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MASH Nail Art Stamping Image Plate Holder

MASH is proud to introduce its new image plate holder! This item holds your image plate securely in place preventing any accidental messes and provides a surface you can easily clean. Now your clothes and work surface won’t get any polish on them. An essential item if you are doing a lot of stamping. Image plates sold separately

Key features

  • Brand new MASH Nail Art Stamping Image Plate Holder
  • Can retail for up to $10
  • Functional and beautiful
  • Comes with image plate holder, image plates sold seperately
  • MASH, top quality nail art supplies guaranteed!

Honest reviews


Not very effective

I am open to being corrected as this is the first image plate holder I have owned but this does not hold the plate very well well at least not my plates they keep slipping here there and everywhere. I do not recommend it.

Rosanna Saint Donatus, IA


Good plate holder. Very stable. Fits cheeky and konad cicle nail plates perfectly havent tried with other brand plates yet. Scrapper slides across everything evenly and smoothly.

Isabel Meadville, PA

Good Job

I need to use this more! I totally forget to use this when I am stamping! I love Mash products. They have agreat stamper too.

Elena Hornbrook, CA

great tool!

Great tool to have at a home nail salon. Easy to use and easy to follow instructions. The plate is light and easy to maneuver.

Bethany Highfalls, NC

Great but not needed

If you want the plate holder get it but it’s really not needed and I barely ever use it. Paper towels work just fine.

Katy Allakaket, AK


I like this image plate holder, cause all the residue stays on the holder and after it’s easy to clean.

Concetta Shawanee, TN


I think it’s a useless pice of thing. You still have to hold the plate down with your fingers anyway so what’s the point of this? Too cheap to return (I guess that’s how they make, and keep, their money). Maybe I just don’t know how to use it but there’s really only one way so….I would not recommend it. TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY.

Celia North Plains, OR


Holds round nail plates perfectly so they don’t slip and slide around as you are trying to use them. I use paper towel under it to catch any nail polish that I scrape off.

Jana Weedville, PA