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Mary Kay Oil Mattifier

This lightweight formula dries to a natural, matte finish, instantly absorbing oil and controlling shine for at least eight hours.

Key features

  • Fragrance- and oil-free.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Non-comedogenic (will not clog pores).
  • Clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy.

Honest reviews


I’ve tried it all – this is the best!

My aunt sells Mary Kay and recommended that i use this product. I was skeptical because i only use MAC make up products, and at the time was using proactiv’s oil mattifier. after using the this for a week i was hooked. it soaks up the oil so much better than proactiv’s! i was shocked. when i ran out of it i had to buy clearisil oil mattifier.. it didnt work half as good as this mary kay! this is without a doubt the best oil mattifier i have ever used. and i have really oily skin! i apply it each morning to my clean face, i only use a tiny tab on my forehead and then i rub it in around my chin and nose area as well. then i apply my makeup and it lasts for the entire day without having to re-apply. if i dont use the mattifier, i have oily and shiny skin that i notice immediately. if you have oily shiny skin and are sick of carrying around oil pads all day, BUY THIS PRODUCT.

Blanca Lawton, PA


I have really oily skin and this has become my best friend. I normally blot my face about 4-5x/day if im actually paying attention and trying to keep the serious glow down on my face. With this product I blot about 2x/day and my face does not look as oily as it normally does after the application of my make up or throughout the day. I would recommend if you have serious oil issues like me.

Susanna Elmdale, KS


I honestly had no idea what this was when I received it along with some other Mary Kay products as a gift. I’ve never been well versed in cosmetic products but this turned out to be exactly what I needed! I tend to have very oily skin and was amazed at the result when I tried this. I feel way less greasy by the end of the day and look better all day!

Candice Chelsea, OK

Almost but two hours tops

It only lasted maybe two hours before I was blotting my fact with a VIVA paper towel. Maybe I’ll find some other miracle out there.After tryingDr. Brandt Skincare pores no more(R) anti-aging mattifying lotion 1.7-Ouncesonly to discover that it made my face even oilier, I decided to try the Mary Kay Oil Mattifier again. I couldn’t find it after going through every possible place it could be, I gave up and ordered another from Amazon. I have used it again somewhat successfully – two hours – and that’s GREAT for me. I just have to remember to keep blotting with my VIVA paper towels. I’m not going to spend any more money on oil mattifiers. I use witch hazel every day to help shrink the pores after cleansing with my $200 Clarisonic Skin Care System. I may try white vinegar. I have discovered from Web MD that another user uses it to cleanse ears with Q-tips. I’ve tried that and it works, so why not try it on my face.

Essie Houston, MS

Waste of money

Tried a million matti fires, most are useless. In all fairness, my t zone is an oil slick. This, however, didn’t work for any length of time at all. Almost like using nothing. Look elsewhere, or try a setting powder.

Sandy Story City, IA

Love it

Great product i use it in my T zone because i tend to be oily there a little goes a lone way,the tube is small for the prize.

June Creola, AL


does what it is said to do.after u av applied ur makeup and the T-zones start getting shine just dab a little on ur T-zone and u r looking all fresh again.its not heavy

Dawn Coello, IL


I’ve battled oily skin all my life and this stuff is absolutely amazing! It keeps the oil at bay so my makeup doesn’t run south during the day. A little goes a long way so using it sparingly. I always keep this on hand because I just can’t wear makeup without this under it.

Jennifer Greentown, PA

Works great, before or after makeup application

I have almost used up all my product. It is a good base for my T zone if I think I might get shiny during the day and it also is a good refresher if I already have worn my makeup all day and notice some shine. The beauty is that you can apply the mattifier below or on top of your foundation and powder. I usually only apply overtop my makeup if I’ve already had my makeup on for several hours, like after work before going on a date for the night.

Phyllis Brawley, CA

The only thing that’s ever worked!

I have tried so many things and this is the only product that has actually worked. I ended up buying 3 of them!

Alana Vermontville, NY


I have combination skin that is no fun at all. It’s embarrassing how oily my forehead, nose, and chin get after a couple hours. But with this I’m still looking good after several hours. I put on all my skin care products and sunblock, wait till my skins compleatly dry, than take a pea sized amount and gently pat it into my oily zones until the skin under my fingers feels dry again. Than I wait 10 min minimum before I begin applying makeup. Takes a bit of time but so worth it

Jewel Hallock, MN


Worked ok but my freakishly oily skin adapted to it quickly and the shine control didn’t last as long as I’d hope. Check out Skindinavia No Shine for about the same price with better shine control.

Ann Solon Springs, WI

Does nothing

It worked the first day I used it. Kept me oil free for about 5 hours. Then every time after that it did absolutely nothing. Sometimes it even seemed to make me more oily.

Edna Jasper, AL

Great for oily skin!

This product is fantastic! It didn’t make me break out. I used far less oil sheets during the day and really noticed a difference! It lasts awhile and is reasonably priced. Excellent!

Rosalyn Charlton Heights, WV


best matifier you can buy. This is the best stuff around. worth the extra money. Lasts a very long time. I recommend this particular product

Paige New Boston, MI

love it!Q!!!!!

awesome for the t zone!!!!!! i have incredicably oily skin you can fry a chicken but thisstuff really helps control it.. i use under and over my moizterizer

Vanessa Kidron, OH

Oil Mattifier

I like this product a lot. It is much better than the Mary Kay Oil Control Lotion. Using this product will provide a powdered /no shine result especially if you blot before applying. It allowed me to go from blotting 10-12 times a day to 4-5 times instead. For someone with really oily skin this product will help reduce shine for the whole day – especially if you re-apply mid-day. After about 6-8 months of daily use i found it wasn’t as effective so a user may need to take a 1-2 month break then continue use to maintain the same level of effectiveness.

Cassandra Plainfield, IA