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Margot Elena Tokyo Milk’s Kabuki, 1 Fluid Ounce

Differentiate yourself with this complex blend of notes. Featured in o, allure, and in style magazine. A decidedly different collection of brilliantly paired fragrance notes housed in an alluring glass bottle decorated with an iconic image of Japanese theater.

Key features

  • These tinctures are crafted with sophistication
  • A fabulous range of notes from herbs and botanicals to deep woods and unexpected sweetness
  • The graphics on each fragrance dazzle and delight as much as the fragrance itself

Honest reviews


does not smell at all like description

it smells like soap : ( a co worker likes it a lot so secret santa will be where this is going.

Ella Xenia, OH

Honey and the Moon = Sickly Sweet, Instant Headache

I was expecting the honey scent in this fragrance to be milder and less pronounced, and hoping that the sandalwood and violet were a little more prominent. Unfortunately, this fragrance has a very strong fake honey-burnt sugar smell combined with an overpowering aroma of cheap jasmine concentrate. Immediately after application, I developed a strong headache. 2 hours after application, one of my coworkers begged me to never wear this again – and she sits about 12 feet away from me. I wanted a light, mild, honey-sandalwood fragrance but received what smells like a concentrated version of cheap incense. Beautiful packaging, but the fragrance inside is dime-store nasty.

Denise Manahawkin, NJ

Kabuki Perfume – Refreshing and Lovely

I love candy type scents. This is candy without any burnt sugar or plastic or musk! I am in HEAVEN! I LOVE this. I bought a 2nd bottle immediately upon receiving my first. This scent opens just as the note description appears. “Sugared grapefruit, lychee and sweet jasmine crushed and distilled to perfection.” It is the way I imagined that FRESH Sugar Lyche Perfume would be (but isn’t). To me, this Kabuki scent is very close to the FRESH Sugar Lyche lotion (which is much better then the FRESH perfume that is supposed to match) ! PLEASE make this forever! Lasts about 3-4 hours on the skin.

Suzette Pacific Junction, IA

A little strong, but lasts all day

This is a very warm and comforting scent, although a tad strong. If I wear it on my neck I definitely need about an hour to adjust to the scent, which is more powerful than the others I wear. It does last all day which is a plus, and the scent is unique.

Corina Ransomville, NY

Good quality, but didn’t like the scent

You know how you can tell a scent is a quality scent …it smells natural not fake? Well this is that, but I just didn’t happen to like the scent. It has a very sharp, strong flowery, honey scent. It might be perfect for someone, but not me.

Lavonne Mount Croghan, SC

Five Stars

I get stopped on the streets….literally stopped….and asked what fragrance Im wearing. Its such an alluring scent!!

Mai Mecosta, MI

Sugar sugar smells like Warm vanilla sugar scent

If you are looking for a warm vanilla sugar scent this one is perfect for you. I am not a huge fan of the warm vanilla sugar scent, that is why I gave this four stars. I layer it with another fragrance on top, Pink Sugar, and my daughter said, “Your arms smell good, Mommy!” It is a very sweet smell, perhaps best as a fall/winter fragrance. I do like it, but I am still in search of the perfect fragrance that is not so heavy. Thankfully, this scent wears down a bit so it is not overwhelming. I would like to try some of the other Tokyo Milk fragrances. I wish they offered smaller sizes with gift sets so I could try more than one at a time without spending too much.

Ramona Kenmore, WA

Smells nice, but not distinctive

I purchased this for my wife as a stocking stuffer after reading a review/recommendation in a magazine.It smells nice, but is not especialy distinctive from other perfumes. Probably best for an everyday wear rather than special occasions.

Sophia Thaxton, MS

F for flat

Too expensive to barely smell at all and nothing at all outstanding about it. Started out with a bang and then..poof..nothing. Pretty bottle with nice packaging but nothing special to back it up.

Leona Clyde Park, MT

Not for me

It smells so good when you spray it on, but it doesn’t last long. I won’t buy it again. That’s ehy I gave it two stars.

Jeri Westfield, NJ

Perfume smells nice

This perfume smell reminds me of the scent they spray around the spa at the Fountainebleau in Miami Beach. It goes on a bit strong, but the scent fades a bit and is a nice serene scent.

Reba Hague, VA

Subtle and beautiful

The combination of scents at work here is amazing. The strongest part of the scent is the musk. The blackberry is right under there too, with just a hint of flowers. I got a compliment on it within five minutes of putting it on. One spray is enough as, while the scents are subtle, they are quite fragrant. I may uncap this one and dab it on rather than spray it in the future.

Rosanna Barnwell, SC

Love it beyond reason!

It is probably the most comforting scent I have. I use if for anxiety and to help me go to sleep or just when I need a little pick me up. Highly recommended, as are the Toyko Milk, Toyko Milk Dark, and Love and Toast – all by same designer.

Madeleine Lowell, OR

Smells so good (Honey & the Moon)

I read so many great reviews on this perfume that I had to buy it. I’m so glad I did. I received it yesterday and sprayed it on my wrist and thought this is gonna be so yummy. Put it on this morning before I went to work and smelled it on me all day. I felt warm and relaxed. I basically just smelled honey and sandalwood. But it smells so good..Try it…u won’t be disappointed.

Charlotte Boxford, MA

Favorite perfume

I need to reorder this because I’m almost out. Smells wonderful. And my husband who dislikes all my perfume really likes this one a lot.

Cheri Greenwood, MS


This perfume should be clear. Mine arrived yellow. Not sure if it’s old, but there is something wrong with it.

Nelly Bajadero, PR

Tokyo Milk Sugar Sugar

I really like vanilla perfumes and Tokyo Milk Dead Sexy has been my signature scent for a while now, so I decided to venture more into the TM vanilla category. Let Them Eat Cake smells exactly the same as B&BW Warm Vanilla Sugar so to me it’s not worth the retail price of $28 for 1 oz. when I can get a bottle over twice the size for $10 from B&BW. Sugar Sugar was a scent I really had high hopes for, that it would be sweet but not too sweet and the sandalwood and basmati rice would go very nicely with the coconut and vanilla. This disappointed me when I got it home because it smells so watered down (I purchased it from Tokyo Milk so I know it’s genuine). You can’t smell it unless you put your nose up against your skin. It’s a VERY FAINT coconut, like a slight whiff of suntan lotion on the breeze. I can’t detect the other notes. The coconut smells good but this is a perfume that really demands layering, so I suggest using body lotion with it. A nice summer fragrance I guess but don’t expect any compliments on it because no one else will be able to smell it.

Karla Frankfort Heights, IL

Expired Fragrances smell expired!

This is one of my favorite scents, so I know what it was supposed to smell like, but when it arrived I was nothing but disappointed. The fragrance smelled funny initially, plus it made me sneeze from the peppery after tones still in the air around me. I tried to contact the seller about it, and was told that the stock would be checked and I would hear back. Nothing happened. I would have gladly exchanged it, because I bought this because I love it. So now, I have a nearly full bottle of strange smelling and sneeze inducing fragrance that I don’t want. I would expect this sort of quality from the $1 Store, not from Amazon though!!

Lou Wellfleet, MA