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Mario Badescu Control Cream

Anti-redness cream is an effective treatment for red, rashy, flaky and irritated skin types and Rosacea sufferers. Balsam Peru is the active, soothing botanical ingredient that will make a visible difference immediately upon application. Non-greasy, low oil formula. May be used for troubled areas of the face or in place of a moisturizer. Works well with our Azulene Calming Mask. (0.50 oz)

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The Antidote for Harsh Treatments

If you are using the retinol products, getting IPL done, getting microdermabrasion or using salicylic acid… your skin likely needs some TLC. This creamy soothing product hydrates and calms, knocking out redness and dryness. I use the lotion version in the summer and this one in the winter, because my skin is combo. If you have dry or combo skin and are doing things to it to fight aging or break-outs, you will love treating it to this yummy cream.And it doesn’t cost and arm and a leg, AND Badescu doesn’t test on animals. So you can feel good AND look good.

Wendy Sherman, NY

Very Heavy + Sticky

I have been going to Mario Badescu for about 12 years and use their products exclusively but this lotion is not for me. It’s got a very heavy texture that leaves a sticky residue on my skin. I can’t imagine using this before make-up — would entirely mess up the application of anything with a powder substance.

Maxine Cameron, MT

Saved my eyes!

I have found a miracle product. After 24 hours of applying this cream twice a day, my eyelids have returned back to normal. My eyelids very dry, flaky, red, and inflamed-nothing I have ever experienced before. It may have been a makeup allergy or the cold dry weather, but nonetheless I looked “jacked up” as my guy friend said and I was desperate for a cure. Luckily, I came upon this amazing product online and after reading excellent reviews, I hurried to the closest Nordstrom and bought one. I am so glad to have come upon this product and will definitely recommend it to anyone with dry and inflamed skin problems.On a further note, I gave this to my mom to try on her flaky, itchy, and dry elbows. She has been experiencing this problem for twenty years and have never found a cure. After two days, she found the results to be favorable. She stopped itching and her elbows were looking better. She loved it so much she wouldn’t give it back to me! So I had to buy another one. But yes, it is a great product and a definite must try when your skin is encountering problems.

Billie Zanesville, OH

Good Stuff!

I have very sensitive, pale skin that is prone to blotchiness and redness. I wouldn’t say I have rosacea, but it’s definitely something similar. I have been trying out the Mario Badescu line of products and came upon this one — I must say that I absolutely love it. I use it after I cleanse and tone my face at night in place of a moisturizer (it’s quite rich) and in the morning, my face is so much more even and the redness has come down considerably since I’ve started using it. I’ve used it nightly for about a week and it hasn’t broken me out or caused any irritation, so I’m one happy girl! I’d give this a try if your skin is similar to mine and needs to calm down a little!

Liz Kulpsville, PA

Fixed my flaking eyelids

Great stuff. I use this twice a day, before my regular face creams. It has healed my dry, flaky eyelids. i will keep using it. A little dab goes a long way.

Yvette North Robinson, OH

Magic cream

Pretty much out of the blue, my eyes went from normal to swollen overnight and then the skin on my eyelids and under my eyes were chapped. It was if my eyes had gotten a fever and then the skin started peeling around them. They itched very badly as well and I suffer form allergies and thought maybe this was the problem. I googled this condition and found several blogs where people talked about the same thing and how it just came out of the blue, overnight pretty much. Everything I read, I was experiencing and I finally came across someone who specifically named this cream and how it worked fast and amazingly well. I got onto Amazon and found it and ordered it immediately. As soon as I received it, I applied several applications and my eyes were better over night. I’ve continued to use it and I can say that after 3 days, my eyes looked normal again, the skin was no longer peeling and the itching had gone away almost instantly. This amazing cream does not burn either, in fact, it’s very cooling to my eyes. Before I used this cream, I looked like I had aged 10 years and this cream took that away completely. I recommend this cream to anyone with these symptoms, it’s amazing! One more thing…I got several nice sized samples of Mario Badescu products with my order…very nice! :o)

Nell Granite Springs, NY

Reduces inflammation!

This cream is not at all oily and does lessen the redness associated with inflammation. I apply it after the drying lotion or buffering lotion and let it sink in and then apply the seaweed night cream. Really leaves skin soft and supple.

Constance Higgins Lake, MI