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Manic Panic Flash Lightning Bleach 30 Volume Box Kit

For The Ultimate Dramatic Color Results When You Dye Your Hair, You Have To Bleach Your Hair First. You Can Get Amazing Blonde Results, Too! Best Choice For Pre- Lightening Hair Before Using Special Effects Hair Dye. Can Be Used To Bleach Hair That Is Medium Blond Or Medium Brown To Make It Pale Yellow Or White. Good For Frosting, Streaking And Tipping On Light Brown Or Medium Brown Hair. For Long Hair, We Recommend You Buy 2 Kits.

Key features

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  • Fast Action
  • Powerful Lift
  • Kit Comes With Tint Brush And Gloves
  • 30 Volume Box.

Honest reviews


🙁 So Bad!

This stuffs crap. I don’t know where to start… Small portion, no toner built in so hair comes out as brassy as possible…. small way worse than better bleaches I have use. Never again using this.

Amie Monroe, NE

Not a full kit.

As the other review states, its decent but not worth using again. Strangest thing is that it didn’t come with gloves even though the picture shows it does. The kit is very small. I read all the instructions thoroughly and had my boyfriend bleach my hair for me. Only after I had it in and the cap on did it start to sting really badly. I “itched” it through the cap, but it hurt worse and worse. Looked it up online only to be told “Don’t let it sit on your scalp!!!”. Wow, that would’ve been nice to know!Would be higher rated if it included at the very least decent instructions/warnings.

Stella Ozan, AR

Decent, but I won’t use it again

I decided to give this a try instead of using my normal box of bleach from wal-mart, seeing how it was only $8.99 at Sally’s which is cheaper than any other bleach I’ve found.There really just isn’t enough of the product though. I was only using it to bleach out my medium brown roots so my dye would go over it evenly. Sure, I had a good inch of new growth, but I don’t see why the kit wouldn’t cover a whole head of hair if it was only an inch long. My hair is even borderline thin. There were a few spots that didn’t lighten enough and I didn’t have any left to fix them.Since the lightening power is really no stronger than the bleach I already buy, and it doesn’t even cover half as much hair, I really see no reason I use this again. Really disappointed.

Kristie Embudo, NM

Small but did the job

This product did the job eventually but could be improved.It smelled really toxic but that is just a bleach thing I guess. I have significant issues with chemical sensitivities (as part of the severe neurological disease I have called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis – see the HFME site for info on it, if you want to). I got around these by only bleaching and dyeing my hair starting about an inch from the roots – so none of the dyes or bleaches touch the scalp and the skin at all. The rest of my hair is natural brown coloured. I think it looks better not going all the way to the roots, personally. Plus doing it this way avoids all regrowth issues and means I only will have to re-bleach every 4 months or more. Pretty low maintenance blue and violet etc. hair, which is what I was after. I love the end result.Some thoughts:
• The instructions say to mix the powder and cream using the included tinting brush. But doing this when you’re mixing a smaller amount of bleach wastes a lot of bleach and also leaves you with an improperly mixed lumpy product. Far better to use something else to mix.
• The amount of product included was surprisingly small. I was only doing my fringe/bangs so it was okay but to do all of my just past shoulder length, quite thick hair, I don’t know if even 3 boxes of this bleach would have been enough.
• The indents in the mixing bowl make it hard to mix the two ingredients, a flat bowl would be far more practical.
• A resealable bag for the powder is needed. The bag it is in now is very thin and cheap and hard to reseal.The included gloves and tint brush were of okay quality.Most of all there needs to be far more product for the price. Plus I think the instructions should be clearer about the need to apply the bleach very thickly or else you end up with an uneven and patchy result. Doing a patch test beforehand is useless if you don’t have the coverage exactly the same when you do the rest of your hair. But this isn’t even mentioned in the instructions.I chose this bleach because it was easiest for me to buy. The name and box design is well done though and I like it. Next time I’ll be trying another brand for sure. This was disappointing, especially considering the good name of this brand when it comes to their colourful hair dyes.However you get bleached…I’d recommend going colourful, in a big way or even only in a small section of hair, to anyone whose job allows it… and especially anyone that is ill or for other reasons just needs or wants a bit of fun and excessive colourfulness. More beautiful and unexpected colour in the world is always a good thing!UPDATE 2014: I have finally worked out that the reason I found this product so hard to mix and that it easily gave a patchy result was that it was too old and what can happen with old bleach powder is that it goes grainy and doesn’t mix in properly. My box was shipped to me in that condition. Both of them were actually, but the second one worse than the first. No wonder it was all so difficult! I’ve since found out also that instead of getting under 50 grams of bleach powder with this product, you can buy professional types of bleach powder in 500 grams bags and a separate developer cream to go with it, for about the same price or cheaper! The products are very easy to find and buy online. This product is just unreasonably expensive for so little bleach powder and developer. It’s a real shame.Happy dyeing everyone!

Tammi Perdido, AL

Love the 30 volume kit

I decided on a whim to do a self-done dip-dye/ombre color on my hair, and everyone recommended I use Manic Panic. I used this bleach kit on my hair, and not only did it come out the way I wanted it to, but it was pretty easy to use.The kit comes with everything you’ll need — a little tub for mixing and applying, a brush, thin plastic gloves, and the product itself. The gloves felt pretty cheap and after my third or fourth layer of bleach (since I was doing ombre) they started to break, but they held up pretty well until then. I’ll echo what others have said in that if you’re planning to dye your entire head of hair, and you have a lot of hair, you might want to get two of these bleach kits. I ran out sooner than I thought I would.In the end, the parts of my hair that were covered in the bleach for a total of about an hour turned a yellow blonde color (my original color is a dark brown) and the parts that were covered in the bleach for about 20 minutes turned a light brown. It made for a really great gradient.Overall, I would definitely recommend this product, and will definitely use it again if I ever plan on bleaching my hair again 🙂

Imogene North Canton, CT


It works, I had Manic Panic Raven on what I bleached and it lifted through the horrible green it had started fading to. I got it light enough to dye red over and it be bright.

Alejandra Cadwell, GA