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MASH Makeup Nail Art Brush Cleaner Cleaning Cup

The Brush Cleaner jar can hold brushes of various sizes and can be used with all brands of brush cleaning solution. Comes with a screw on lid to prevent evaporation of brush cleaning solution when not in use. MASH-Keeping it Fresh

Key features

  • Fits ALL nail art brushes.
  • Keeps your brushes clean and ready to use.
  • For use with all brands of brush cleaning solutions
  • Comes with a screw on lid to prevent evaporation of brush cleaning solution when not in use.
  • Ridges on bottom to separate bristles and remove debris.

Honest reviews


Casual Opinion

I have not personally tried the product out yet,but look forward to seeing if it holds the brushes really good along with if it does not tip over with being so short in height. The price was fair and the shipping was swift. My brushes should be here any day now and until then I won’t know how it stands up to a five star rating or not.

Staci China, TX

Great cup.. No cleaner included

I thought I was buying cleaner… It is just a cup to hold brushes while you soak them. There is a great piece inside that allows you to space the brushes out and holds them in place.

Sonya Valley Park, MO

Very convenient

I like that it holds your brushes around the rim. Makes keeping several cleaned brushes handy without wet brushes laying on your table surface (and maybe damaging it if it isn’t glass, or maybe soaking through your towel).

Cornelia Suitland, MD

Five Stars


Megan Jermyn, TX


This is the best way to clean ur brush after doing acrylic nails! I like the way it holds all sizes of brushes.

Yolanda Uehling, NE

Very useful!

I actually use this to clean my makeup brushes, and it works great! I let them sit overnight in a solution and I like the rails at the bottom to scrub them!

Sallie Camp Douglas, WI

Simple but works well

A very simple oin expensive plastic ocntainer with lid that has cutouts for the brushes. It works perfectly. Sometiems the simple approach is the best approach.

Geri Hartford, NY

It cleans them

This does what it says it will but it’s a little bit of a pain in the neck. The brushes are a little heavy for the container and need to be propped up.

Dayna Newton Hamilton, PA

Handy and sturdy.

Our teenage daughter loved this product and said this is what she needed for the many nail brushes she owns.

Terra New Lebanon, IN

Is ok

I know is not super necessary to use special cup for clean brushesbut I like this because hold each one in one place

Georgette Thompson, PA


This product is a great solution to the problem of cleaning your brushes and takes the work out, your handles will no longer be ruined from slipping into the acetone and you can do it quickly!

Bridgette Eloy, AZ


Very fast delivery. Does what it’s supposed to do for a great price. Keeps my brushes clean and ready for next use.

Adrian Collison, IL