experts at OPQto allow you to manipulate are your nail art decorations with the greatest of ease.
  • Curved Design allows you to apply nail art accessories with pinpoint precision
  • Works with rhinestones, glitters, confetti, gems, fimo cuttings or any other 3d designs.
  • Best suited to work with the complete line of MASH 3d Nail Art
  • MASH, top quality nail art supplies, guaranteed!

Honest reviews


Excellent quality …

I’m not a nail artist — but I purchased these to use with the MASH rhinestonesMASH Rhinestones 2400 Piece 12 Color Nail Art Nailart Manicure Wheelsthat I purchased to use on my hand crafted greeting cards.I was really pleasantly surprised by the quality of these — VERY high quality for the price. And they really do work well to wrangle those tiny rhinestones. The tweezers aren’t huge — very nice manageable size — and come with a little plastic cover for the tips. You should use it — those tips are SHARP, but that helps when I place a rhinestone: I can use the sharp tips to “tap” it down into the glue.These now have a place in my crafts tool bag — definitely a great purchase!

Dina Keaton, KY

not sure if it is me but it keeps ruining my manicure

when using it if the tip touches your nails even slightly it leaves a poke whole that ruins the manicure. As the rhinestones are tiny it is hard to apply and when you are trying to position if it touches nails at all ruins the manicure… after couple tries I am going back to dotting tool for pickup and placement at least does not ruin manicure… what a waste… if any of you knows how to do it better please share

Melba Tavernier, FL


This is a must-have product if you are going to be using the teeny tiny little beads or little doo-dads that are designed to be glued onto the nail bed. My daughter loves them. They are perfectly pointed at the end to pick up the tiniest of nail design. I’m glad I spent a little bit more and got these.

Aurelia Aguirre, PR

Nice grip

The gripping part of the tweezer is great! I don’t drop it. Nice ends to pick up almost anything tiny. Great product!

Alexandria Meriden, IA


My daughter was thrilled to receive these as part of her birthday gift. She loves playing with her nail polishes and nail designs during the "off’ season, and these grippers help her place her little jewels perfectly.

Jasmin Mercedita, PR

Best investment for nail art junkies

These tweezers are absolutely amazing and can be used for a variety of tasks. I personally like to use them to pick up rhinestones/pearls/studs and place striping tape on my nails.

Meghan Kendall, KS

Great for gems and tiny rhinestones

I am using these for an art project and have had great results. I am able to pick up the smallest gems without any problems and apply them to a glued surface. A must have for that crafty person!

Sherri Northampton, PA

Wonderful Tweezers

These work great for picking up rhinestones and doing nail art work. Also work great for scrapbooking! Glad I got them!

Etta Pelkie, MI

Great tweezers for nail art

The curved shape of the tweezers is perfect for detailing things – like nail art. It works great at picking up rhinestones, loose glitter, and the tips are very precise

Janelle Knife River, MN

Helpful tool

These are great for picking up tiny things. I used them for nail art. I actually now have two sets because I didnt realize a set came w/ some art kits I bought.

Sofia Louisville, TN

Essential for nail art

Must have item for nail art, easy picking up the rhinestones or take off the stickers, etc.It will last life long if you don’t lose it.One of my best friends in nail world.

Bertie Nora, VA

Well worth it

Have not used it for tiny rhinestones, yet. But, have found several other uses, such as for very tight knots. The tiny pointed ends held tight which made for easy manipulation. A very handy tool to have.

Melanie Smoot, WY

Great product! 🙂

This truly is a 5 star product! The tweezers pick-up every piece of nailart that I’ve attempted…tiny rhinestones, fimo slices, tiny stickers, glitter confetti, shaved mylar pieces, etc. I also recieved this product very quickly after ordering. I would definitely recommend these tweezers to all nail artists…a must have in my tool set! 🙂

Dianne Frackville, PA


i love this item. it works perfectly. i use it almost every week and it makes it so much easier when i need to pick up rhinestones instead of using a toothpick. highly recommend this.

Noelle Passadumkeag, ME


Love these tweezers! They are nice and precise for picking up small nail things!! Got here early and nicely packaged!!

Leonor Jackson, NJ

Perfect for crafting and nail art!

These are the most precise tweezers I have ever used, and they are perfect for all my nail art needs. I’ve used these tweezers for rhinestone/stud placement, stickers, and water decals and it works perfectly.

Lucile Chillicothe, MO

Seems good for the price

Ordered these tweezers along with a bunch of other nail art supplies. They are affordable and arrived quickly and make applying nail decor very precise. I have a bit of difficulty picking up and holding onto the little rhinestones I ordered with these, but I think I just need to get used to working with such minutiae.

Marisa Berlin Heights, OH


Im really not a big fan of these. If the were a little shorter I think this would help? They are a little difficult to use.

Danielle Bull Shoals, AR

A Must-have to pick up Rhinestones for nail art

I have 1mm rhinestones and it’s very hard to pick them up using other tools. This tweezer is specifically made for that purpose and serves the same really good. I use this to pick up rhinestones and fimo cane pieces. The product arrived really fast. Very happy with the purchase.

Wendi Cookstown, NJ

High quality.

They work exactly the way they should, nice and pointy, the angle makes it easy to pick up beads etc.

Gay Montrose, CA

Great pair of tweezers

I’m a crafter and this is a perfect pair of tweezers that is ideal for adding small finishing touches to projects such as resin charms, polymer clays, etc. It is very accurate and lines up perfectly to pull out a single hair without any ‘loosening’ of the grip.

Melinda Moca, PR

Wonderful tweezers

When I was on here buying rhinestones I thought I better get a tool to pick them out so I wouldn’t make a mess. This does just that. They are a bit sharp, but they are supposed to be small enough points to get a hold of the stone and place on the nail. But they are amazing. Got here quickly and safely. I recommend this for sure.

Natalia North Providence, RI

love it

It makes doing my nails 10x easier and faster. I am so happy with my purchase, and wouldn’t return it for the world.

Anna Abingdon, MD

just right

this is the best picker upper for nailart , it works well for me i might just buy another one

Imelda Redmond, WA

MASH Nail Art Tweezer

The tweezer was usable but had a little imperfection on it. The silver tip of the tweezer was asymmetrical so I had to use it a certain way/angle in order to pick up rhinestones. I like it but that’s the only problem I have with it.

Elisabeth Glen, NH


I ordered these tweezers along with a bunch of other nail art supplies and tools. They were affordable and arrived quickly. The tips were protected with its own sleeve and the quality speaks for it’s self.

Roberta Thorn Hill, TN

Love It

This is a really nice tool to use for putting on the dots and I do mean it works good, I enjoy putting on my nail polish and then my Rhinestones. Make my nail look beautiful.

Anne Cottleville, MO

High Quality Tweezers !

Good quality and fast shipping . I recommend these tweezers one hundred percent to anyone hesitant on purchasing them .

Leta Pamplin, VA


Nice slim, pointed ends and a good angle make these a must for my nail art kit. They are precise enough to pick up and place the tiniest jewels and fimo slices. They seem sturdy, too.

Jan Mineola, TX


I use them incessantly. I especially use them to put the little white sticker on so that you get a perfect french. — Tip only use Orly French Tip Circles — They pick up the items I need for my nails so efficiently, I really don’t know what I did before them.

Olive Keota, OK