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MASH Nail Art Practice Fingers

MASH Nail Art Practice Fingers (Set of 5)

Key features

  • Set of 5
  • Life size
  • Self adhesive bottom

Honest reviews


These are okay for the price

I wish I had paid better attention to the pictures or at least read a few reviews before purchasing these practice fingers. If I had known that the nails were this small or that these are not the fingers with a crevice to put false nails into, I wouldn’t have bought them. Still, this is a good deal for the price and I think that they can be reused (if not then I’ll edit this review). They are made of hard plastic, not rubber like some other practice fingers. I still have to get some of the other fingers but I’m keeping these as well. I plan to use them with some of the smaller cheap false tips that I have lying around to practice with acrylic designs. They can even be used with forms (paper or reusable) or dual forms.

Elnora Thayer, IL

Good for practice!

I receive my order very quickly and I do like them! However the nails are very small (about 1/3 of an inch). I did appreciate them much more once I started using them, because my nails are around the same size, and it was great practice for painting my own nails! I am going to buy fake nails for practice though, then it should be better!

Jesse Clear Brook, VA


I would really buy more of these little fingers….they are very easy to handle….and easy to get it if you want it.

Marion Ninilchik, AK


i was very disappointed to find out these were not at all as described and are rendered pretty much useless. the silver lining is that it was not very expensive.

Ines Glen Aubrey, NY


theyre just finger hooks. They have adhesive on the back so you can put them on the wall. The nail is ity bity, like the size of my pinky nail. Could probably paint the nail one color, but too small to do any details or designs. Also cant apply acrylic nails. Theres a weird slot where the cuticle would be. These are deffinatly not for practing nail art but would be fine if u want creepy finger hooks on your wall.?

Beryl Westminster, SC

I think they are perfect for the price!

I ordered 2 sets and they are all the same size. I would say they are the size of your average sized index finger or ring finger nail but definitely larger than a pinky finger. I used five of them already, and did designs and 3d nail art on them with no problem. Easy to hold while filing, applying acrylic and designing them. Peel the sticker off the bottom of them and they stick well on your show case. After you’re done you can pop the nail right off with no damage to either the nail or the finger display. That way I can glue the finishing product to a case for show and reuse the finger for another project. I got them before the expected delivery date and I would definitely purchase this product again. Im sorry it didnt work well for others but this is the type of product that you would have to decide yourself and not go by what other people think what doesn’t for them may work for you. Hope this was helpful.I will post pictures when I get home maybe that will be helpful.

Candace Stillwater, OK


Useful for practicing things but very creepy to look at lol…they came at a great price and should be handy when practicing designs…

Michaela Elfrida, AZ

Mash nail finger

Seriously?I not only had to wait 3 weeks to receive but I also had to sign for the package, so I had to go all the way to the post office to sign for a $6 product???? Not to mention this finger is small ? More like a kids finger size the nail part is very small and narrow.2 stars was for packaging and for the cost only. Save your money

Callie Winton, NC



Pearl Springfield, SD

Good for at home/personal use

I use these to paint different sets of nails for my own use. I wear full cover fake nails, that I polish over and design myself. No gel or acrylic. If you plan on using these for acrylic designs, DO NOT BUY THEM! the nail bed on ALL of the nails is comparable to a small pinky, or a small child’s finger. And the "nail" overhang is in no way curved to be fit into a half tip for acrylic application (it’s more pointed than round). If you are looking for something to do acrylic on, look for the nails that have a deep well in the nail area so you are able to fit in a nail.I have ordered quite a few of these bc i find that they work well when you lay a small little ball of clay (you can even use children’s modeling clay, it doesn’t have to be a special putty.) on the nail, and press onto it a full cover fake nail (which i then paint and decorate/design, what have you). I prefer this to using orange sticks with clay bc i like being able to grip these better when I am doing detail work and also bc I dont have to worry that they will tip over when drying bc they are on a firm base, and not just a stick.Hope this helps!

Rosa Belmont, CA

Ok to use for nail training

I found these to be better than the other nail training fingers out there as the full nail or nail tip sit on top of the nail instead of sliding inside like other fingers. They still are not the greatest for nail training but are better than others.

Margarita Harvard, MA

Nails to paint

I thought the nails would be all different fingers, e.g. thumb, index, pinky but since they are all the same they really don’t make sense.

Rosemary Highland Lakes, NJ

perfect for practice

This product is PERFECT for those who want to practice nail art or acrylic nails. You just peel the bottom and stick the finger wherever you’re comfortable and begin sculpting. I personally like to put some sticky tab (the blue removable tack) and stick a fake nail to the finger and practice my acrylic. I like that there’s 5 fingers so I can practice more designs while one is drying etc. They’re very durable, if the sticky bottom ever gets dirty I can always use some sticky tab and stick it anywhere.Overall I’m happy with this product and can’t wait to improve my skills ^_^ shipping was always great, came sooner than expected.

Randi Chatsworth, IA

Unexspected use…….

I have to admit I bought these out of curiosity and had no idea what I was going to do with them since I don’t do nails. It turned out that they are cute (nail done or not) stuck on a mirror in a teen’s room to hang necklaces on.

Delia Bluffton, TX


the nails are super small. that is all. dom dom dom… nine more words to go. go go go done!

Tammy Goddard, KS

ship was fast, the product is little small than I thought, the nail is look like my little finger,it is ok

ship was fast, the product is little small than I thought, the nail is look like my little finger,you will get what you pay for..

Shari Clifton Forge, VA


I love these! The only problem I had was that the nail glue would not stick! I know they re no made for tips but still it should be able to stick! So I still haven’t been able to try them but they are cute !

Audra Hartford, KY

Cute and fun

Don’t know exactly what they are supposed to do other than serve as a practicing finger. I have yet to use them.

Katy Allons, TN


the nail shape is kinda of odd and my pails dont really fit itno it and idk if its the glue i was using but i had to switch glues to make them stick

Corine Schenley, PA

there ok

cant seem to get the nail glue or the acrylic to stay on the nail maybe I just need more practice

Lorena Port Jervis, NY

These are a riot

These are the cutest things. My 12 year old needs LOTS of practice so I think I will order more of these. This is the way to master the art of nail art

Ericka Mc Alpin, FL

All same size!!

(Using husbands account) Oh boy where to start… All five fingers are the same size. Their also made of a very hard plastic and I was having a hard time with them at first, but after a few try’s they work just fine. I don’t recommend these nails to anyone. I bought a couple of the kiss nail box’s for these fake fingers and I’ve used up all of the number 7 size nails, oh I almost forget, the nails are very small too. Save your money guys!!

Helga Camden, MO


these practice finger a cool and fun greeeat for practicingg,and they have tape on the bottom you can tape them where ever you want,thats awesomee

Cortney Newgulf, TX

Don’t Waste Your Money

These only come in one size and the size it comes in is so small it’s almost impossible to practice anything meaningful with it. Spend the extra money and go to Sally’s or other beauty supply and get ones that have 5 that are the right size for real fingers. Don’t feel like wasting my time to try to get a refund, will just toss them in the trash.

Lora Royal Oak, MI

Mash Nail Art Practice Fingers

This is a good product, the only thing was I thought if you got 5 you would get 5 different sizes. Not the case all of my practice fingers are the same size and very small. Good product just wish I had more sizes to practice doing my nail art!

Terri Centertown, KY

A must have

My teenage daughter has gone through almost all of her practice fingers since Christmas. She loves the fingers and has them sitting on her vanity table for display. They are great for beginners and are easier to use than the whole hand.

Flossie Utica, KY

The nails pictured are from MASH. The nails you receive will NOT be and may not have a nail.

The item you receive will be very different than the item pictured if you purchase from the seller 19beauty. I already have nails from Sallys that do not have a nail… you use a nail tip on them to practice.. I needed and wanted fingers with the nails already attached… you receive cheap imitations. In addition, the nail bed has such a high ridge that you can hardly get a fake nail to stay in place!!!! Buy from another seller to get the ones with nail (beauticom)or go to Sallys for the good nail-less kind! These are not worth the money or the weeks of waiting…

Marcy Mongmong, GU

very useful

These are great for practicing and trying out a design before putting it on my own nails. I would recommend.

Blanche Dahinda, IL

Works great, as described

These are fine. I bought them for my wife to practice her designs. She has yet to use anything I bought her regarding her nails but I can not see anything wrong with these. Good quality and sticky pads on the bottom works fine.

Tanya Calhoun, TN

who knew?

I didn’t get my first order, but that’s okay because the seller immediately sent out another shipment whichI got right away. I ordered just to use to practice nail stamping, but, they were so cute I decided to use oneas a coat hook for my jacket at work and put one in the bathroom to hold face towel. And people just love them!

Suzette Concord, CA