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Marianna Single Prong Curl Clip 80 pcs

Marianna Single Prong Curl Clips have a rust resistant finish. Clips are lightweight, yet strong with sturdy spring-action prongs.

Key features

  • Steel Single Prong Curl Clips glide smoothly through hair to prevent discomfort and breakage. Durable long-lasting metal.

Honest reviews


Way too small

The photo of these is misleading. I thought these were the long “professional” hair clips my hair stylist uses at the salon to pin my hair while blowing drying (section it out and pin it). These are “useless”. They are way short, and “tiny” so I cant even use for other things.These are barely useable for a childs hair/head.The box doesnt even list the length but these clearly are not the super long, tight clips I was looking for to keep my hair from falling and to keep it easily clipped while blow drying.I am sending these back.

Dena Fitchburg, MA


I found another way to curl my hair, so I really didn’t need these at all. Rather an old idea and improved upon since. I just needed something when I ordered them and they work ok, but there are better ways.

Hollie Whitehall, MT

Small, but really good quality.

These are smaller than I expected, but they were able to keep my thick curly hair up. Plus there are so many of them. It’s a great price and the actual clips are really sturdy.

Clara Spring Hill, FL

Tiny. Strong, but tiny.

I hope you have short hair!These clips are roughly an inch in length each. They hold exceptionally well for their size, but you have to have really small amounts of hair to make them work, or just be reeeeally good at clipping things. Like, you’d need to be a clip ninja.Personally, I’ve found use for them as paperclips. They work wonders in keeping note cards together, or clipping a gauzy curtain to itself so it doesn’t blow around in the breeze. Use your imagination! Just don’t use long hair.

Amanda Palermo, ND

Do the Job!

I’m giving it 5 stars because this clips do the job! I was looking for a small, nice and tight clip for pin curls, and this clips are awsome, are light weight so your curls doesn’t drop down (like using regular aligator clips), also for a great price! Just Love it!I recommend this product if you’re having issues setting up your curls!

Agnes Spragueville, IA

i use these

to hold curls in and to glue cute plastic things to for impromptu hair clips. fun! You really can’t go wrong with these. and they are a MUST if you curl your hair. clip that curl to your head and wait until it’s all cooled down (make a cocktail while you’re waiting)… and voila, sexy curly hair!

Natalie Somers, WI

Smaller than expected

I was expecting much bigger clips, like the ones they use in the hair salons. These are much smaller, more similar to barrettes than hair styling clips.As a cosplayer, I need clips to hold both my own hair and my wig hair out of the way when styling. These do the job, but because they’re smaller than I expected, I need to use twice as many, especially because my hair and wig hair is really thick.Make sure you know what you’re paying for!

Blanca Booneville, MS

Does whats needed

I curl my hair a lot so these are super useful for holding each curl until the end and to section out my hair. I had imagined they would have been larger like the salon type I see used but honestly I am glad they are small. This is so convenient for holding each curl and I like to part my hair into several small sections rather than three or four large ones when styling my hair. Its time consuming but these help the curls stay curly for a longer time. My hair does not curl well and by the time I finish one side of my head the others losing curl. I have only used these a few times but I put them in and sprayed my hair once I was done and my hair lasted a lot longer than normal!

Kelley Watertown, CT

Love these!

These are perfect for making my own flowers and bows. Line with grosgrain ribbon, attach a no-slip liner on the inside, and all is great.

Simone New Woodstock, NY

Work well for hair bows

These are nice and hold up and work well for the handmade hair bows and clips I make for my daughter and sell to others.

Marianne Williamson, NY