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MASH Bamboo Reusable Cuticle Pushers Remover / Manicure Pedicure Stick

MASH is proud to introduce its 10 piece set of cuticle sticks. These sticks have been sourced by the nail art experts at MASH and are made of the finest bamboo from our most trusted suppliers. Manicure and pedicures sticks are sturdy with beveled end for pushing back cuticles and for cleaning under and around the nail. Gently push back cuticles and clean under and around nail beds for an at home manicure anytime! Directions: Hold the file at a slight angle just under your nail. Start with the rough surface and work from one side of the nail toward the center. File in one direction only to prevent splitting. When the nail is shaped as you like, use the fine surface of the file for a smooth, satiny finish that prevents snagging and broken nails.

Key features

  • These sticks are made from high quality bamboo, and are much more resistant to cracking, splitting and splintering than wooden sticks
  • Each measures approx 6� long with 1/8th” diameter, much longer and thicker than your traditional cuticle stick.
  • Hygienic and reusable after each use with just a little shaving/trimming of the stick
  • Retails for up to $10!!
  • MASH, top quality nail art supplies, guaranteed!

Honest reviews



DIdn’t realize you get exactly, uh, TEN of these sticks??? For, how much was that? Seriously, you can get a pack of 100 for a quarter of a cent. How the heck did I not notice I was getting so few? Probably because, like you, I was browsing hundreds of screens and decided on this one never imagining any company would package so FEW. Talk about environmental hazards!

Savannah Cane Valley, KY

Uh, they’re orange sticks.

Like I said, they’re orange sticks. Good quality ones. But… are there that many bad ones? =P They’re durable and reusable, so I like ’em. Plus, they’re cheap! And delivered straight to your door. Can’t beat that!

Brandi Silverhill, AL

They do what they should

These cuticle pushers do what they should, they aren’t any better or worse than any of the others I’ve used. The price was good and the product works, what more could you ask for?

Velma Merry Hill, NC

Would not reorder.

While this set of cuticle pushers were not worth the trouble to return, I most likely should have on principle alone. They are very thin around and I think would easily break. They are very clean and smooth looking. One end is sharply pointed and the other is blunt cut. I work at a drug store and could easily purchase similar and I now know better quality sticks for much less money. I ordered these from amazon thinking they might be a superior product and since it does say “reusable” I thought they would last. From the online description you would think they were special but I didn’t find them so. They are an add on item for $3.99 but are regular price of $9.99 both prices are outrageous for a simple manicure stick. Again, since there is no online measurement for this product I should have known better.

Gayle Bosque, NM

Works as expected

These are basic bamboo cuticule pushers–they works as you would expect. They’re good for cleaning up around your nails when using polish, also. Pleased with purchase.

Amie Loose Creek, MO

Standard manicure sticks

I used these to remove shellac nail polish and they worked really well. They are exactly what you would expect.

Amelia Shock, WV