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MASH – 5 X 2 Nail Dotting Tool Set for Nail Art, Manicures and Pedicures

MASH is proud to introduce a 5 piece dotting tool set that is a must have for nail art lovers! This 5 piece set of marbling and dotting tools is created by the nail art experts at MASH to be the ultimate set of nail art tools! Create unique designs and manipulate your nail art accessories to great the most beautiful nail art you have ever seen. This dotting tool set is perfect for creating that custom nail art to drive your man and friends wild, or make any man yours forever!

Key features

  • Special low introductory price! Get it while you can.
  • Five different dotting tools
  • Each tool has two different sizes allowing you 10 different options.
  • Enables you to create beautiful nail designs in seconds
  • MASH, quality nail art supplies guaranteed!

Honest reviews


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Kimberlee Ancramdale, NY

Dotting perfection

My product came 6 days EARLY!!!! I didn’t use them right away but when I did they couldn’t have been better, I got perfect dots and they even helped me secure the rhinestones!! They are slightly heavy which makes me feel they are made really well, and they are soooo easy to clean and they go back in their original package for easy storage!!! Highly reccomend these dotting tools to others out there

Pamala Johnston City, IL

Satisfied Customer !

I ordered this item on January 25 and the estimated delivery date was for January 31 so when I checked my mail today I was suprised to to see the package . Their desgin is so unique compared to other dotting tools on amazon and seem to be pretty good quality . Another big plus was the price , I was lucky enough to get them for $2.45 . Can’t wait to make pretty nail art with them .

Lessie Olivehurst, CA

Exactly as described

Great selection of sizes, comfortable grip so you don’t get tired doing all ten nails. Arrived in plenty of time.

Irene Howard Beach, NY

YES! THEY LIE they aren’t 10 different dotting tools

YES! THEY LIE they aren’t 10 different dotting tools But they work fine i like using it and it does the job i think 3 of them are the same

Rosemary Collinsville, VA


I love this set. I like how many different sizes there are. I also love the colors. They seem to be of good quality. I’m just a beginner at nail art so that’s about all I can really say about them, but I do love them!

Ruthie Okanogan, WA

Worth it! And much cheaper than a beauty supplier’s price

I have wanted this for a few years since I got my nails done with one of these tools by a professional. I have had cherry blossoms, and I have had them use the tool without re-dipping and the dots go from big to small and look excellent with striping polish. Also you could use this to accent a stamp design, I haven’t done this yet but I have seen it done. I held off for a long time because when I saw one it was very expensive for a single tool so I just used other items like the tip of a brand new mechanical pencil and the other end of a paint brush, but then I saw these, I’m pretty sure the whole kit is cheaper than the ONE I saw somewhere else (it was a double sided one sold by itself where this comes in a multi-size pack) AND this was eligible for free super saver shipping, so I had my dad add this to his order when we were ordering holiday gifts because we were ordering a lot of stuff. I didn’t even need all of these, I won’t even probably use some of the little tips but at that price I am thrilled and I have different sizes to choose from if I need them, the other one I saw somewhere else was only one tool so either big or little this has different sizes of big and little. It sounds like you can use them to drag the design when water marbling too I would assume that’s where you could use the little tips. They are also a nice color, I love purple! I also could assume they are very durable even though I haven’t used them a lot yet because when I opened the box it got stuck under this weird piece of wrapped cardboard that Amazon wrapped some of the stuff under and it flew across the room and it didn’t break not that I would recommend doing things that might break them purposely I just know it stood up to something that could have broke them. I like this product and the company that sells them has very low prices! I will definitely consider buying more MASH products because the price is great.

Gayle Fordsville, KY


I used these babies alllllllll theeee time!!! you can easily make a bagillion designs with these because their dot things come in different sizes

Anastasia Camillus, NY

Love these!

I love these dotting tools. There are different sizes so you can make your dots as small as you want to be or as big as you want them to be.

Yolanda Emerson, NE


These tool pens are easy to use. Lots of sizes. The handles are easy to grip. Love polka dot nails.

Michell Glen Allan, MS

Great dotters

These are by far a great purchase. I love the fact that u great all sizes in the pack. Would recommend for anyone, easy to use, and easy clean up. Also surprised package came with a coupon to be used on another purchase.

Essie Lehighton, PA

Best I’ve Used

5 double sided sticks are amazing!! The ends are all different sizes and work amazing for whatever type design you’re trying to create. I love them!

Jeanie Covington, OK

love this

i dont know about the rest of you, but using toothpicks or bobbypins as dotting tools,dont even compare to using these. these, are by far better than any other dotting tool ive tried (other than actual dotting tools of course). i got exactly what i ordered, plus it came in early too! 🙂

Marilyn Minneapolis, MN

I love these dotting tools

The dotting tools are amazing you can choose from all the different sizes and easy to clean, sanitize, sterilize.. Seller was excellent and was very pleased to do business with them. I recommend these dotting tools to everyone who likes to do nail art and try new things.

Randi Shelby, MT


So originally wanted to get these just to add to my collection of nail tools and I never used them until I decided to do a polka dot design. These tools worked out great; no smudging PERIOD!!

Gayla Shiloh, GA


i got what i wanted! they are pretty and fun to just spin around! still trying to figure out how to use them, but that all comes with practice

James Lelia Lake, TX

A must for any polish addict

A heck of a value for the money – these dotting tools work great for nail art. Sure you can use supplies from around the house but when you can buy an entire set so cheaply, that are so well made and easy to use, why not go ahead and treat yourself?

Lauren Rockville, NE

Work great!

I’ve only used mine a few times now but they work great! The manufacturer needs to work on their shipping containers as mine arrived poking through and almost bent. All of mine had punctured through the plastic envelope type thing that they are sold in, and almost through the manilla envelope that they had been shipped in. In all I would say that is my only complaint!

Dianna Stillwater, OH

Nice dotter set

These are nice little tools for dotting. There are five total. Each dotter has one standard tip and a different size on the other end. There aren’t 10 different sizes….

Rosalia Belvidere, IL

You need these

Perfect dotting tool.One package will serve you well.They are all the same on one side but the other side differ in size.If youre into nail art, you can’t skip these.Better have good tools.

Alana Brock, NE

Good set

This set is made from sturdy plastic and metal. It makes great dots and works well for applying nail glue dots for charms. It seems to have a good amount of lastability to it.My only issue is that the dot sizes seem to be totally random. I think I have at least one of each size, but only one of the tool ends is a point, and several of them are the same size. It seems weird. if you don’t have 10 different point types, then why include so many pieces?Anyways, that is a minor and nitpicky point. This product is great and I’m sure the extras will make great back-ups for the future.

Aurelia Lakeview, AR

Not at all what is pictured.

When ordering, You see pictures of pencil sized plastic handled dotting tools. And they are not AT ALL IN ANY WAY a representation of what just came in the mail (17 days after i ordered them).The description says 5 2 way dotting tools. Last time i checked, 5×2=10. There are 3 in the package. 3×2=6. Right? Maybe calculators work differently in china.Completely NOT HAPPY with this purchase. The things i received are about 4in long. with wooden, not-smoothed handles. The tips are bent. Going to return them and ask for a refund. granted, they did not cost a lot. that was the main reason i ordered them. It was a good deal. but they are falsely represented and i am not happy. if i wanted these cheap little things, i could have bought the cheap little things that i have been avoiding in stores in my area.

Lacey Brownsville, TX

Love these!

These are a fun collection to any nail art set. They are fun colors and are very comfortable to hold and use. The tips are precise for great detail work.

Stephanie Garfield, GA

Great set of nail tools…

This is a great set of dotting/marbelizing tools! They’re durable, very affordable, arrived quickly after ordering, came well packaged for shipping, & get the job done really well! I’d highly recommend these tools to all nail techs/hobbyists!

Janna Clermont, FL

Work Great

About half of the tips look like they are the same size, but it would be hard to have that much variation when they’re so small anyway. You get smaller dots by making consecutive ones anyway. They look great and do their job. With the similar sized tips, you can have more people using them at once.

Hilary Edenton, NC


I love these dotting tools to do different size dots and more when I am doing free hand designs on nails. It really works great.

Brooke Cambria, CA

Great all purpose applicator

Item came on time, easy use of applicator not only for nail art but also for make up use ,it brings out the creative jucies in ya,all age group will love it’s easy use.

Andrea Nutley, NJ

Easy to use

I would recommend this for anyone who likes to do nail art and doesn’t want to use brushes (with hair) and deal with the cleaning process.These are very easy to use, I have done flowers and geometric patterns.Each end of each tool has the same width ball while the other five ends have different size balls.The benefit of this is when you are working with different polishes but what the same size design.

Jenny Dolliver, IA

Very handy!

Great …not just for dotting. I like mine for picking up rhinestones

Melisa Brice, OH

Nail art

Was a gift for my granddaughter , and they just love it do beautiful art on there toes,and all there friends.great deal

Julianne Pine Grove, CA