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Mary Kay Blemish Control Toner: Formula 3

Acne medication for the management of mild or occasional acne. It helps reduce the number of blackheads and acne pimples. Also helps prevent new acne pimples. Leaves skin free of excess oil.

Key features

  • Acne medication for the management of mild or occasional acne
  • It helps reduce the number of blackheads and acne pimples
  • Also helps prevent new acne pimples
  • Leaves skin free of excess oil
  • Fragrance free, non comedogenic product

Honest reviews


Great even for adults

I bought this product on a whim. I have been using the Formula 3 face wash and it seemed to be working. This is the first toner I have ever had that actually worked for me. It helped keep what acne I do get away and it helped clear up the acne I already had. I’m 22 and this has really done great on my skin. One bottle usually last me around 2 months so its not rough on the pockets. Great product. Keep it up Mary Kay.

Pat Plymouth, PA

Works Great!

I’ve tried various spot treatments over the years and this is one of the better ones. Just use it when you need to. It doesn’t over dry your skin like some of the other products out there either.

Karla Sardis, AL

Works great on Sensitive Skin!

I had been having trouble with dry spots, breakouts just a mess! I tried other products and ran across this one. Read the reviews decided to give it try and I LOVE IT. I use this along with the facewash and clarifying mask and my skin now is clear and looks fantastic!

Arlene Covina, CA

Perfect for spot treatment

I normally don’t have much acne, except for that time of the month. I can just squeeze some of this product into a cotton ball and leave it on the pimple for a minute or so. The pimple goes away in a day or two!

Lorene Angola, IN

A true life savor

A few months ago, my face was breaking out worse than ever before. I’ve been battling with adult acnes for years but this time, it almost made me cry every day literally. I could not bear looking at my own face in the mirror. New blemishes were developing everywhere, white heads, clogged pores…. It was a complete night mare. As an impoverished college kid, it was more affordable for me to purchase a new set of facial product than going to a derm’s office all the time. Benzol peroxide never worked on my skin so I knew salicylic acid was my best option. I was searching for acne products for days and finally came across with this along with velocity set. I was still skeptical whether this will work on me but I had nothing to lose since my whole face already looked like a volcano that was about to erupt. As I was checking on list of ingredients, I noticed alcohol denat, citric acid, and menthol. Thought those can be harsh and oh yes they were so harsh that they made me literally cuss out loud cause it stung so much that it was unbearable. I put a good amount of toner on a cotton pad and swept around the face after I washed my face. Sometimes there’s residue on a cotton pad meaning my face wasn’t washed thoroughly. I repeat the step til I don’t see residues on the cotton pad. I used this toner along with natural lemon teatree soap and velocity moisturizer for about 2 weeks and my face got better like it was a lie. I can’t really say that I’m acne free but I don’t get terrible blemishes like I did before. I’m very pleased so far. Hope they never change the formula because it works the best as it is.

Aline Parnell, IA

Great toner!

Really does the job, and it’s definitely my favorite toner out there, I would repurchase in a heart beat, no question.

Aida Plato, MN

My Fave

This is my favorite toner. This works great for my 50 year old blemish prone skin. I love being able to get it on Amazon.

Lenore Bainbridge, GA


This tone is amazing, within one day i saw results and my skin is smoother and i am having less breakouts. I highly recommend this product.

Deborah Tumbling Shoals, AR