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Description: Empty Cylinder round container with screw cap. Transparent body, silver cap, applicator with small brush. Holds 8 ml (0.25 floz). Use: For mascara.

Key features

  • Listed price is per piece.

Honest reviews


plastic container =(

Beware, this is plastic. I was hoping it was glass for some reason so i could sterilize and reuse it. If you mess up your formula, the container is pretty much shot. Total waste of nearly $5! These cost way too much money for what they are. Very disappointed. Wish they would mention this is plastic.

Tiffany Branch, MI

Used to mix a serum for brows and eye lashes

I mixed coconut oil, castor oil and aloe vera gel (alcohol free just straight gel). I mixed this and some how managed to get it into the tube. Apply once a day usually at night before I go to bed.

Sabrina Tallmansville, WV

empty mascara case

I bought this to make my own mascara. I had difficulty getting the mascara in the tube but that is likely due to the concoction. This seemed adequate, had an average-quality brush and the top screwed on just fine so it didn’t leak.

Elsa Old Fort, OH

Love it!

Great item, i love it simply because i make my own lash serum to keep them long strong and healthy so this is a +++ item!The tube is nicely made and no leaking, its perfect thank you, oh and very well packaged too thank you.

Tessa Lowland, TN


I put castor oil in this to put on my lashes before bed and it’s perfect! Very sturdy, doesn’t allow too much oil to come out on the brush, love it!

Margo Camden, NC

Pretty cool

I like it. It isn’t how I would make a mascara tube, which is why I put 4 stars out of 5. I would make the clear part out of a nice thick glass. But then it wouldn’t be as cheap as these ones! Brush works well. Plastic part is fine. I just prefer glass. But I don’t think glass mascara tubes exist!

Marci Bergholz, OH

Came quickly

It is as described. I have not used it yet but it is a regular mascara bottle. I am going to make my own mascara and put it in this bottle.Should be fun, and on top of that I know there’s not chemicals in it.

Kathie Hamilton, MI

Good Price, Good Conatainers

Very nice design, looks like a quality product. Definitely need a funnel to fill but that will be the case with any kind of mascara container. I will buy more.

Heather Bluffton, OH

Good purchase

I use this to put baby oil on my lashes after I take my mascara off…..It was a must have for me.

Wilda Pinsonfork, KY

Sturdy bottle

This is a nicely sized bottle. I use it for my castor oil to apply easily to my lashes. It’s a nice bottle, if I needed more I would re order

Cornelia Nocona, TX


i love this! i did some research and turns out castor oil and vitamin e oil are good at helping with eyebrow hair growth. Since castor oil is so thick i hate touching it so now i dont need to! i put castor oil and vitamin e oil mixed in this little mascara holder and i apply it with the brush every evening to help with hair growth! I am seeing great results for my normally thin eyebrows!

Elaine Lake Harbor, FL

Perfect for my lash serum!

I bought this tube specifically to make my own lash growth serum and the size it perfect! I use it twice a day and my lashes have seriously lengthened on their own!

Jaclyn Elkton, MD

Just what I needed.

I ordered these so that I could put JBCO (Jamaican black castor oil) in it to use on my eyelashes to help w/ growth. I’m not consistent with it so I don’t know if it’s really working lol but the containers were just what i needed. I liked the added insert as well.

Isabelle Monahans, TX

For my homemade mascara

These mascara tubes are great! The are easy to fill if you use a medicine dropper or syringe, and work very well.

Jade Whitesboro, OK