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Margarite Zinc Cream — 1 oz

Margarite Zinc Cream is a fast acting formula to help quickly clear and prevent acne blemishes, skin rashes, itching, and other skin irritations.

Key features

  • Natural zinc cream for problem skin
  • Fast acting, maximum strength formula conceals while it heals
  • Fragrance free and paraben free

Honest reviews


Good premise, not sure about the delivery!

I was very happy to purchase this zinc cream for my occasional acne. I don’t see it making a huge difference but it is tinted which I didn’t know and anything that sort of works and doesn’t dry my skin out is fine with me, then again, it doesn’t cover that well either! It doesn’t hurt my skin and who knows, maybe it will help down the line. It’s a lot of product for the price, so I’ll keep using this up.

Olivia Jayuya, PR

Good simple product

I’ve used this for years. I’m not super crazy about the tint since it doesn’t match my skin tone at all. I wish it was just white or something, but since I only use it before bed it doesn’t really matter. It does a good job of drying out blemishes, and helping to prevent new ones, but I’d say it works best for healing a scab or lightening pigmentation since it helps the dead skin flake off. I use it as a spot treatment since it can be very drying and cause irritation in used too frequently especially without the use of a moisturizer. Overall a good buy and a great alternative to b. peroxide which I can’t use.

Tami Neskowin, OR

Really works

This really works, but is very strong. Only place on blemish. It will dry up the blemish in 1 day, but if put on healthy skin, it will dry and irritate. Wish it did not have the tint, but would still recommend this product as a quick fix.

Tamra Innis, LA

It Works

I just received it yesterday and have used it twice already (night and morning). So far i am liking what i see the acne on my face reduced in size significantly overnight which i am really impressed with. The consistency of this cream is more like toothpatse (the paste type not gel). The color is more of a tan/beige color and although i am dark skinned i still like it. It is formulated with Zinc oxide and also does contain parabens. Goes well under makeup and is also non greasy.

Jasmine De Smet, SD

Margarite Zince Cream!!!! Smells GOOD now!!!

I have used this cream for years, even on my face. Terribly, it smelled a little like sulfur… not very pleasant for getting "up close" but Thank you Margarite for changing the formulation to smell better! It works the same as always 🙂

Kristie Park City, UT

Great product for others but did nothing for me

I read all the reviews and decided to try. It didn’t make a difference for me. It didn’t improve or dry out or change anything with my acne. It’s like I rubbed lotion on. It does have a tint to it which made me look clown-like so I decided to only wear at night while home. This has worked for many and people have praised this but it just didn’t work for me

Joni Jenkins, KY