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Manuka Honey and Propolis Soap

Honey & Propolis Soap, 4.93 oz, boxed. Both Manuka Honey and Propolis have a reputation for their natural intense moisturizing and skin protective properties. Combined together they provide the perfect ingredients for a skin beneficial gentle cleansing soap.

Key features

  • A wonderful New Zealand Double Soap with manuka honey
  • Packaged in octogonal box with beehive print
  • For personal use or as an interesting gift
  • Made in New Zealand using pure unadulterated Active Manuka Honey of the highest quality
  • Cruelty free, paraben free, no mineral oil

Honest reviews


Good Balancing Soap

I live in a humid climate and my skin gets very oily sometimes even with only a light moisturizer. I bought this soap for its purported acne-clearing abilities, and wanted something that would not be over-drying. My face is not broken out right now but after several days of extreme humidity it does feel uncomfortably oily. I’ve used it for three days now instead of my regular cleanser and what a relief! My face feels soft and oil-free yet not tight and dry as other soaps have left it. It smells good and does not bother my sensitive skin. I may be using it every day now that summer is almost upon us. I don’t wear a lot of make-up, just some bare minerals blush and lipstick and this removes it very well; there seems to be no residue left on my skin. I still always use a toner after cleansing just to make sure all the make-up and grime from the day is gone.I recommend this highly for mature skin like mine (48 – that is considered “mature”, right?!) that is sensitive and needs a little balance.Yet another great product from Koru Naturals!

Cheri Ruby, NY

Wonderful Soap

This soap has a delicate and delicious fragrance, produces lots of lather and rinses clean. It doesn’t take much to produce the lather, which makes me believe it will last quite a while, and the shape of the bar makes it easy to hold onto, ulike the rounded bars. My skin doesn’t feel tight or dry afterwards, so I don’t have to rub down with lots of lotion. The cost of this bar is more than I’d like to pay on a regular basis, so I probably won’t buy it that often; it would make a nice gift item, or a once-in-a-while indulgence.

Carla Mars Hill, NC

Honey soap

This was a neat soap, but probably not worth the price. This is a good product that was as described in the Amazon description. It arrived on time, was well packaged, and had no damage.

Inez Kirkwood, DE

Manuka Honey and Propolis soap

I adore this soap! It is very cleansing and moisturizing, and using this in conjunction with other Manuka Honey products has cleared up my skin greatly over the past two weeks. I am extremely satisfied and will repurchase.Also, when I first received it, it had a very strong (honey and herbal) smell. However, after having it in the shower for the past couple of weeks, the smell is not so strong, and instead, is a very pleasant and light one.

Meredith Meadow Valley, CA

Fantastic product! I love it!

This stuff rocks! I tried it when I had read how good propolis is for your skin and health. I have bought several bars since and give it to my Mom, who also loves it. The smell is wonderful. It does wonders for normal, sensitive, and problem skin. I use it primarily for my face, but use it all over in the winter. I hope this product stays around forever!

Phoebe Athens, MI

Honey Bee…

I truly love this soap. I have trouble with adult acne and this soap has helped tremendously. I love the large octagonal shaped bars that last a long time. I only use it on my face. I recommend this soap to anyone over 40 with skin issues. Koru Naturals ships very quickly and the bars are packaged very nicely.

Priscilla White Salmon, WA

I have psoriasis

I have psoriasis, and my skin has not felt this good in years. I use it on my face too, and it is wonderful. I love it so much, I look forward to taking a shower. I love this soap, it makes my skin feel wonderful. It is true that it has a strong fragrance. I am allergic to some smells, and some strong perfumes, but this doesn’t bother me, actually I like it, although it is strong enough that it would interfere with a perfume. I have used it in the morning, applied no other fragrance and have had people ask me what perfume I was wearing, and said it smelled good.

Dianne Ralph, AL

Pleased multiple times

I’ve bought this soap from this same seller multiple times. I have severely dry, itchy skin and most soaps dry me out horribly, but this soap smells and feels amazing. And it’s gentle enough to use on the children. My youngest had dry patches on her legs and this soap made a huge difference with that. The honey smell that comes off this soap is very strong. Delicious-smelling, one might say 😉 Highly recommend.

Valarie Pansey, AL

Nice packaging and shape

Got this but thought it would be all natural without fragrance. But it has other ingredients and I couldn’t tell that from the site so I’ll now give it as a gift as I don’t use synthetic fragrances. Would probably be perfect without the fragrance added.

Earnestine Sioux Rapids, IA

Manuka Honey

I bought this to give as a Christmas present & ended up keeping it for myself. The soap is wonderful. My skin is so soft.

Lora Deerfield, NH

Amazing lather and moisture

I purchased the manuka honey soap because of my winter dry skin. I’ve heard of the benefits of the products. It’s an amazing soap with thick, rich lather which doesn’t dry out your skin. It has a gentle scent that is not overwhelming. I will purchase more in the future. I can’t imagine being without it.

Jennifer Morton, TX

Give it a try!

Very nice for a commercial soap. It leaves my skin feeling clean without drying!

Angel North Royalton, OH