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Mary Kay Intense Moisturizing Cream

Mary Kay Intense Moisturizing Cream (Dry Skin) – 1.8 Oz. : Lavish your skin for an immediately more radiant look and unbelievably soft feel. This luxurious cream leaves your skin feeling hydrated for up to 10 hours as it infuses the skin with a marine extract, vitamin E and minerals like copper, magnesium and zinc that help nourish skin beautifully. Great for dry skin.

Key features

  • Intense moisturizing cream
  • For dry skin

Honest reviews


Not what I was expecting

I have only used a few Mary Kay products and this one has been the most disappointing. I have always had dry skin and this "cream" which is supposed to be for dry skin certainly doesn’t live up to its name. After applying it my face doesn’t feel moisturized, it feel tacky and dry. I won’t be buying this one again.

Jessie Kingsland, TX

Don’t Apply Too Much!

Love this product! I use it before I put makeup on and it makes my skin smooth and soft, or before bedtime to get extra moisture when I sleep, or when I have dry spots on my skin. Highly recommended for those with dry skin such as mine. The only issue is you can’t use too much, or it will leave your face feeling a tad bit greasy. I wouldn’t pay this much for this product ever again, you can get the same quality creams for a cheaper price at your local retail store. A trick to applying this cream, is little pea sized dabs.

Emma Tygh Valley, OR

Mary Kay

Intense moisture is what you get with out lots of greasiness. This is one of the best moisturizers I have ever used

Avis Resaca, GA

Great for Dry Skin!

I received a Mary Kay gift basket with a bunch of different products and have enjoyed trying them all out. This moisturizer is fantastic. I tend to have a few dry patches and this is much better than using standard moisturizing lotions which can add excess oil and lead to breakouts. This gives me just the right amount of moisture without making my face feel greasy.

Vickie Freedom, WI


good for dry skin.. i used this product with my roommate.. she said it is still dry after put on her face.. but mine was fine.. but their packaging is not good.. there was no cover.. box was broken..

Fran Lackey, VA

mary kay intense moisturizing cream

If you are searching for a cream for very dry mature skin, baby you have found it!!! My skin glows, my lines lessened and more soft so less noticeable. There is no scent so if you have allergies to fragrance this is the ticket!!! I purchased more jars, I am going to keep them coming!!

Eve Blackstone, IL

Very thick and not easily absorbed

I think it adds moisture but the consistency is so thick you have rub hard to apply and that to me seems too harsh for delicate aging skin. Once rubbed in, does it help my skin retain moisture? Too early to tell and I’m not sure I feel like using it long enough to find out.Using facial creams and lotions is both an aesthetic as well as a cosmetic experience, and the aesthetics of this Mary Kay cream gets it 4 stars for appearance and color (lovely pink), but only 1 for tactile — so only a 2 star rating.

Yvette Collinsville, IL