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MASH Double Sided Nail Art Plate Stamp and Scraper

Mash is proud to introduce its brand new nail art stamper and scrapper kit. This unique stamper was designed by the nail art experts at MASH to provide superior comfort and performance to other nail stampers and scrapers while providing a modern aesthetic! Nail stamping is a nail-imprinting technique that lets you put designs by stamping pre-designed images on your nails in minutes. This simple process allows you to apply or change designs any time you want. You can change designs weekly, daily without the hassle of spending hours redoing your nails. The MASH nail art stamp and scrapper can achieve delicate and beautiful results never before achieve by hand painting. Do it yourself in just minutes at home, at a friend’s house or anywhere you want. This stamper and scraper is so portable you won’t even notice you have it on you. You can put designs not only on your nails but on mobile phone, earrings, pendant, bracelet, gift box, watches, calculators, clocks, sunglasses or any surface of your choice. With MASH stamped nail art you can create perfect, professional nail designs at a fraction of the time and money, just like a professional nail artist … or even better. It’s neat and easy and fun!!!

Key features

  • Package Includes: 1-Stamp, 1-Scraper
  • Stamper has 2 ends with different sizes stamps.
  • This simple little rubber stamping tool transfers the design from the Image Plate onto your nail with no mess and no fuss.
  • The Scraper is used to ensure that just the right amount of polish is left on the design plate to achieve the best result.
  • Special Introductory Price! Get it while you can!

Honest reviews


Great Product

Received order faster than what was quoted. Item was exactly what was shown. Worth every penny spent on item. Will do business again with the company in the future!

Vilma Alpine, NJ

Stamper Only

This review is only for the stamper because I immediately tossed out the scraper. I learned to use an old plastic gift card a ling time ago in lieu of the metal scraper as they scratch the crap out of the image plates. That goes for all brands, even konad.Compared to my konad stamper, this mash version is up to par. I love the colors much better than the pink & green by konad. The rubber surface seems to be identical to konad. The removal rubber stamper inserts are the exact same size as konads as well. I even switched them between the two brands just to be sure & the fit is perfect.The price is great & amazon offers free shipping so I say go for it if you’re considering this purchase.

Vilma Mount Vernon, KY

Still Testing….not sure yet…Updated recently

I just received the stamper and scraper yesterday. I ordered the Cheeky plates to use with this and not having much luck yet with it. Since I am new at stamping and nail art all together, I will give this some more time to see if I can get it to work properly. Both the stamper and the cheeky plates had mixed reviews but there was more positive then negative so I figured I would give them a shot. I have only tried 2 designs on the same plate so I don’t know if it is the plate, stamper or polish yet. The designs were coming out too light where you could hardly see them and the polish doesn’t all come off the stamper like I have seen in some video on stamping I have watched and have to clean the stamper with nail polish remover to get it off. There was something I saw on lightly using a nail file on the stamper ends which I tried. Can anyone please give me some guidance on the art of stamping and what I should try in order to improve the stamp…???Ok…I tried to do this again using black on orange. My granddaughter wanted orange nail polish with the stamp with the lips and the work kiss above it. I changed from the scraper that came with the set to using a cut up old credit card like was suggested in some of the other reviews. It seems to work better then the first time and transferred “ok”. I will need to keep practicing. I have been doing more with hand painted work then with the stamper so I need to set some time aside to practice more. Thanks for the suggestions and keep bringing them if you have any….

Billie Mc Farlan, NC

didn’t work

i have been in the beauty business for 52 years and i have done nails along with hair & massages//this gimmick isn’t worth all the time it takes to use…very messy and not nail friendly

Rita Mansfield Depot, CT

Easy to use

I love the stamper its super easy to use and clean. The scraper I noticed scratched the crap out of my stamping plates so I’ve started using an old gift card.

Kerri Carterville, MO

Great little gadget

Cant beat the price… love the product and of course (the pink and black coloring…two of my faves) I wish i knew how to use the actual stamps and stamp pens better but i know the imperfections boil down to user error (ill keep practicing and become a pro some day!)If anyone has any tips or tricks,please feel free to email me ( or respond back to this.overall, awesome deal and good product!

Hattie Rowley, MA

Not sure..

I got these very quickly and packed up nicely. It is to transfer polish from a stamp to your nail. (Just in case someone doesn’t know) I gave it 3 stars because I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if this stamper just doesn’t transfer the image over. Only about half of it shows. Maybe it is me. I will just have to keep trying.

Viola Durand, WI

Could be better

I love the bigger handle size of the stamper but sorry that was it. The stamped itself is made of a softer material then the Konad one. So I just removed the rubber stamper from that one and traded it with the Mashnail one. Works great and nice for larger hands. Now on to the scraper. Its metal…. metal bad on plates… if they get a plastic scraper it would be better. Hint. Hint. I read another review and she said she uses an old gift card… I found and old albertsons card. I cut it into 1 1/2 long strips and now I have 3 scrapers. It depends on what angle you hold it when you scrap to get different results on different plates. But it works. Mash you really should look into a plastic scraper and a harder rubber on the stamper. Your plates are WONDERFUL. I will never use another brand again as long as your quality stays the same.

Brandie Kula, HI

design plate

it took a while to get this but it came now to learn how to use it now. thanks i will be ordering some of your other designs thanks

Paulette Elkhart, IA

If You Only Use The Stamper Its GREAT

I purchased the stamp and scraper set to use with NEW 2012 MASH Set of 25 Nail Art Nailart Polish Stamp Stamping Manicure Image Plates Accessories Set KitThe stamper works great.But it was my 1st time using the plate and it just was not working for me, the scraper was scraping too much off and would go into the design and then there was nothing left to pick up on the stamp.I instead used an old giftcard, at a 45 degree angle… it worked perfectly.The stamper is perfect!Love that it is double sided one for larger designs and a smaller one for smaller designs/smaller nails.The price is great also!

Geraldine Victor, NY

MASH Double Sided Nail Plate Stamper .

I purchased this stamper for the color ! I’m not a big fan of the Konad ones simply because it’s pink . This stamps and picks up the design perfectly . I wasn’t thrilled about the scraper cause it scratched one of my plates so I threw it out and began using an old gift card . As for shipping , my package was actually delayed because they had sent it to the wrong post office but MASH isn’t to blame for that . . . USPS is .

Gale Spring Arbor, MI


Bo0o.. Did not like this product.. I had to resend it to the seller because it broke after 4 uses.. It did not want to transfer the art images to the nails correctly.

Jessica Salfordville, PA

1 good

The scraper is a waste of time it only scratches the image plates. The stamper on the other hand works well.

Faye Hendersonville, PA

stamper is awesome but

The scrapper sucks. I had to get my first one replaced because it was defective. The scrapper was lopsided and uneven. The second was shipped super fast, but just didnt work well. I actually use a little plastic grocery store keyring card and it works amazingly.

Angela Letona, AR

Double Sided Stamp and Scraper.

Getting used to this product was a lot of trial and error. You always have to clean after each finger nail you stamp. I don’t use the scraper because it scratches the wheels. I found using and old card from a store (something LIKE a credit card). They tend to bend easier and they don’t scratch the wheels. Practice on fake finger nails first. You think it is lined up and when you put it on, it like it totally goes the wrong spot. ha ha . Lots and lots of practice for sure. I do have fun.

Cecile Olathe, CO


i would recommend this product bec this is what i use with the metal nail designs i also ordered and they work excellent together! This product picks up the nail polish right off the metal and stamps on to your very own nail making life easier than driving way to the salon to get your nails done!!! I ordered on and so did my friend!!! WE LOVE it and both recommend!!!

Tracey Seneca Rocks, WV

Dont use the scraper!

I read a review recommending a plastic gift card in place of the scraper and after using the scraper once I understand why…it totally scratches the plates. This is why I give it four stars, throw the scraper away. The stamper is cool, easy to hold, easy to use and clean. I do like the two size stamps, the smaller end is easier on small stamps and small fingers.

Yesenia Garner, NC

Works good.

The scraper works ok. Like the stamper since it has the small stamper end too. I would give it a 5 but the scraper doesn’t work as well as a credit card. It leaves residue on the plate that the stamper can pick up. Would order again.

Laurie Manassa, CO

works, and got here fast!

The scraper does scratch the plates a little if you careful but all scrapers from ever company do, and i dont mind it has no effect on the quality of the plates. the stamper works well and picks much the images most of the time and if it doesn’t then it was most likely a fault of mine. I was most impressed withe the fast delivery date, I expected it on the 18th and it arrived on the 15th i only ordered it on the 13th! so very speedy! and works well and its the cheapest that I found on amazon! id say buy it if you need a stamper!

Wilda Montezuma, GA

Great product

I’ve been using an old gift card as well, as stated by others. Works a lot better, not to mention that the metal on the scrapper would eventually damage the plates. (use either scrapper/gift card at a 45 degree angle for best excess polish removal on plates) The stamper seems a bit hard, taking it out and kneeling it will soften it, making it slightly easier for the polish to transfer (depending on what brand you’re using) very happy with the purchase 🙂

Delores Carlos, MN

I Love Mash – Period!

I love both the stamper and scraper. Tip: Rough up the stamper with a few swipes of a nail file and it will pick up polish better.

Janna Darlington, MO



Margaret Malden On Hudson, NY

Did not work!

It’s cheap so I didn’t bother sending it back. I was very frustrated when it didn’t work at all. I have been stamping for several years so i was not using it incorrectly. The polish literally did not stick to the stamper so it could be transferred to my nails. It went right in the trash!

Jewell Hindsville, AR


I bought the SHANY plates to try and this to use as a stamper and scraper. The scraper is good for one thing and that is SCRATCHING the plates, it doesn’t remove the polish well. and the stamper DOES NOT pick the images. I tried different plates thinking maybe the plates are defective, but it still didn’t work. I mean it’s cheap, but still a TOTAL WASTE of $4.50

Tamara Counce, TN

didn’t work

I hate these. They were a waste of money, they didn’t really work well- i should’ve never thought of buying these

Estelle Mercedes, TX

Good stamper

This works great with the stamping set. Just takes some time, practice and patience to learn how to use it all. The stamp has to be cleaned off each and every time in between stamps.

Alma Filer City, MI

not bad.

I first purchased a cheap old stamp from walmart, which wasn’t picking up anything. this stamper is nice, picks up well although there seems to be a flat section on the very top which can leave a blank spot if I press too hard.I liked the scraper for a while, till I saw how badly it was scratching my image plates, and leaving streaks…. I’m using an old credit card now.

Marquita Allison, IA

Not the best

I bought these as an alternative to konad I am not sure If its is just me but the stamper does not pick up the image very effectively and the scraper makes a very big mess of this it does not scrape very clean.

Yvette Onyx, CA

works great

This little tool works nicely and adds a nice touch to any nail design. It’s easy to use. Great size to hold in the hand without making it hard to maneuver.

Bessie Eminence, IN

It works.

This is the first and only one I bought for stamping, and it’s awesome.No problem stamping from the fisrt time I used.Double sided for both large and small images.I don’t know how other brands work, so I can’t compare but this one certainly serves it’s purpose.

Edythe Broadview Heights, OH