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Manic Panic Pillarbox Red 4oz

Manic Panic presents semi-permanent hair dye, with a longer-lasting color! For best results, pre-lighten hair. Use latex gloves. Made in the USA.

Key features

  • Manic Panic presents semi-permanent hair dye, with a longer-lasting color!
  • For best results, pre-lighten hair. Use latex gloves. Made in the USA. 4 oz.
  • For intense results the hair should be porous, bleached or tinted.
  • When applied to virgin (unprocessed) hair results will vary according to hair texture and color.
  • Made with natural ingredients, contains no animal by-products and tested on celebrities, not animals.

Honest reviews



My hair is medium blonde and a little longer than shoulder length. I only used about half of the container of dye to saturate my hair. Then I ran a comb through it to make sure that it was distributed evenly.I covered it with a shower cap to help warm it up, and left it on for an hour. Then I used a blow dryer to completely dry it before I washed it out.It made my hair not merely purple, but PURPLE! I love it!

Blanca Oakville, IA

It washes off :/

I followed the instructions and the dye washed off too quickly 🙁 One or two washes and that was it. I moved to another brand

Kris Tovey, IL

Doesn’t seem to glow under black light!

I love manic panic hair dye when you follow the directions the colors looks great! The amplified formula does seem to really last long and it seems to stain my shower a lot less.(big plus!)I did a few strand tests on this color and my hair doesn’t appear to glow under my black lights. The dye itself in the bottle doesn’t appear to glow either. I am a bit disappointed! Am I missing something?I think vampire red is still my favorite of the reds.

Marietta Potecasi, NC

Pillar Box Red is the worst red I’ve used

I’ve had bright red hair off and on for almost 7 years now, so I’ve used just about every brand I could find trying to find the best one. Manic Panic is not it.My hair was platinum blonde, perfect for any color, after leaving this color on for several hours (since it’s not like box dyes it’s safe to do that, and you’ll get better results) the color was dull and dingy, I can’t put my finger on it but it was not RED. It was rusty and peach-ish and only lasted one wash before it faded to a disgusting burnt peach color. I believe I applied this 5 different times over the period of 2 months and got the same result every time, gross dull color that washed out after a week.A few people told me my hair was too processed to hold color, which I was ready to accept – but I just triedCreative Image Adore Crimson 68and BAM! My hair is CRAZY bright red, soft, and shiny! So there’s definitely better options out there.I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.

Marva Goshen, UT

Just OK

I am a long time user of Manic Panic, have had Purple Haze hair for years. When I wanted a change, I thought I’d give Vampire Red a try. I was rather disappointed in it. The color is not nearly as vibrant as most of the Manic Panic shades, it’s more of a bloody red/brown color (hence the name, I suppose) and as it fades, it fades to a really unpleasant rusty iron looking color. It faded much quicker than other amplified shades I have used over the years.As a Dye Hard, I would not recommend this shade, and certainly not to someone wanting to experience Manic Panic for the first time.

Joy Blacksville, WV

It was… Meh.

I got it a couple weeks ago and left it in my roots for an hour. I swear it was half washed out after the first wash 2 days later. A week after and my roots were nothing more than tinted pink. Highly disappointed. I think I’ll stick with N’Rage :/

Dayna Glenham, SD

best pink dye on the planet

I’ve tried all kinds of pink dyes and this is by far the longest lasting!

Dianne Valley Springs, AR

Nice product texture

But even on my bleached highlights, this color did not take too well. I think it would only work if you have really white bleached out hair. I dont want to go that far, as I have dark hair. But the thick gel is easy to use, and Manic Panic is , to me, the best as far as crazy colors go.If you have very light/blond/white hair, this will be great for you to add streaks or a whole head of great pink hair!

Britney Corbettsville, NY

Beautiful color.

Seriously Folks, Beautiful color..I didn’t even have to bleach my hair before I put it in, Although that made it not last as long. But It’s a bright, Pink-ish purple color. I’m a Strawberry blonde and it works soo well for me. I’ve gotten tons of compliments on this particular color. BUY IT!

Doretha Southampton, PA

Oh Boy Is It Pink!!!

This is the second of the two colors that I am dying my hair. I also used the Purple Haze, and I have to tell you that this is amazing! Following the directions of many that I came across, I did not follow the directions on the package in regards to time. I am dyeing weave and I bleached the weave from a dark/auburn blond to an almost platinum blond and then applied the dye and left it on for 1 1/2 hours. I rinsed it off and I was so surprised at how seriously pink it was. It is absolutely fabulous! I have used Splat! blue dye in the past and it turned out way, way too dark and for that matter the dye continued to drip after the hair was rinsed because the dye would never run off the hair. I was so disappointed because the only one that figured out my hair was blue was my supervisor and even he said that it was not noticeable until I stepped into the light. I bleached that hair to light blond and it came out too dark. But this product does everything it claims. If people are not getting the right result then leave it in your hair longer than 30 minutes. I know people say that the dye should not dry in your hair but I allowed the dye to start drying in the hair and then rinsed with warm water, then used Herbal Essence shampoo and that got the rest of the dye out. I am so stoked about this product and I have been converted! Buy this, you will not be mad. Just leave it in longer and you will have the hot pink color!

Staci Greenwich, UT

Beautiful PINK-red

This is a pink toned red. I used this on my reddish-brown hair without bleaching, so I don’t really know how it looks on bleached hair. But it was a very beautiful red, but definitely with a more unnatural pink tone to it.I have somewhat long (past shoulder, above butt) hair and one container has always been enough for me with manic panic dyes.If you haven’t used manic panic before, it is important to note that they stain much more than many more commercial dyes. If you are anything like me, your bathroom will be very stained after using this product. It can also dye your skin too, so be careful- though I have used bright red hair dyes that had a much more awful skin dying effect. But again, compared to more commercial dyes (loreal, et cetera) you will need to be extra careful about getting it on your skin. Put vaseline around your hair line and on your ears. It’s gross and doesn’t wash off as easily as one would like, but it comes off quicker than the dye when that gets set on your skin. If the dye gets elsewhere just wipe it off immediately as they say to, and you will be fine. It doesn’t have any immediate lasting effect.

Tommie Martin, MI

Perfect shade of purple

We’ve bought Manic Panic for several years now. This color is my teenagers’ absolute favorite. Just my two cents but the ideal use for this product is to first bleach the hair with Manic Panic bleach, the drugstore stuff doesn’t go light enough and it washes out so be prepared to reapply it frequently. My teen touches hers up about every week. If you are looking for intense color without bleach – don’t buy this you won’t be happy.

Lavonne Stantonville, TN

Colored hair dye

Ive used many different colored dyes including manic panic. This is a nice, dark purple. Unfortunatly i cant tell how well it worked into my hair because i used Garnier nutrisse deep burgandy to blend into. I did this as an experiment because i had medium brown hair and i wanted dark hair that looks purple in the light but not PURPLE PURPLE and it actually worked. I also love how it doesnt smell, its not so watery, pretty thick liquid

Caroline Madison, ME

Manic Panic – Good in “The Day” and Still Good Now!

I used to love having burgundy hair. I would travel all the way from my little podunk town in Central California to San Francisco to buy Manic Panic. I now have a 13-year old, and she really wanted to have blue hair. We took her to the local salon, and they gave her stripes that lasted a week. Then we bought a bleach and dye system from the grocery store. Looked awesome for about 2 weeks, then it turned this sickly green color. It was awful. Then I just said forget it and bought my old standard, Manic Panic. This stuff worked perfectly, lasted a long time, and she loved the color. We also bought some black and mixed a little in. It was a super dark blue and shocked these poor little SE Texans nearly to death. Loved it. Seriously. Tish & Snooky, you are beyond awesome!

Claudette Elk River, MN

Get Ready for BRIGHT Pink!

An extremely intense pink color that goes on smoothly and easily. I have medium dark hair so I bleached before applying. (I used Manic Panic’s Amplified Bleach. If you are doing a lot of hair, or your hair is long, I would get 2 bleach kits if you are using this particular brand.) Manic Panic is easy to apply – just apply the color where you want it, leave it (I left it for about an hour), rinse out. And rinse out. And rinse out. lol Expect to turn your towel blue – for the next couple of washes. The less you wash your hair, the longer it stays. After a few washes, this color will turn a nice shade of pastel pink. (Still pretty.) If you want seriously bright pink hair, just recolor it when it begins to fade. It’s MUCH easier to color the second time, since you most likely will only have to apply the color – not bleach. Right after coloring, be careful – ANYTIME your hair gets wet, the color WILL run. (It will also get under your nails when you scratch your head.) These minor annoyances don’t bother me enough to stop using Manic Panic…but I would want to know this stuff before I used it.Bottom Line: Manic Panic is the BEST product out there for coloring your hair funky shades. It lasts much longer than any other brand I’ve tried, it’s easy application makes re-touches "cake", and the colors are bold and brilliant. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this brand, or color, again. You definitely make a statement! (If you want a pastel shade to begin with, buy their Pastel-izer. It will turn any bold shade of Manic Panic into a subdued pastel.) is full of awesome information and great tips. There’s even a spot where they show what the hair color looks like on real people.Best part? The don’t test any of their products on animals. YAY!

Margret Alta Vista, IA

Love the color but a bit brighter then I wanted!!!

I think I might try the original formula of this shade next time, or when it comes time to refresh the color!!! It’s just more of a raggedy anne color over bleached hair then a blood red that I wanted. I posted pics above of my result if your interested.

Ruthie Kinsley, KS

Love it!!!

I’ve been using the regular Manic Panic Vampire Red for a couple of years. I saw this a while ago but read reviews that said there was no difference. So not true in my case. I freaked out the first night when almost no red bled on my pillow. I mean some did, but I’m used to a TON of bleeding after application. Nope. This stuff does bleed, but like a fraction of what the normal stuff did. I will say this, everyone is going to have different experiences. I think it has to do on a number of things including how they applied it. So briefly, this is what I didWashed hair with a mixture of 1/2 baking powder, 1/2 waterRinsed hair with mixture of 1/2 apple cider vinigar, 1/2 waterApplied to dry hairLet sit for 4-5 hoursRinsed, and did a final rinse with apple cider vinigar againThat’s it for me. I use a conditioning shampoo about every two days and wash my hair with real shampoo once a week.Oh, I have dark brown hair that isn’t lightened. Even hubby said this version is even more noticeable than the regular version. Which was hard to believe, because even the regular version is so bold!

Edythe Ringgold, PA

Manic Panic… an oldie and the original. Still the best, even on grey hair.

I’ve been using various shades of Manic Panic for about 25 years now, since I was in high school. I have occasionally tried other brands, and haven’t ever been overwhelmingly disappointed in them, but because this is so easy and what I’ve used for years I see no point in switching. This COVERS the GREY! I still have a lot of bleached areas which I use to make the color pop, but now I add the Manic Panic to my whole head. They don’t market it for us old people, but it’s not half bad. The grey only stays coloured for 2 weeks, and the bleached area goes to half vibrancy in that time — but I use a HARSH shampoo and have very HARD WATER. Using the AMPLIFIED formula gives it extra time, but I’ve learned it’s not worth the extra $ so long as I have the time to re-do my hair more frequently… unless the price is similar (sometimes it is not on Amazon.)

Candace Coleman, TX


This is the best hair color dye ever! I love the variety of colors in the “Amplified” collection, which last longer and have more pigment than the regular Manic Panic. I also love that it is healthy for your hair since it is made of natural ingredients. The Amplified Cotton Candy Pink is so pretty. I mix it with a drop of Hot Hot Pink. First I bleached my hair to a medium/light golden blonde, rinse, and then apply this color right after while my hair is damp. It comes out with shine and all kinds of pink- orangey pink shades with the Cotton Candy color being the majority. I love to dye my hair this color in the summer.

April York, PA

Wonderful Color, Bit of a Hassle

I use this to stain my hair, giving i don’t bleach it, and the color is wonderful. On my light brown hair when left on for 2 hours with a bit of heat used, it gives a color very alike the color of Ariel’s (The Little Mermaid – Lol :))bright red hair. I love this color and i’ll be using it for a while.The only hassle, is giving that i am a swimmer the chlorine fades the color out fast. So i have to re-stain it quite often, and it gets EVERYWHERE. Trust me, i love this stuff to death, but my hands will be stained for a while and your shower water will be blood red with the first one or two washes.Hope this helps 🙂

Chandra Central City, KY

colored my hair Hot Hot Pink last night and LOVE it!!

i bought a bottle of the Manic Panic Amplified hair dye in Hot Hot Pink at the mall. i used it last night. I followed the directions on the bottle, and used some tips i found online for making the process a little easier and less messy. i had previously bleached my hair so i didn’t have to worry about that. i applied the dye with a tint brush from the local beauty supply store and combed the color through with an old comb until the dye was frothy, like it says on the packaging directions. after i did that, i put a disposable shower cap on my hair and used my blow dryer on it for a few minutes. before i forget i only applied the dye to my bangs/fringe and the sections of hair around my face. i waited for half an hour for the color to process, rinsed it out in a cold shower and followed that with some conditioner. i towel dried my hair and dried it with the hair dryer. the color is gorgeous though a bit darker than i was aiming for. i will definitely be using this product again in the future. the price is a bit high for just 4 oz. of dye. the bottle will last me a while because i only used the color as accents and highlights. i gave it a 5 star rating because i love the color even though it is a bit darker than what i wanted.i’d definitely suggest this product to those who want awesome color and quality. just a warning though, if you don’t protect your skin, or counter , this stuff stains.

Bessie Caseyville, IL

ok, but

this is not the first time i’ve bought this, but one of the three bottles i’ve bought wes open… i wonder why!!!

Audrey Ladiesburg, MD

Was a more cobalt blue than midnight blue, but I did 30 minutes

I did 30 minutes under a heat lamp. I heard from a fellow that I should have done 2 hours plus put a shower cap and use a blow drier. I only used half for my hair.Parts of my hair is cobalt blue, and others are a teal.

Justina Stuttgart, AR