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MANGROOMER 1680XL-6 Professional Ionic Hair Dryer for Men

Mangroomer has developed the professional ionic hair dryer designed specifically for men’s needs. Features include the ion technology button, which emits precision negative ions that seal hair cuticles, preserve natural oils, eliminate frizz and restore moisture balance creating smoother and shinier hair. It has been built with a salon professional quality AC motor that operates at 1875 watts for 40 percent faster air flow and three times longer motor life. Operating options include 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings for variable degrees of temperature and air speed, thus creating 6 unique dryer settings. In addition, there is a bonus cold shot button that provides a blast of cold air to set hair once you’ve achieved desired style, all with just the touch of your finger during operation. The air intake vent is comprised of an oversized Stainless Steel filter for ultimate performance and durability.

Key features

  • PROFESSIONAL Ionic Hair Dryer designed specifically for men’s needs
  • Ion Technology Button – Emits negative ions that seal hair cuticles, preserve natural oils, eliminate frizz and restore moisture balance creating smoother and shinier hair
  • Salon Professional quality AC motor operates at 1875 Watts for 40 percent faster air flow and three times longer motor life
  • 3 Heat Settings and 2 Speed Settings for variable degrees of temperature and air speed, thus creating 6 unique dryer settings
  • Cold Shot button provides a blast of cold air to set hair once you’ve achieved desired style

Honest reviews


Just for Men?

As a functioning hairdryer the MANGROOMER 1680XL-6 does what it is expected to do … dry hair. While I don’t question this device’s ability to get the job done, I do question two of its major selling points: 1. the need to classify it as man-specific and 2. is “ionic” better, or even necessary?The basic run-down: the MANGROOMER 1680XL-6 is a hairdryer with a decent amount of power (1875 watts), three basic temperature settings (low/warm/hot) and two speed settings (low/high). While I didn’t notice a significant amount of difference between the low and warm settings, I felt the hairdryer functioned efficiently and consistantly. Compairing it to a Conair hairdryer of similar wattage, I found the MANGROOMER to be noticeably quieter with more even airflow. Other aspects of the MANGROOMER that I found appealing included the attachment that allows for more precise targeting and the rubberized body that provided a more assured grip when holding it at any angle.With the basics covered, the MANGROOMER 1680XL-6 has a few “bells and whistles” that may (or may not) be necessary:- There is a “cold” air button under the barrel that almost instantly converts the air to from warm to cool (not cold) for as long as the button is pressed. Once the button is released, the air temp goes back to whatever temperature it was set on previously. Converting from hot to cool requires holding that button down a few seconds longer. The purpose of this function is apparently for hair setting, but I found it to be an unnecessary gadget.- The whole “ionic” thing is apparently debatable … I have read that adding “ionic technology” to hair brushes and hairdryers is the latest rage and it is hyped as a cure-all for frizzing, static, etc. On the other hand, I have also seen studies that find this “technology” as more of a sales gimmick than anything seriously effective; one such study even indicated that any perceived remedy provided by an “ionic” product may simply be a placebo effect. I’m not a scientist and I’m not Paul Mitchell … the MANGROOMER dryed my hair exactly the same with the ionic switch in both the “on” and “off” position … I didn’t find it necessary.- While not techincally a “bell” or a “whistle”, I don’t see any real reason to aim this product toward men other than staying true to the oompany name: MANGROOMER. Yes, the hairdryer is bigger and it looks like a Uzi or industrial power tool, but women might find this product as appealing as men. With its rubber grip, the slightly larger size shouldn’t present a problem and it packs the power necessary to dry even the wildest mane. But, the biggest appeal may be how much quieter this hairdryer is.Overall, the MANGROOMER 1680XL-6 is a well-functioning hairdryer that achieves its primary goal of drying a lot of hair more quietly. With those basic principals covered, it is as good if not better than most other similar wattage hairdryers. Personally, I found the “cold shot” and “ionic technology” more gimmicky than necessary.

Karin Mint Spring, VA

Not a Flame Thrower

I contend that a real manly hair dryer would actually shoot fire into your hair to dry it. But, even though this hair dryer does not do that it is still a good product. It has plenty of heat and power, runs fairly quiet and has all the usual features – high and low speed, warm and hot heat, a cool air burst button, and even ionic technology (for what that is worth), etc. And it has an attachment for focusing the drying air.It is marketed to men but in the end it is still just a hair dryer, red and black and sleek – so really not any less feminine than any other dryer. It does not shoot manly flame or melt women who touch it but if you want to dry / style your hair it should work just fine.

Sonia Apopka, FL

Doesn’t Last

So I have very short hair, and as a rule, just let it dry naturally, however, my wife has LOTS of hair, and she loves this thing. Here is what she has to say:The man groomer hair dryer is perfect for women too! It is the best I have used so far. It has so much power that I don’t have to spend an hour drying my hair. It may look manly but it doesn’t feel like it, being very light weight and comfortable to hold. I like that it has three heat settings. I also really like using the ion button as it makes my hair less frizzy looking.UPDATE:The dryer has completely stopped working for no reason after 5 months of daily use (it was not damaged in any way). That level of quality is inexcusable. Hair dryers should last for years.

Manuela Oologah, OK

It’s an okay hair dryer, but nothing remotely special.

The Mangroomer 1680XL is a run-of-the mill hair dryer, mediocre in almost every measurable way.It has an ionic function that basically makes an ozone smell. And, so does the cheaper (at the time of this review)Vidal Sassoon VS783 1875-Watt Professional Anti-Static Ion Dryer. And it has a plastic baffle that kind of reminds me of my leaf blower, but it doesn’t really seem to make a dramatic difference in functionality.The overall construction is so-so, and the cheap feel isn’t helped any by the dismal plastic packaging that appeared to be falling apart as I was taking it out of the Amazon box. On the bright side though, it does warm up rather quickly. The cold-shot button doesn’t seem to do much of anything, so don’t plan on doing much with that.The only thing that’s remarkable about this, is that it’s called a “Mangroomer Dryer for Men”. I can’t say I’ve felt that the above-mentioned Vidal Sassoon hair dryer didn’t look butch enough to grace my bathroom. But, even if I had, the Mangroomer’s glossy red and black color scheme screams “REVLON!” with jazz hands long before it grunts “Craftsman”. If you’re insecure about your hair dryer, this isn’t going to help.

Ingrid Starkville, CO

Great For Thick Hair

My husband has very long, thick wavy hair. He doesn’t have a lot of time to spend drying his hair in the mornings, so this dryer is perfect! It only takes about five minutes to dry his hair completely, which is nice, especially in the winter.He doesn’t understand why there are so many different settings, but I like the different options for my own hair, which is also long, but fine.I don’t know why this is called a “mangroomer,” other than its appearance…this is more like a hair dryer for the whole family. I even used it to dry my dogs after washing them.

Barbra Von Ormy, TX

A Dude’s Dryer, Totally Hot!

Gotta say, I really dig my new Mangroomer 1680XL-6 Pro Ionic Hair Dryer. I don’t exactly know what they changed from the 1679XL when they upgraded, but this thing is smokin’. And the fact that my ol’ lady won’t go near it ’cause it’s totally for a guy, ya know? This ain’t no ratty little Nancy-boy machine, no way. It’s big, tough and with the macho red and black colors, no chick will want to touch it. And it has some cool space-age stuff added like Ionization which might feel even better after a few cold ones and a shower, once I’m back from the he-man construction site I work and sweat at almost every single hot funky day. Once I’m out of the shower, I use the cold air setting to cool off and then steam things back up with high hot heat. By the time my man-bush of hair is dry the whole house is stinkin’ warm. Just right for those cold winter nights with my special lady friend.I really love just holding this thing ’cause it has a really good grip, just like the handlebars of a freakin’ 1979 Harley-F, man. It makes me look totally rad and my lady loves how quick it dries me off because once I’m done usin’ this puppy, she’s a wild thang ready to ride with me all night long.Look, don’t be a sissy, just nut up and get the Mangroomer. It will turn you into the butch man God intended you to be instead of the wimp you’ve been while using that pink blow dryer your girly-girl has by the sink. I’m outta here.

Freda Middleburg, FL


This mangroomer is perfect! I got this for my son who is extremely particular about his hair. It heats up super fast and the attachments work well. His hair is naturally curly and he has always had trouble with frizz. This hair dryer means no more frizz and he loves it!

Johnnie Murdock, MN

Works As A Womangroomer As Well

This is a nice hairdryer for anyone and I’m not sure why it is called a Mangroomer. I am guessing it is just a marketing gimmick like the current Dr. Pepper 10 campaign aimed at males. Anyway I used the high fan speed and the medium heat and this setting was perfect to dry the hair quickly without any discomfort from it being too hot. There is a Cold Shot button that turns off the heat I think to set your final hair style. I did test it and the heat did indeed go on and off. There is also an ionization button that has a beautiful blue LED light to indicate it is on. I have to admit I don’t understand much about ionization and we’ve never had much problem with static electricity but I suppose it is a nice feature to have. Maybe I will use the extra features in the future but for now I can report this hairdryer seems to have the perfect air speed and temperature to dry my hair quickly and comfortably.

Marguerite Pomona, KS

Outstanding Unisex Hair Dryer

I don’t often use a hair dryer because I’m concerned about damaging my hair. I usually let it air dry.Today, however, I had an appointment. I am female and have long, thick hair. It took less than five minutes to thoroughly dry my hair. I used the low heat setting, and it worked flawlessly.In the past when I’ve bought hair dryers I’ve gone with lower priced ones. Often they feel cheap. This one doesn’t. I also liked that it only had one simple attachment. I know this dryer is marketed toward males, but, trust me, ladies you’ll love it.

Wilma Lakeview, OH

Mangroomer it is!!

I think they are calling it a Mangroomer since it looks really cool. The grip is nice and feels solid to hold. The hairdryer itself does the job well and dries the hair fast. It has various heat, speed settings, a cool air button. I loved the power on this and it isn’t too loud at the same time. You can also use the attachment but for me it worked well without it as well. The red and black combo really looks nice. I do recommend this hairdryer for the price and the power it delivers!

Hollie Indian Orchard, MA

Attractively designed and very functional

I like this product. As someone who regards his hair as stuff that sits on top of my head and needs to be kept in some semblance of tidiness, a grooming product is of little interest to me. I rarely use a hair dryer when I am away from home and it’s very much a matter of if it’s there I’ll use it; if it isn’t, then that’s what a towel is for.The Mangroomer is a pleasant surprise. The bright red and black design is appealing — clean, bold and well-shaped. It looks good and feels good. I liked the solid construction and the firmness of the controls. Most of the features go way beyond my needs. I still don’t know what all the ionization stuff means; all I want to do is dry my hair quickly and have it feel good. The Mangroomer meets my basic needs in this regard.The slightly higher than average price doesn’t seem to me to be excessive and the design makes it worth a few extra dollars. It is definitely more attractive than all the standard bathroom beige and blandness. I did not expect to actually enjoy a hair dryer. Summary: function good enough, quality high enough; design a nice extra

Jeannette Saint Pauls, NC

Powerful, a little heavy, well made

I have average length hair – this blow dryer gets it dry in about 45 seconds. It has more buttons than my old VCR – two three position slide switches on the side of the handle, the blue “cool” button on the handle front, and the slide switch on the dryer’s side. You can customize the air-flow/heat, with and without Ions in oh-so-many variations. The air volume/force is really impressive and it’s not as loud as many other dryers, but it’s not even close to quiet.I suppose it’s “manly” because of the heavy chrome rear, red and black finish, and the extra weight. The black is actually a “grippy” finish, making this thing really easy to hold. Looks wise, it’s a mashup of a Hayabusa Motorcycle and a A-10 Thunderbolt II Jet. Seriously – Google the pics.There’s also a really long cord, and an equally as long sheet of warnings. “Don’t use in the shower” and the like. They skipped “Don’t use while driving.”It’s a great dryer and I’m happy to replace my old Revlon.

Ginger South Dartmouth, MA

Great dryer…

Love this dryer. Low setting left hair dry but not static like some dryers. Higher settings may be better suited for long hair. Nice color combination.

Virginia Karns City, PA

For Men Only! OK, Not Really…

It makes me laugh that this product is touted specifically for men. It’s colors might be manly (red, blue, and black), but the hair dryer works equally well for a man or a woman. My wife used it extensively.The dryer itself is very functional and excellent. I have had it for a couple months now, and it still works perfectly. With heat settings and a nice grip as well. The only reason I couldn’t give it 5 stars is because they say it’s for men. Makes me laugh. Still though, worth buying.

Debra North Lawrence, OH

High quality hair dryer

This is a well built, powerful hair dryer, marketed for men. (As many other reviewers have pointed out, I don’t know what this is the case, and I can assure you, it will function well for women as well).The motor is quite powerful at 1875 Watts. Normally I prefer to use it on the medium setting, but that also means it will last long – since it’s not tasked at full capacity. The additional properties, like the secure air intake – which prevents hair accidentally getting caught in the heating mechanism, and the anti-static ionizer are very well though. And the build quality itself is high.Overall, it feels like a professional machine you see at the hair saloons, with at a very reasonable price. If you do not want to go cheap, I’d recommend this dryer without reservations (even for women).

Liliana Clarkson, KY

Either gender will likely find this a great hairdryer

The “Mangroomer” aspect is more of a marketing thing than any realistic specification for this hairdryer. My wife loves this hairdryer and uses it all the time too. It pumps out plenty of heat on the highest setting. There are numerous options for temperature settings. I’ve never needed it, but I tried the cold air blast feature. This apparently sets your hair after it has been styled? I don’t really understand that process, but if that’s important to you – the feature does just what it says. I found that the hairdryer volume while running is pretty acceptable (not sure if I’m alone on this, but I hate really loud hair dryers). The design is attractive and I guess a little manlier than the standard hairdryer? I don’t know, grasping for reasons why this is a “mangroomer” specifically, but yeah it looks pretty cool and not feminine. But I think you’d have to be pretty insecure to be weirded out using a feminine hairdryer anyway. I think the “Negative Ion” stuff is hogwash, but hey I’m not a hair scientist. Bottom line: this hairdryer makes wet hair dry.

Judith Summerton, SC

Not just for the guys!!

The Mangroomer arrived a few weeks ago and 3 of us decided to give it a try. Here’s what we found:My husband has very short hair and only uses a hairdryer on occasion. He thought the Mangroomer felt good and solid in his hands-light weight and dries his hair no different than any other hair dryer.My son used the Mangroomer for a few days. He has longer hair (about 3 inches long), just over the ears. He traded off between a smaller, cheaper hairdryer to the Mangroomer and thought it was less noisy than the cheaper, older model he is used too. He thought the dryer was sleek looking, more manly than the “girl” hairdryer he has been using. The different speeds and temperature settings were a plus considering he’s never had the choice.Lastly myself, I have shoulder length hair that has a course texture. I use a hairdryer every day. The Mangroomer looks and feels manly. In comparison to my 1 year old Remington hairdryer, the main handle is wider and less “fitted” to the hand. The buttons do not get in the way in comparison to other hairdryers that place them front and center. The buttons on the Mangroomer are on the side, which never seem to get in the way. The Ion button is located on the side of the barrel with a cool blue button indicator. With or without the Ionic button I felt the dryer was the same. A huge plus to this hairdryer is the speed in which it dries your hair. It pushes a lot of air to dry quickly. Another important thing to note is in comparison to my hairdryer the air does not get as hot, personally I think this is why the hair feels softer and more manageable than when I use the other hairdryer. I actually noticed a difference in the softness of my hair. It seems absurd to think a hairdryer can do this but as a person who dries her hair daily, I won’t be going back to the other hairdryer, even if this one is built bigger for a man.

Lucinda Edna, KS

All the features of a lady’s hair dryer, with a tool-belt persona.

This is a sturdy, high-quality hair dryer. It has all the features that my own hair dryer comes with. It has multiple heat settings, multiple speed settings, a cool blast button, an ionization button you can toggle on and off, and a removable end-cap you can use to focus the airflow. It has good speed, nice heat, and durability. It doesn’t overheat and it dries hair very quickly, even longer hair like mine. The only thing about this hair dryer that makes it a mangroomer is its appearance. It looks like a power tool, so no man will be embarrassed to hang it in his bathroom where guests might see it. In my home, my teens are using it. It’s a great hair dryer, for men or women.

Tonya Milo, ME

Looks cool, blows hot

I love the look of this hair dryer, so I guess they knew what they were doing when they marketed it to men. I’m not a frequent hair dryer user, but it’s always good to have one around. This one is “manly” enough that you’ll look cool using it, and can leave it laying around without your date thinking you have a live in girlfriend.Did I just say that?And yes, I suppose I should mention, it really does dry your hair. Now can we go back to talking about how cool it looks?

Jeanette Standard, IL

Very good, even for women

I’m very happy with this hair dryer and although it was designed for men, I use it on my own long hair and love it. It has a good weight and a comfortable handle which I quite appreciate (so that your hand doesn’t feel fatigued during use). I couldn’t figure out why a man would need a differently designed hair dryer but here is what I observed about the product: First, the heat doesn’t seem as hot as with my girl’s hairdryer which makes sense for a man since the cuts are much different. Second, it doesn’t blow to the point of feeling singed on my scalp but the power is still very good. Third and last, the metal grate (dust filter cap – I don’t know what the official name is) at the back of the hair dryer is way superior to any hair dryer I’ve ever had that has a wire end cap. The wire end caps usually trap dust and lint and sometimes suck my long hair in if I’m not holding the dryer in just the right position. This has a smooth, perforated end cap that appears resistant to those issues. Quite a nice product. Worthwhile.

Eloise Seville, FL

not just for the guys!

While this hair dryer is marketing to the guys, this is a truly unisex hair styling tool. I found the settings easy to adjust and was pleased with the extra volume I was able to get using the dryer on wet hair – and how fast this works, especially on the top heat setting, even for someone with really long hair. The ionic technology is also used on my flat iron, which is a nice plus to keep frizz at bay. I found the weight of the dryer to be light enough that it is comfortable to hold for a while, a good benefit for those of us with long hair.

Myra Decker, IN

Equally effective ‘womangroomer’

The ‘mangroomer’ tag probably is a marketing tactic – and I did have the sense that the shape and colour of the dryer somewhat resembled a tool. It is equally useful to a woman.There’s little one can say to rave about a blow dryer of any sort. This one is as functional as any I have used, well constructed, and certainly adequate to the needs of either sex.

Patrica Sicklerville, NJ

A Hair Dryer for Men

Mangroomer 1680XL-6 Hair Dryer is basically a run of the mill standard Ionic hair dryer with a manly color scheme of red and black. It is being marketed to men and even has the ‘Mangroomer” label on the barrel. There is nothing fancy on the dryer except it does have a slightly rubberized finish. It has the Ionic on/off switch with a blue light the comes on when it’s in Ionic mode. Ionic hair drying uses negative ions to shrink water in the hair thereby reducing hair damage. I can’t tell if it works or not to prevent damage. The word on the Ionic function, on any hair dryer, is that it protects the hair on high heat. At a lower heat setting the Ionic mode probably would make little or no difference, to the hair, than the standard dryer. This is still a nice hair dryer and one that will do the job. Time will tell how long it will last but is worth getting for a man’s good grooming.

Randi Cabins, WV

Nice dryer in cool colors.

Nice looking colors and texture, great for a guy. Powerful and dries well, I didn’t see a difference between the Ion and regular. It seems ever so slightly bigger than what I am used to with a hair dryer. Not sure if that is because it’s for a man. I would recommend this especially for a younger man who likes cool stuff and quality too.

Staci Millville, UT

Switches feel stiff, but overall I like this!

My wife saw this and insisted I get it. Apparently she is tired of me using her blow dryer, changing the settings, moving it, etc. So, enter the Mangroomer hair dryer.It arrived in nice packaging, if you like packaging it’s a clear plastic box, I found that the air adapter tip actually broke loose and was no longer attached to a piece of plastic in the packaging. It didn’t hurt anything, but it wasn’t “solid”.After unboxing it I played with it for a few minutes, found that the switches on this are a bit tough, yet cheap. Something about how they slide just doesn’t feel smooth. Perhaps after a few uses it will feel normal but initially I’m not sure about it.Now for the rest of it, I like it. The dryer has a rubber grip and it’s comfortable in the hand, not like the hard plastic hair dryer my wife uses. This one has multiple settings from low, medium and high heat along with a cool burst to 3 different fan settings. I found hot was really hot and low was what you would expect.I don’t really know if I buy into the whole ionizer thing on a hair dryer but overall it adds a blue light to this thing and it looks pretty sharp.I’m not sure how long this will last, and aside from the switches a bit tough I really like this thing and am glad I got it, now I no longer need to bug my wife and take hers.–UPDATE 5/22/2012–After a few months I’m still using this dryer daily and love it. It really does a great job drying hair, is fast and easy to use. No complaints! Also, the switches no longer feel stiff, guess the break in period is over. Functions perfectly.

Alejandra Strang, OK

My hairdryer has more horsepower than your hairdryer…

I did laugh at the target branding to the Male Population for this “Mangroomer” – I would like have been in the boardroom when that product concept was being reviewed. I guess they felt this was an under-served market even though the total available market (tam) for men is probably much smaller than the women’s market when considering that a) there are alot more bald men than women, b) alot of men barely comb there hair so they certainly don’t blowdry it, and c) the wife’s hairdryer is already sitting there if needed.But, if you want a manly hairdryer then I guess this fits the bill. It does have manly color – evokes feelings of a red Corvette. It is substantial weight and feels good in the hands. It appears to have extra horsepower to blow hair in a manly fashion and it has lots of speeds to fiddle with. In my usage I actually found it to be a good hairdryer – it does the job blowing my short hair around any which way I chose. But, since my wife has a hairdryer to be honest I don’t quite have the bathroom real estate available to store two hairdryers.Overall, I give it four stars. A quality product but a bit high on the price/value when considering that there are other serviceable hairdryers that cost less. Also in terms of necessity factor – for married guys not sure you want a second hairdryer in the bathroom. But if I was a single guy with a red corvette and Fabio hair and I had to have a hairdryer in my bathroom then I guess this would be the one.

Luisa Richmond Dale, OH

Plenty of variation for the whole family

Ok so the name in my opinion is a sales gimmick it works just fine ion either male of female and also on the furry creatures in the house. The looks may be a bit manly, but also very nice design.It’s a comfortable hair dryer to hold with it’s rubber like grip and three different settings in the fan motor, and three settings with the on the level of heat it is putting out, along with a fancy button to shut the heat all the way off and still have the fan running.As for the Ion thing not really sure if it makes a difference. But it’s a very workable and attractive hair blower.

Althea Brick, NJ

Works great for any gender

I knew before I even tried this that it would work fine for women, like me. I think it’s all a marketing gimmick to call this a man’s dryer. It’s 1875 watts, just like my old dryer. It has a nice, rubbery grip. I don’t usually use the ion button but I tried it once. I couldn’t notice a difference. This has a nice, unisex look and it’s pretty light weight. To me, that makes it perfect for women.

Opal Peterson, MN

Just for Men?

I have to be completely honest in saying that, I don’t understand why this hairdryer is solely being marketed towards men. It’s a nice hairdryer and does the same job like hundreds of other hairdryers on the market. Outside of the sporty color that may seem more masculine or the fact that it’s inscribed with MANGROOMER on the side of it doesn’t change the functionality of the dryer itself. I would have to say that this is psychological advertising at its best! I am a woman and my favorite color in the whole wide world is red which attracted me to this hairdryer plus I needed a new one so I was very happy to get this one! My husband thinks the dryer is ugly. He has never used a hairdryer on his hair because he wears his hair close to the scalp or completely bald. I will admit that this is one of the best hairdryers that I have ever used. It is more powerful than the hairdryer that I just recently tossed into the trash. It drys my hair quickly unlike my other hairdryer. It is also very sturdy. I have accidentally dropped the hairdryer on several occasions and there is still not one dent, ding or scratch on the “Mangroomer” at all. It is definitely built like a man LOL!

Cleo Tawas City, MI

Good tool with a weird marketing angle

I like this tool, but I really don’t get the “Mangroomer” marketing angle. Is it a men’s hair dryer because of the color combination? Because of the little blue light that comes on when you turn on the Ion button? I don’t know, because none of those things make it a better tool for drying a man’s hair than a woman’s.Marketing angle aside, I liked the tool. The surface material is great – it is cool to the touch even when it is on “hot” and my shoulder-length hair is frizz free after a Ion drying session. I am a small woman so I often have difficulty with the handles on larger dryers, but this one is a great size and I don’t end up accidentally changing the settings. It is lightweight enough that I don’t get worn out holding it up, especially since it takes a little less time to dry than with an ordinary dryer.All told, I found this to be a good tool and absolutely worth the price asked.

Lisa Chester Springs, PA