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Mary Kay TimeWise Age Fighting Moisturizer, Normal/Dry Skin

Reduce the appearance of fine lines for younger-looking skin with this oil-free lotion. It’s formulated with antioxidants that help guard against free radicals which cause the skin to age. The patented complex helps accelerate skin’s renewal process – hydrates, smooths, firms and softens.

Key features

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines for younger-looking skin
  • Helps guard against free radicals which cause the skin to age
  • Helps accelerate skin’s renewal process – hydrates, smooths, firms and softens

Honest reviews


Amazing feeling for your skin BUT….

I LOVE MK products and was thrilled when I could find it on my favorite online store HOWEVER, I do NOT believe that what you are getting is from an actual MK representative. And if it is….well….I hope they don’t get caught by their directors!! The product felt and smelled a little old. My skin actually started to break out from use which has NEVER happened with any of the MK products I’ve gotten from my representative. It even burned a little which has most definitely NEVER happened with my other products. I will from now on purchase MK products from a representative and NOT from online.Pros: WHEN THE PRODUCT IS FRESHMoisturizes skinDoesn’t leave a greasy feelingQuenches dry skin, leaving it smooth and softIt’s age fighting!! :)CONS:This product in particular was oldMy skin started to break out because of it, burned a little tooI will not be purchasing MK products from this seller, only from my representative….

Rochelle Sherborn, MA

Just ok

Just couple words: nothing special, at all. I have dry skin type ,so I thought it is going to be a good moisturizer. Not really:must reapplied this one almost every 3-4 hours/day and at least 2 times before bed time to keep my skin moist . Not good.Would I buy this one again? No.Would I recommend it to somebody else? No.

Leona Glasco, KS

Best Moisturizer

I have been using this moisturizer for over a year now. I purchased this for my daughter who lives in another state. The shipping was free and I wanted her to try it. She loves it too! It is non greasy and makes your skin look and feel beautiful. I also have sensitive skin and this product does not irritate it.

Nelda Sterling, OH

Love it

This moisturizer feels great on my skin. It absorb easily and fast. Its doesn’t give you a dewy and slickly feels, but a smooth and refreshed feeling. I use this wonderful produce alone with other Mary Kay products and with other products. With the other non Mary kay products, you’ll gets same refreshing feeling.

Erika Scranton, NC

At first…

at first…I wasn’t sure about this product. That is why it took me awhile to write a review. I do that sometimes – I take my time. Amazon always sends me emails asking me to write a review. Sometimes it upsets me because they do not give me time to make sure I actually like that product before I rush to write about it. This product is very nice and hydrates my skin nicely. I noticed that if you add a little more and you go back and apply more so the dry area is moist – it helps my breakouts. A lot! I am on my second order. So I like it!

Opal Trafford, PA

NOT for sensitive skin!

Golly, did this stuff ever burn! Turned my face red and the itching! Not overly sure what is in this one compared to the other MK items I use but this one is a real stinker for those of us with sensitive skin. Must be the anti-aging stuff in it. Anyway, I’ll be going back to my regular MK moisturizer. It’s awesome but this one, doesn’t even moisturize!

Ladonna Amanda Park, WA

Great Moisturizer!

I have a few spots on my face that tend to be dry. This moisturizer works fantastic. Moisturizes without being greasy. My face has also started looking a bit older than I actually am. I wasn’t sure if this moisturizer would help but I figured this couldn’t hurt. I was happy to see some improvement after using this for a couple weeks! I’ll keep using it to see what it can do.

Madeline Oneida, AR

mary k

I have used the cream for many years and I am pleased with its results. A must have for me

Sondra Lineville, AL

A product which is made to make you beautiful once again!

My wife really enjoys this product and Mary Kay has been a household product for years. We do not have that Pink Caddy, but when she uses this moisturizer she says that she feels like a million bucks. Don’t hesitate on this one it is just what the doctor ordered.

Kathie Massapequa, NY

Have used MK for years

I’ve used MK products for almost 10 years, and won’t use anything else. I’ve tried other brands, but keep coming back to MK.

Lila Norris, IL

Did not like this product, sorry.

Didn’t do as promised. Won’t buy this product again.

Rosalie Renwick, IA

Good moisturizer

I bought this because of some of the reviews and I thought it would be good for a trip I was planning. It was good – not great – but good.

Anna Ixonia, WI

too watery and leave oily residue….

I guess I have to use it very lightly because when I use it in the morning, my face is still oily at night. The packaging was horrible, the box looked like it had already been used, and I thought MK was a legit product sold on AMAZON. I guess they re-package it if it was returned? or it just expired, theres no date! which is sketchy. I want to return it, but I still haven’t tried it completely. I was really disappointed of the broken box taped in bubble wrap. 😛

Cherie Quincy, KY

Good Product for People with Non-Oily Skin

This review is on the product itself – not the actual amazon seller. I’ve been on Mary Kay for about 7 years now. I started my MK regime on the timewise normal/dry moisturizer feeling I had pretty “normal” skin. I liked it but felt my face was often left feeling greasy and looking shiny. I switched to the timewise combo/oily moisturizer and it worked perfectly, leaving my face hydrated but without a greasy look or feeling. I recommend this product for people with dry skin. If you feel you have oily skin at all, this product might induce the oiliness and you would be better off using the combination moisturizer. I pair the combo/oily moisturizer with the normal/dry cleanser and I love the outcome.

Felecia Durham, MO

Great prodoct!

I have previously used the Mary Kay TimeWise Age Fighting Moisturizer. Then a friend of mine recommend another product. I found that Mary Kay was far superior. I use a small amount daily. I love the feel and look of my skin.

Lakisha Molt, MT

mary kay timewise

This 5 star for a moisturizer is a first for me. Being a moisturizer junkie that says an awful lot about this product. I have mature very dry skin. After one week of use I have men asking me how old I am. I seriously think it has taken 10 years off my face!

Mona Mapleton, KS

Great face lotion.

This was a great price and great lotion. It is very mosturizing and helps with the fine lines. I will buy it again.

Faith Powhatan, VA

I really dont understand all of the positive reviews

I wonder if all of the positive reviews are by MK sales reps. I was looking for a good anti-aging moisturizer and I purchased this one because it was the highest rated on amazon. I was so disappointed when I tried it. It is very liquid, instead of creamy and it did not feel particularly good on my skin. But I tried it for a few weeks and I can honestly say that I saw no difference in my skin and, if anything, it worsened. I am still searching for the perfect product…this is not it

Liliana Rutland, IL