Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara, Black 0.28 OZ

Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara Black Turns up the wow with up to five times the volume. Take your lashes from simple to simply sensational with Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara, the most superthickening, superstar mascara from Mary Kay ever! This exclusive, all-in-one formula delivers the benefits you love most – long, thick, voluminous-looking lashes that last all day. You get the exact amount of mascara you need for maximum plumping – without the clumping. Brand new fresh product still in original boxes.

Key features

  • Smudge
  • Flake
  • Clump-Resistant
  • Easy to remove

Honest reviews


Wonderful and Mascara is Good Quality

The best mascara is the best on the market. I have tried ALL types it’s doesn’t run like the leading mascara on the market or drug store. You will be surprised but this item is cheaper to purchase with Amazon then a Mary Kay representive.

Geri Eola, TX

makes lashes very thick but smears easily

My previous mascara was the more expensive BadGal mascara from Benefit (waterproof). It did NOT smear as much as this mascara provided I curled my lashes properly and used Garden Botanika’s eyelash primer. However, it also did not make my lashes as thick as Marykay’s.I was looking for a good mascara that would last throughout the day and not smear, all the while making my lashes look thicker and longer.I’d say that this product only receives 3 stars, because although it made my lashes look much longer and thicker with only two coats, it smeared right away even after I curled my lashes and used lash primer. It clumps very easily even though I wiped the clumps off in the tube before applying it.Initially it was the perfect mascara, giving great lashes without smearing or clumping at all, but gradually it started to clump and smear all over my bottom lids. Throughout the day it’s going to get worse and mascara will start flaking off onto my bottom lids.If you have extra time to fix up any mistakes and won’t be going out all day, then it’s a good mascara because it makes your lashes look very nice and dark with just a few coats. But if you’re looking for a mascara that will not smear throughout the day (rare as that sounds), this is not the one for you.

Kathleen Denver City, TX

Not Happy with newer mascara formulas….

I loved my old Mary Kay Mascara and was told this was the replacement. Totally unhappy with product. Clumps on lashes and it always gets on my eyelids. No matter how I use it, it doesnt look right. The worst thing about it, is after I wear it awhile, it comes off leaving a black smudge under my eye.

Kenya Ridott, IL

Amazing Mascara!!

makes my eye lashes super long in such few strokes! I love this mascara more than any mascara I have ever used!! Buy Buy!!!

Caryn Casscoe, AR


I recieved this mascara as a gift, and I was extremely impressed.Pros:-sleek, classy packaging-good grip-great volume + length with just one coat-flake proof-easy to take off-lasts a long time-rich colorCons:-a bit expensive-not a lot of product in the bottle

Aimee Newellton, LA

Black is brown

I’ve bought this from a MK worker and miss placed it, so I bought this one, cheaper price same product.

Ashleigh Tucson, AZ

Product doesn’t last long

I have used many mascaras and this one is great EXCEPT within a month it seems the product has either dried up or used up. Not good value for the money.

Alyson Covington, OK

I was on the hunt for the perfect mascara…..

Something that would give volume, make my lashes longer, coat them for 12hr use, and NOT flake. You know when that happens right?? Also, I needed something that wasn’t going to make my eyes water. I guess I have sensitivity to certain mascara’s and I end up with raccoon eyes. So basically this mascara is awesome. It will work all day, comes off excellently with the MK oil-free eye makeup remover, DOESN’T flake off or dry my lashes out, and looks AMAZING.Pros:Stay’s all dayRound brush for different uses(to add length and volume)Really great formulationDoesn’t flake off or dry up lashesComes off easily with a make up remover12hr usePretty sure it’s waterproof because it won’t come off if I’m stuck in the rainDoesn’t irritate my eyes(always a plus)Cons:What cons, why haven’t you bought some yet??

Kathleen Waterville Valley, NH

Awesome Mascara!!!

This mascara is awesome, and I have been through hundreds!!! It doesn’t smudge, or clup, it is not too thick but thick enough where one coat will cover, and it will remain this good for a very long time. =) It’s worth the cost.

Jeanie Fountain Hills, AZ