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Marianna: Jumbo Section Clips, 3 pcs

Marianna Jumbo Section Clips are great for sectioning long hair. Clips have extra strong spring and smooth finish for faster sectioning. Available in 3-Pack of black, white and pink clips.

Key features

  • Smooth Finish
  • Strong Spring

Honest reviews


Seems like good plastic clips

I wanted really big hair clips, because I have a lot of hair. I’m trying not to use chemicals in my hair anymore, so I want to start using good conditioners, but there’s no way I’d be able to use anything with my hair flipping and flopping everywhere. They’re plastic, but they feel strong, and have a strong grasp. They have little nubs inside, not exactly teeth, just grip nubs. And they’re much bigger than I was expecting.Only thing I wish was for 10 dollars, I wish they maybe included more. Even four would have been a better value. But overall, I’d suggest these.

Georgina La Jolla, CA

Eh… not for hair with any kind of length or volume.

I wouldnt say this product is terrible, but rather cheap.. My hair is pretty long though.. These clips do not hold well even for a minute or two.. Sections must be very small in order to work. I think next time I will just use metal ones.They DID arrive pretty fast though!

Sharlene East Smethport, PA

Simple, effective

I have long hair, and was looking for salon-style clips to section it when I need to dye it. I didn’t want to buy in bulk. These clips are very large, about 6 inches long, and work well. I paid only $6.97, and found that to be a reasonable price for three clips.Simple and effective.

Kay Woodside, DE

Not so great…

I have thick, long hair and was hoping to find sectioning clips to put my hair up when I’m drying/straightening it. I thought these were supposed to have a strong spring, but when i put a section of my hair in it, it doesn’t even close, and my hair slides out of the open end. Plastic seems kinda cheap and the springs are not strong at all. I would say these are not worth the price.

Carly Benson, IL

Great for drying curly hair

I use these to clip up small sections of hair at the crown. Then, I use a diffuser to gently dry my hair and give it more curl. The clips at the roots help the hair curl there, because with long, thick, curly hair, the weight of the hair usually pulls the hair straight at the crown. I read about that at another site, don’t remember where. These really work.

Stacy Mount Tabor, NJ

Good Value

Granted there are only 3 clips, but the quality is fantastic. They don’t pull my hair out when I remove them, and actually unless you have a ton of hair, 3 will be plenty if you are doing something basic, which is all I needed it for. I highly recommend. One note though, I received three black clips, not pink-white-black, but I don’t care about the color so it’s not a big deal just a side note if color is important to you.

Ana Friendship, OH