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Mary Kay Extra Emollient Travel Size Lot 12

12 Travel Size ~ .42 OZ each tube

Key features

  • Mary Kay
  • Extra emollient night cream
  • 12 travel size tubes

Honest reviews


Best moisurizer!

I hope they never stop making this stuff. I love it and I love those travel sized tubes. I keep one with me at all times as my skin gets very dry. It works great as an intense after-shower moisturizer in the winter. I also use it before dipping my hands in paraffin wax. Easy on the eyes, and great for hands, elbows, knees and feet and cures chapped lips!

Melba Laytonville, CA

Great for dry skin

I’ve used this for years as my skin has always been dry (even as a teenager). Having the travel size is great as you can use it for lip balm or hand lotion at night (very sparingly and with damp skin). I’m not a huge Mary Kay fan or makeup user, but this hands down is the best night cream I’ve ever found.

Sonia Carbon Hill, AL

Long Time User of MK

I am a long time user of this product. I REALLY enjoy having these smaller tubes available because I keep them all over the house. I use this A LOT on dry lips and certainly around my eyes. Shipping was quick. Will buy again. Thank you.

Jo Sparrow Bush, NY

Great product for extra dry skin

I have been aware and had used this product off and on since the 1970s and it is great for dry skin. For over twenty years it kept my eczema under control. Recently, the formula must have changed because it does not work on my eczema an longer. It is still great for dry skin.

Kristi Mc David, FL

Mary kay still carries this product full size

I am a consultant and we still. Have this MK product…we don’t carry the samples…I get my samples here and have been please with serive and prices….thanks I love them in my purse and when I travel I don’t have to take my large tube.Also in vegas we have such Hard wate3r my skin stays dry ..this has been my God send and relief for that thanks

Petra Edmonds, WA