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Marianna Bobby Pins 1 lb. – Black

Crimped for fast, smooth insertion and removal, these double-coated, smooth finish, super grip pins are safe for all hair, including perms. Synthetic rubber tips protect hair and scalp. holds hair and hairpieces in place and can be used to create a base of support for such styles as a French Twist or Chignon Ratt.

Key features

  • Synthetic rubber tips protect hair and scalp
  • 1 7/8″ pin is crimped for fast, smooth insertion and removal
  • Double coated, smooth finish, super grip and safe for perms
  • Approx. 720 pins per Box

Honest reviews


Bought these for my wife, and she was absolutely pleased with them! Beware of other brands from what I’ve read

I must have done a couple hours straight of researching and reading reviews on bobby pins, haha! I kept getting worried by the reviews on OTHER brands that they were very cheap and would fall out – I didn’t want to buy 1,000 hair pins for my wife and then have them come in the mail and end up getting 1,000 mini useless paperweights.Short and to the point, these work very well, worthy of a 5-star rating for what they’re supposed to do, and what they accomplish. My wife has very long thick hair, and not only do these work, but now I can’t believe girls actually buy 10-20 at a time at Wal-Mart etc for so much more money, only to lose all of them over the period of a couple weeks!

Meagan Holgate, OH


Whether you’re creating an intricate updo, or just need some wayward strands out of your face, these bobby pins will do the trick! Something every female should have in their arsenal, since they’re super easy to use, and they’ll create a groomed, clean look.I was happy to see that the bobby pins themselves are not flimsy; they’re quality.Bottom line: I recommend this product.

Sherri Columbus, WI

Not all bobby pins are created equal

These bobby pins jus hold better than ones you can buy at the drug store because they are designed differently. I think they are made with sturdier metal and they hold their shape better. Additionally, they have less ridges not he surface so they can hold the hair tighter. I shared this box with all my friends because they difference is noticeable and they prefer these too. They are similar to ones I found in a professional beauty supply store.

Rhoda Vernon Center, NY


you cant find sturdy bobby pins at your typical drug store or Walmart. these are GREAT. I read a few ppl say they had problems w/ pain pealing/flaking…ive had no issues w/ that. for the price, you’re getting a STEAL in the amnt of pins in the box. totally recommend

Ofelia Flowood, MS

I love these bobby pins!!

Super strong they hold up great! So glad I found these Im always loosing my bobby pins and having to buy more but with this box i should be set for a LONG time

Juliette Serafina, NM

I mean 1 lb of bobby pins, you can’t go wrong.

Who doesn’t need some bobby pins for styling or just holding those stubborn hairs down. I don’t regret this purchase at all. The bobby pins are just like the ones you’d buy at your nearest beauty supply store, just a lb difference. Great buy!

Ida Harrison Valley, PA


These bobby pins are much better than anything you could buy in a drugstore. They’re good and tight (and stay tight) and they’re low profile and the ends don’t stick out as much as the drugstore type. I got this box over a year ago and it’s still about half full–and I’m notorious for losing bobby pins. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a different type of bobby pin, and this box was a great value.

Lucile Superior, MT