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Mary Kay TimeWise Miracle Set, Normal/Dry Skin

Mary Kay TimeWise Miracle Set (normal to dry skin) is a premium collection of age-fighting products that work together beautifully. The set utilizes the latest in skin care science to bring you the younger-looking skin you want with fewer lines and wrinkles, improved firmness, and more even skin tone. It includes: TimeWise 3-In-1 Cleanser (normal to dry) 4.5 oz. net wt., TimeWise Age-Fighting Moisturizer (normal to dry) 3 fl. oz., TimeWise Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 35 1 fl. oz., TimeWise Night Solution 1 fl. oz.

Key features

  • TimeWise® 3-In-1 Cleanser (4.5 oz.)
  • Age-Fighting Moisturizer (3 fl. oz.)
  • Day Solution with Sunscreen SPF 35 (1 fl. oz.)
  • Night Solution (1 fl. oz.)

Honest reviews


You Can Get Better Products More Effective And Cheaper Other Than This Set

I really like this product, however it isn’t worth the asking price from Mary Kay or Amazon. You can get as much hydration and same results from cheaper products. I’ve used better face wash products than the Timewise, that exfoliate and leave my skin a lot smoother and softer. The lotion is very useful, but I would recommend buying it by itself. I would suggest other products which in the end will be a lot cheaper and show more results. Also, ignore the comments and ratings left by angry consultants (typically they rated the item a 1). They come on here and purposely rate the products as low scores, because they lose business when someone buys on here instead of them. Even though when they sell Mary Kay, MK will give consultants free goody bags, discounts, and free products and not to mention they get paid for selling MK. I would highly suggest buying Mary Kay off Amazon. It’s the same exact product, with the same exact quality. If you have problems with your amazon order, then request a refund or contact your seller. If the problem isn’t resolved you can always write an Amazon A-Z guarantee form which has Amazon resolve the issue. I love Mary Kay products, and will always buy them on Amazon. I just didn’t like the set, and it wasn’t really worth it to me. I’ll stick to buying the products I love separate for now on, but if you love this set, I guess it’s worth it. But don’t say I didn’t tell ya so!

Agnes Talofofo, GU

Mary Kay Timewise Miracle Set

I purchased this set from my Mary Kay consultant. I love the TimeWise 3-In-1 Cleanser & the Age-Fighting Moisturizer, but never replaced the Day Solution with Sunscreen or the Night Solution. When I need sunscreen I use a store bought brand & apply it when necessary. I never noticed much difference when I used the Night Solution so I use the age-fighting moisturizer twice a day. Throughout the years, I was never one to take extra care of my skin & have never had any problems with it. I don’t have many wrinkles and am in my early 60’s. Having said all that, I can see a difference in my skin when I use the cleanser and the age-fighting moisturizer. My face definitely has a healthy glow to it when I use these two products. I’ve tried a few other moisturizers and never liked the feel of them on my face & I don’t like the smell of them. Mary Kay’s Age-Fighting Moisturizer is my favorite.

Natalia Glenville, WV

Face was left feeling greasy and shiny, but I found a solution

This review is regarding the product, not the amazon seller. I’ve been on Mary Kay for about 7 years now. I started my MK regime on the timewise normal/dry set and felt my face was often left feeling greasy and looking shiny. I switched to the timewise combo/oily set and felt my face was often left feeling dehydrated and tight. I switched things around a bit and paired the normal/dry cleanser with the combo/oily moisturizer and love the outcome. If your skin is in the middle….not dry, not oily, and neither set works for you…try combing the sets. It worked for me and I couldn’t be happier.

Tammy Mendota, VA

I brought the day spa home when I purchased the Timewise Miracle Set.

I love the Timewise Miracle Set because it has everything to start off right with a good skin care routine. Since I started using all these things my face is so nice to touch and look at, I do look younger!

Kelli Waverly, GA

Great product

Love love Mary Kay,i have used MK in the pass and i had stop nothing work for my face the was MK works for my face,after usein for just 3 weeks i can see my face lookin brighter and healther love it,Mary Kay work for me fast shipping too glad that i can get them on amazon.

Allison Evart, MI


ive been wanting to buy this product but I had held back cus this product from mar kay costs about double the price but then I found this same product on here at half the price I grabbed it right away its a great product and at 60 percent off you cant go wrong grab yours today before theyre gone

Silvia Roselle, IL

Works great

I have a very sensative skin which getting used to the same skin care line, so I have to change my routine every year. I used this mary Kay set – ot works great: not greasy, skin absiorb it very quick. And I do see results: skin looks smoother, brighter. I also love that day serum has SPF 35.

Celia Elba, NE


I love this product it is a great way to keep the face looking shiny and young. I love it!

Sharlene Bradenton, FL

Timewise is a miracle worker!

I love this product, it has SERIOUSLY helped to smooth out my skin, lines wrinkles, etc. Follow the regime for at least two weeks before you make any judgement calls. I saw results sooner than that, but after two weeks I felt like I had brand new skin. Firm, smooth and even glowing. I never ever leave the house without makeup and with timewise…I actually feel comfortable doing just that.

Geraldine Hanna, OK

Love Mary Kay

This was awesome for the price. It is affordable and a great product. I will continue to use it and buy it online.

Willa Boone Grove, IN