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Maple Holistics Sage Shampoo for Anti Dandruff with Jojoba, Argan, and Organic Tea Tree Oil – Natural, Sulfate Free Treatment for Women and Men – Safe for Color Treated Hair

Why Sage Shampoo for Dandruff? Sage shampoo is a serious solution for a serious problem. By taking advantage of a synergistic formula which works to solve the root problems which are the cause of dandruff, Sage is dermatologist-recommended for its ability to fight the causes and conditions of dermatitis. Made of the most organic and mild ingredients, the shampoo which holds our signature formula is great for all hair types, especially those sensitive to SLS or other detergents of that degree. The Formula/Benefits: Sage: Contains the most effective anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties to combat dermatitis. Authentic and not part of the cosmetic nation which uses cheaper chemical alternatives, sage is also a natural benefit for those experiencing problems with hair loss. Spikenard: Works to restore pigmentation to the hair and assists in the battle against dermatitis. This exotic and luscious addition also works together with sage to promote hair growth. Rosemary: Rich in verbenone, this asset stimulates cell renewal of the hair follicles. Partnering with tea tree oil which clears out the dead cells, it also stimulates new hair growth and improves circulation. Jojoba and Argan Oils: they provide hair shine and scalp smoothness. These give the shampoo moisturizing conditioner properties and helps with dandruff. Botanical Keratin: Naturally derived botanical keratin plays an important role in restoring healthy hair. Frizzy and damaged hair may stem from a lack of keratin, which this ingredient generously replenishes. The Holistic Promise: By utilizing only the purest organic ingredients for oil treatment, the shedding of dead skin cells is reduced and leaves a fresh shine. This shampoo offers a deliciously spicy aroma, and is guaranteed to turn shower time into a remedial and therapeutic experience.

Key features

  • Treatment for dandruff at the source containing a natural & pure formula to combat dermatitis.
  • Free of parabens, phthalates, fragrances and sulfates.
  • Anti Dandruff for a healthy scalp, USA made Rich in allnatural compounds verbenone (Rosemary), ?
  • Tea tree shampoo gentle ingredients, safe for color treated hair.
  • One of Maple Holistics most original and best-selling formulas, Sage Shampoo can help eliminate dandruff in an easy and natural way. No longer do those with moderate-to-heavy dandruff plaguing the scalp area have to suffer the embarrassment and inconvenience that comes along with dandruff dust shoulders guaranteed.-Gentle hypoallergenic shampoo platform contains no harsh ingredients, no sulfates, no parabens, is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, and is safe for color treated hair.-Uses 100% pure essential oils and ingredients of the highest quality.Unique formula contains a synergy of Sage, Tea Tree, Rosemary ct. Verbenone, and Spikenard.-Natural solution for those with moderate-to-severe dandruff, and to achieve improve scalp health for all scalp types.-Enriched with Botanical Keratin, Peach Kernel, and Jojoba oils for to help restore the hair to its ideal natural moisture content.Formula and their Benefits:Sage: Safely formulated and the spearhead of the formula, Sage is a natural astringent and plays a vital role in reducing dermatitis. It helps reduce dandruff and prevents clogged hair follicles. Sage also helps combat hair loss and baldness, as well as adds shine and luster to the hair.Rosemary ct. Verbenone: Rosemary has an excellent reputation for scalp and hair care. Rosemary ct. Verbenone contains less camphor and is safer to use in topical applications. Rich in verbenone, this ingredient can stimulate renewal of the hair follicles, while promoting improved circulation. It releases a herbaceous aroma preferred by many.Spikenard: Spikenard is an aromatic herb native to the mountainous regions of India, China, and Japan. This exotic addition works to restore pigmentation and contains exclusive natural properties to combat dandruff.Stop dandruff now. Try our Sage Shampoo to improve your s

Honest reviews


Excellent ingredients–no sulfates! All natural

I used to work in the cosmetic chemical sales biz and I learned many years ago that sulfates should always be avoided in shampoos. At that time, it was nearly impossible to find sulfate-free shampoos in the United States–however, in other countries it was nearly impossible TO find shampoos with sulfates in it as they were very much more informed on label reading.Fast forward to 2013 where now it’s so much easier to find sulfate free shampoos. We are catching up.Why the difference? I can tell you from working with cosmetic scientists that in the U.S. we equate foam with cleaning. And sulfates are all about the suds. Unfortunately, they are horribly stripping, cause hair loss, loss of color if you dye your hair, and broken strands. They are the same stripping chemical in floor stripping agents.When I find this out I stopped using shampoos with sulfates and I have not had a hairdresser since who didn’t tell me I had the healthiest and thickest hair they had ever seen. When I tell them I dye it they don’t believe me–as that should strip it–the difference is that sulfates don’t strip my hair.But this shampoo goes a step further. It’s not only sulfate free, and free of any stripping agents, it’s totally all natural. but what is in it is truly fantastic.I felt the thickness of the shampoo itself was almost too thick; and I thinned it some. The smell was pleasing.Do sulfate-free shampoos clean as well? Yes, that’s the thing. I look for shampoos with zero or very little lather because it means it’s not stripping. Lather is all marketing for the U.S….nothing to do with cleaning.Europeans hate lathering sulfate shampoos because they know what they do. Finally store shelves now say “no sulfates!” on shampoo bottles–but all natural is a different level up.I received this shampoos to try for honest feedback, unbiased. I love the ingredients and it cleaned well.

Shannon Tylersburg, PA


I’m so glad that my Sage Shampoo came safe and on time. i try it out and i just love that fresh scent on Sage. and it don’t take much.. just a little drop on to your hands, and you get a great amount to wash your hair. it left my hair feeling so smooth and soft. i will be using more of this and i will post more information after more use of this Shampoo. so far so Good! Try it for yourself! i Dare you! : ) Thanks!

Rachael Hollytree, AL

Good Shampoo-works for me

I ordered this shampoo because it contains ingredients to stop dandruff and also to stimulate hair growth. I read a review that says it doesn’t lather up but that is not my experience. It was very rich and foamy, with the usual amount of shampoo, about a dime size dollop. I actually love the texture of my hair after using this product. My hair is usually fine and lacks body but with this shampoo it had more body than I have had with any other shampoo. My hair felt thicker and much fuller. I like that it is natural and organic. I didn’t have a big dandruff problem but now I don’t have any dandruff problem. This shampoo works very well for me. The company has good and friendly customer service.

Reyna Wallace, MI

Smells good, but may not be as good for dandruff as H&S

My bf definitely has seborrheic dermatitis and has lots of flakes in his black hair that is really noticeable. I don’t really like him using H&S everyday because I think it’s a bit too strong and makes your hair fall out. I saw reviews for this natural shampoo and bought it for him. The bottle is pretty pricey, considering its size, but his hair smells really "herby" and nice after he showers, and he says it also feels great on his scalp. I have to say, though, that I don’t think it works as well as H&S in controlling dandruff because he still has a lot of flakes. Maybe it’s because it’s the winter, so it’s dry and worse during this season, but I would not say this is for heavy dandruff control. It’s just a natural shampoo that smells good, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then this is fine. If you need to get rid of your dandruff, I would pass on this.

Becky Anthony, NM

Great Product with great smell!

For a while, I thought I had dandruff, so I decided to use a chemical-free shampoo for dandruff and chose Sage. I really like it and am now realizing that while I did not have dandruff, just dry skin from chemicals, I do love this brand.I will continue to use this bottle until its gone. I’ll then buy another shampoo from Maple Holistics! Can’t wait to try a new one!

Kelsey Elmaton, TX

Great for dandruff

My husband has a problem with bad dandruff as well as his face just making scaly dandruff like scales. He’s used this product for about a week now and I can already notice the difference. I can notice less scales on his dark shirts. He can actually wear Black and dark colors again. This product has a very strong smell, but it works well. This product is really awesome. If you have dandruff, this is a great product for you.

Lora Piru, CA

a new shampoo that im very pleased with to help with heavy dandruff

I have always had issues with my scalp.(for years) and always looking for shampoos that will help.(few do even make a difference) Just recently I tried a new one. Sage Shampoo for heavy dandruff with Argan. Jojoba and organic Spikenard..100 percent natural. so far have tried it twice. I really have been pleased with the results. my hair seems fuller and softer. the scent is pleasing. Highly pleased with it I am. Truly appreciate the brand that created it.

Gwen Butler, PA

Tames Split Ends

This plesant, herb scented shampoo leaves my hair shiny, smooth and beautiful. It keeps my fly aways and broken split ends in check.

Tia Mears, VA


This is the BEST shampoo out there for anyone suffering from dandruff, dry scalp, etc. I have tried so many other shampoos, recommended by friends, hair dressers, pharmacists, etc. Not one of these products ever worked as well as this shampoo did in just one use! My scalp is not dry or itchy, my hair is not oily, but feels clean, and it has been three days since I washed my hair! I love the scent, and how rich the suds are with such a small amount of shampoo. Yes, directions ask for two washes per use, but the amount of shampoo used even with a double dose is smaller than one dose fir other shampoos. It is worth the cost!

Cathleen Gladstone, NJ

Good shampoo

I bought this for my husband. It’s a good dandruff shampoo and he likes the scent. Good product for the price, and it works.

Audrey Pleasant Hill, LA

Maple Holistics made a lovely shampoo

I’ve only been using this product for about a week, and I can already tell the difference in my hair and scalp. I normally get a dry, itchy scalp during the winter, and my fine hair is pretty prone to frizz. This shampoo took care of my dry scalp and, when used with a conditioner, helped give my hair a silkier texture. Another plus: the shampoo has a strong argan, jojoba smell and it’s organic as well I love the scent too just In love with this product! Courtesy of Maple Holistics ..

Danielle Bourbonnais, IL


I like that it doesn’t have all the harsh chemicals in it. It cleans good and has a nice smell. It wasn’t so much that I had dandruff, but my scalp would be so dry and I thot that was because of the main stream shampoos(which I stopped using about 3 yrs. ago). I stopped coloring my hair 4 yrs. ago, so can’t blame it on that…anyway, I started using extra virgin coconut oil as a scalp conditioner, massaging into hair and scalp and leaving on for a good hr., then I shampoo. It helps alot. This shampoo is mild and again sans sls/parabens/and any other harsh additives.

Minerva Harrisburg, IL

BEST shampoo!!

I have sensitive skin and long color treated hair. I have suffered from dandriff and dry itchy scalp for years and have tried SOOOO many products that do not work. This product has cured my itchy/dry scalp and leaves my hair smelling good. My hair is soft and in the best shape it has probably ever been in (I am 43). AND it is doesn’t mess with my permanent hair dye (brown). It is pricey but worth every penny.

Shelia Sanford, CO

Works great, smells great

I have been looking for a natural sulfate-free shampoo to treat my dry scalp. I was hesitant to try this one because the price seemed high, but I’m so glad I did. It keeps my scalp healthy and flake free, and it smells wonderful. I use it about every other time I wash my hair. I will definitely buy it again.

Leta Hartford, VT

Works very well, I have to use it two days in a row to see full results.

This has a pleasant smell and it takes care of dandruff problems without stripping my hair of all of its oils. I have to use this two days in a row to solve the dandruff problem (so don’t use it one day and say it doesn’t work) and then keep it up a few times a week. I like it much better than dandruff shampoos like Head and Shoulders.

Bonita Lewisberry, PA

Severe dandruff

I bought it for my husband who has severe dandruff and I wanted a natural, organic solution. And this does help significantly – did it get rid of it completely? no. At least, not yet. The longer he’s been using it, the more it seems to be improving, so maybe in time it’ll help to clear it all up. Oh yeah, and it smells pretty great!

Crystal Petrolia, CA

Works well, smell is to wrong for me.

This shampoo works very well. My sensative skin was not affected by it. It does smell VERY strongly of sage. If that is a scent you enjoy a lot then you would be very happy with this. If it is not a smell you like, do not buy this. I have no issues other than the smell. It is not gross, it smells nice. It is just not what I want to smell like.

Jeannette Huggins, MO