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Marilyn Brush Teasing and Backcombing Brush

Get the teased look that you really want with the Teasing/Backcombing Brush from The Marilyn Brush. Marilyn Brush has redefined the art of hair brushing and styling. With their innovative hourglass design they have forged their way to be a leader in this industry. They make a brush that is suitable for every hair type, so everyone has the pleasure of experiencing their products.

Key features

  • Extra-long grip for sectioning hair
  • Natural boar bristles
  • Elevated center row for increased control
  • 100% natural boar-bristles
  • Elevated center row for added texture
  • Extra long grip for user comfort

Honest reviews


Not for me…

This just didnt do it for me. I have a much better one that I paid the same amount for on Amazon also. This just did not work as good as others that I’ve tried…

Dessie Lead Hill, AR


When I was looking for a teasing brush, I looked at many of the comments on Amazon and decided for this one, regardless that the price was really more than I wanted to pay. Although I really try, I cannot get good results with it. My hair is rather coarse, and the bristles of the brush are too tight to get a good tease. This styling brush may be good for fine hair, but not for mine.

Liza Cecil, OH

Glad I purchased this

After seeing this on Dr. Oz I had to have it. It’s great to use on the back top part of my hair to get rid of the little "butt crack" your hair sometimes makes and it adds a great lift with minimal,if any, damage to your hair. It smooths down your hair as well. Really pleased with this sweet little brush that is well made.

Constance San Juan Bautista, CA

did not work

The bristles are not in the right position to tease your hair, very disappointed in this product. Did not work.

Avis New Egypt, NJ

Marilyn Brush

There is not a lot to say about a brush except that it does what it is suppose to and I don’t use it all the time.

Veronica Lyons, NE


This brush has exceeded my expectations. The color they sent me was not as pictured, it was must nicer with Black and Red. This brush does not catch or break my thick mixed ethnic hair. It is a wonderful brush for smoothing my hair- especially the short baby hair around my hair line. I highly recommend this product!

Tessa Charlestown, RI

marilyn brush

This brush works great for teasing and backcombing. The bristles are nice and stiff. Works good for giving hair more volume. The handle works great for parting hair also.

Monica Racine, OH


Works really well. Ive had a lot of trouble looking for a good teasing comb bc my hair is really fine but this works the best compared to others

Casey Gore, OK

The BEST teasing brush

I think this brush does miracles! My hair is so thin and i always had problems with teasing my hair and giving it volume that’ll last. I bought so many other brushes and their bristles will fall out, very poor quality. And teasing my hair with a teasing comb wasnt working at all… it breaks your hair and you have to do alot more teasing in order to get desired results. This brush gives you the perfect volume with little effort! Its a great quality brush and will not break your hair as much.This brush is shaped to tease as close as possible to the scalp and work your way up, you dont have to tease furosiously. It does wat it says it’ll do,im very happy with this product!

Ila Maple Rapids, MI

Good Brush

I don’t know a whole lot about teasing brushes, but this certainly does the trick-I lost mine and re-ordered the same one. So I’m happy with it! It’s a good size-a little small, but truthfully, it’s nice because you can tease exactly what you want to with it. To that end, it’s perfect.

Sarah Scott, OH