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Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil Skin Cream

The latest version of the NZ Fusion Botanicals Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil Skin Clear Crème. The basic ingredients remain the same: pure, raw, unpasteurized manuka honey (now 20+ grade) and pure, steam-distilled, manuka oil. Now with Kawakawa and Harakeke. Kawakawa is a traditional Maori plant for a number of skin conditions. Harakeke is a great for everything traditional plant, used for clothing, Kete baskets, ropes, fishing lines, and the leaf juice is used as skin purifier. Also contains Burdock Root, a mineral-rich root used traditionally for skin blemishes, Thyme Leaf Extract, which is an astringent and anti-inflammatory botanical, and Aspen Bark which is a natural preservative

Key features

  • New Botanical formula featuring New Zealand Manuka Honey and Oil, Kawakawa and Harakeke
  • Minimal processing maximizes the natural integrity of globally sourced plant ingredients
  • Ideal for keeping all types of skin clear and healthy
  • Free of artificial colors, artificial fragrances and parabens and features 73% organic ingredients
  • A version also available for oily skin (catalog code SCOS)

Honest reviews


does not help acne!

I thought, I’ve tried everything else, why not this? Boy was I sorry. I’m 40 yrs old and have always had oily skin. I get the odd blemish now and then, but lately stress has gotten the better of my skin. I thought this would help. No way. It’s texture is like whipped pudding. Smells like tea tree oil, but there isn’t any listed in it (is that the rosemary?). I put it on a spot, and 3 hrs later, my spot had thrown a party and invited friends. Two days later I decided to try it again – it could have been a fluke, right? Nope. The whole right side of my face where I applied this is all broke out in big, fat ZITS. Not just tiny ones from an allergic reaction – BIG ones from clogged pores. Complete waste of $20.00, my time, and even more stress from walking about in public feeling like a giant flashing arrow is pointing at my face.

Mary Ridgeville, SC

Truly Amazed

I am truly amazed at the efficacy of this stuff. I am in my peri-menopausal years and have been beset by stubborn, painful bumps along my jawline and temples that were responding to nothing, particularly during PMS. I did not have this much acne in high school! Chalk it up to hormones. Anyhow, based on the excellent first review here of this cream, I sprang for a jar. It got here quickly and I just had some new bumps come up yesterday so I used this on them after my evening cleansing. Woke up this morning to find them significantly diminished and less painful. I can’t wait to see the results after several more uses!It seems very oily at first but absorbs well into the skin. I stirred it well before using because some of the oil was sitting on top of the cream when I opened it. The aroma is an intriguing combination of honey and tea tree oil even though there is no tea tree oil in it. Check out the ingredient list – chock full of good, natural things, 73% organic. I love this stuff already and will absolutely try some of NZ Fusion’s other products!Addendum:Four days later and going strong. I’ve now used it all over my face as a night cream and it’s the perfect mix of light moisture and medicinal healing for blemishes. This will be a great summertime night cream as my skin does not feel oily, despite the oil – just smooth and soft in the morning. It would be an outstanding daytime moisturizer as well although sometimes I need a bit more moisture when my skin is dry (as in wintertime). Who knew that for the very reasonable price of $14.95, my skin would respond so well to this cream? I’d happily fork over twice the $$ for such an outstanding product. I’ll be first in line if NZ Fusion is ever inspired to manufacture a body lotion from Manuka Honey…hint hint 😉

Amparo Arlington, IA

love it lovevit LOVE IT

I have bought this a few times. From the first sec i got this my random few pimples have stopped. My skin looks clear. The only problem i have is that it seems to make blackheads worse. I switched to the serum in the same brand and unfortunately broke out like crazy, so i quickly ordered this again. From the first use all pimples dried up over night. For sensitive skin nothing works better on acne then this, but be prepared for an increased in blackheads. I use a clasonic, micropolis and clay masks… still cant get those stupid blackhead. I cant use AHA or BHA or any normal acne treatment my skin is so sensitive….this stuff is awesome and feels soothing, not tight or itchy like most stuff does.

Angel Selfridge, ND

Bad For Acne/Good For Moisturizing

I bought this when it still came in the glass jar and as of yet, haven’t run out. The smell is bad. There’s really no getting around it. I originally bought it for acne because using raw honey on my face helped to clear up pimple, but it did nothing. However, it made an excellent moisturizer. I have sensitive skin that’s prone to drying out in the winter and whenever I start using new products or masks on my face, but this replenished like no other.

Lee Tilleda, WI

Manuka Honey and Oil skin cream

This cream seems to work very well on my somewhat acne-prone skin. It goes on smoothly, feels very clean, and (in conjunction with other Manuka Honey products) is keeping my face looking clear and dewy. I’ve been using it for about two weeks now, and am very satisfied that it is clearing up any blemishes that I had/preventing new ones from occurring.

Terri Middle Bass, OH

At Last!!

I have mature acne spots. I have tried everything. I found this and decided to try. I am so glad I did. I have been using it for a week and love the results. The spots are going away while leaving my skin moisturized and soft. Some acne treatments leave skin dry and scaly. I am so happy to have found this product. It does have a medicinal smell but vapors don’t linger. But a small price to pay for a product that works on mature skin!!! For me this was just what I needed!

Janie Chester, IA


THE WORST. Gave me the worst cystic ance over night . On my chin , temples all over my cheeks. Buyer beware . This oil bottle is not meant for acne prone skin .

Lee Williamsburg, OH

I like it so far

This is very thick. you only need a little bit. i have combination/oily skin to begin with so i only use this when I feel that my skin is dry. The smell is different but good. I like it as part of my skin care regimen, but its not a lotion I can wear under makeup because its too heavy.

Georgette Chadron, NE


Oily but great. I have tried hundreds, literally hundreds, of different facial moisturizers to help with my combination skin and acne. I really love this stuff. You need to only use a little, other wise it will be too oily, it keeps my skin soft all day and doesn’t make me break out. This is good for all year use, dry , wet, hot or cold weather. It works great!

Mallory Bluffton, MN

I had so many issues with my skins

I had so many issues with my skin that started last summer. Out of NO WHERE. I had no idea what is was, at first I tried treating it with normal acne washes, then I thought maybe it was fungal. Nothing seemed to really work. It was very strange but it wasn’t just pimples, it was like when I didn’t have pimples, and if I was having a "clear" period, my skin still just didn’t look right. I am IN LOVE with makeup, and it would drive my crazy because even after using expensive HD foundations, after setting my face with powder, my skin just did NOT look normal, it had strange strange pores that seems deep with in the tissues. I read somewhere that Manuka Honey healed almost everything whether it be staph, bacterial infection, or even MRSA. I decided to get Manuka Honey, and although I noticed it working, I hated the feeling of honey on my face. I wanted something I could use all the time, and something I could put on my face before bed ( actual Manuka Honey and bedding are not friends.) I bought this product, the Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil skin cream, and all I can say is WOW. It’s like heaven for your skin. It has been completely solving the problems I have been having, like with the texture of my skin, with the weird break outs, the pores. My skin LOOKS HEALTHY again and its only been about 3 weeks. Before using this cream, I was trying proactive, which wasn’t really working it was just drying out my skin. I love this stuff. You should definitely give it a try!

Sadie Delta, PA

Works wonders!

I’ve been using this cream for 4 months now and I am about to order my second jar. I use it every night before bed. I have very sensitive skin and tend to get cystic pimples on my chin at least once a month. Since I’ve been using this, I’ve experienced smaller pimples only once (and I honestly believe it’s because I didn’t use this cream two nights in a row). It even seems as though it’s lightening my acne scars. I recommend this to everyone I know who has acne issues.The only reason I didn’t give this cream 5 stars is because it smells absolutely AWFUL. The first time I used it, it actually made me gag.

Ingrid Sugar Tree, TN

was a bit too greasy for me

and the scent was too strong for me to be able to sleep comfortably.all i smelled was this and it gave me a headache.i did however wake up with smooth skin.

Mona Germfask, MI