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Mar-V-Cide Shampoo Brush & Invigorator by Marvy


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Just like old times

I could not believe I really found this shampoo brush. It is just like the one I used at home when I was a kid…even the color is the same. Only diference a good one…it was rubber then and vinyl now. And it works the same…gentle enough not to hurt the head but strong enough to give the scalp a workout and really get the hair clean. Oh….and that was 70 years ago when I last used one. Great product still!!

Sofia Laurel Fork, VA

Flake-Free Hair

A friend turned me onto this. WOW, what a difference it makes! My scalp tends to get flaky, but now that I use this, I notice that I can go longer between hair washings and there’s no flakes. It feels great, too.

Natalia Ahwahnee, CA

classic product.

I have dry skin on my scalp, and this product helps work the shampoo into my hair and slough off dead skin. I’ve been really happy with this product…simple design, great price. I think they’ve been making this brush for decades.

Diana Ronco, PA

love it

We have lots of these, 1 for each family member including our dog ^^ These feel good on the scalp and lets you get a deep clean. Our dog loves these too so bath time for her is enjoyable too =)

Patti Roderfield, WV

Simply wonderful

OMG, this brush is amazing. It’s very gentle on my scalp yet it still manages to give my scalp a much needed soothing massage. Great for removing product buildup on the scalp.

Carissa Taholah, WA


I have long, curly, fine hair so when I shampoo I have to move this brush all over from point to point otherwise it will tangle my hair like a rats nest! The bristles are a bit stiff, making it a little painful in some spots.I would probably go with one that has longer spikes that are a little softer.

Beverly Cuba, NY