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Marc Jacobs Daisy By Marc Jacobs Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Oz For Women

EDT SPRAY 3.4 OZ Design House: Marc Jacobs Year Introduced: 2007 Fragrance Notes: Violet Leaves White Woods Strawberry Gardenia Ruby Red Grapefruit Jasmine Petals Violet Petals Vanilla Musk

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This is the one perfume that I stopped and smelled and loved it immediately. A few weeks later I recieved it as a birthday gift and I wear it everyday.

Esperanza Randolph Center, VT

A Sunny Summer Day

I love this fragrance. It’s light and clean, airy and sunny, very reminiscent of a sunny summer day. The notes are smooth, slightly acquatic, and a little bit powdery. This is such a young and happy fragrance, and yes, the bottle is adorable. I don’t really know what real daisies smell like, but this fragrance is certainly reminiscent of the sunny June days in which they grow.

Lupe Port Lions, AK


Smells really good. Light and fresh, like, well… a daisy would! Even tho daisies don’t smell, this perfume smells fun and like spring. It’s more of a daytime perfume, I think, but I am sure it would be lovely for evening wear too. The bottle is adorable. One of the things that made me want to purchase this perfume. I opened the box up and went, Awwwwwww, when I saw it. Has an adorable array of daisies on the top of the lid. This would make a wonderful gift for any girly-girl’s that you know.

Danielle Triangle, VA

Marc Jacobs Daisy~

Daisy is a seductive, sensual scent that is sure to drive your significant other wild . . .and it helps if you enjoy it yourself as well . . .Top Notes:Violet leaf, wild strawberry, and grapefruitMid-Notes: gardenia, jasmine,and violet (the flower,not leaves, this time)Base Notes: white woods, vanilla,and muskHints/Tips/Comments/Suggestions/Etc . . Involving Mark Jacobs DAISY:1) Three simple words: SMELL BEFORE BUY . . . You don’t want to be stuck with a fragrance you don’t like do you . . .2)The scent strength of DAISY is just the way I like it – moderate . . not too intense and not too subtle . . .3) My one complaint . . . It doesn’t last very long (on average 4 or so hours) . . . If you really like this scent then you’re going to have to live with reapplying the fragrance during your work day or whatever . .4) This scent is perfect for both Adults and Teens5) This fragrance is good for casual, daily use . . .I would recommend something more exotic and sophisticated for “special” usage (maybe even a little more intense?)

Juliet Newport Center, VT

just right

It smells floral and slightly sweet. The floral scent is not only the smell of flowers, but also have a slight hint of the scent that you smell from the freshly cut stem of flowers.It is a clean, floral, slightly warm and young/spring sort of scent. If you are looking for something fruity, sweet, musky or spicy, this is not it.

Eddie Blair, SC