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Mane’n Tail Deep Moisturizing Conditioner for Dry, Damaged Hair 12 oz

A natural moisture retention treatment combined with our exclusive micro enriched protein for strengthening while providing healthy, shiny, manageable hair. The results will speak for themselves.

Key features

  • For healthy, shiny, manageable hair
  • Fortifies with natural proteins and vitamins
  • Increases elassticity and form
  • No buildup

Honest reviews


Do not know.

I have not use this long enough to rate it. I keep you post it. I don’t have a horse.

Suzette Goldsboro, MD

Nothing special

My hair type is thick and prone to dryness on the ends. My hair is not overly damaged but this product actually made it feel damaged. I used this product “correctly” as another reviewer outlined and still got poor results. There is nothing special about this product, it might as well been from the dollar store. I have used many hair products from cheap to very expensive and this fell way near the lower end. After using it my hair felt straw-like and gross, something I had never experienced even when I do not use conditioner. It didn’t even smell good. I couldn’t find one thing I liked about this product. Will not be buying again.

Germaine Riverton, IA

Pretty Good

I actually like this stuff a lot. I use it as a conditioner wash (over the original mane n tail bottle, like a 2-step for more moisture) and sometimes for wash days to detangle my hair while it’s wet. My hair feels softer when I do the process. The smell is not bad and it’s thick in consistency. It says leave it in for 1-2 minutes before rising it out, but since I have kinkier hair I have to keep it in longer which is fine it doesn’t break my hair off.

Concetta Bond, CO

Love it!!

A friend recommended the shampoo & conditioner for my excessive hair loss. Ever since I started using these products, my hair loss is under control. Also, my hair is shinier and less frizzy. I highly recommend these products!

Angeline Dorton, KY

Works Well

This conditioner works quite well, but it’s not anything remarkable. Given the price, it’s about on par with Paul Mitchell’s Detangler, so this is a good substitute for that product if one wants to save money (and don’t we all?). It works well at detangling hair. I’m not very pleased with the scent, as it reminds me of bar soap or industrial hand soap, something very “neutral” and “clinical” about it that reminds me of something that is not shampoo. Luckily, it does not linger. I will likely purchase this product again, in the larger size.

Rosalind Sugar Loaf, NY

i like it an all …

i like it an all but i jus didnt realize how small the bottle actually was when it arrived in the mail. came in early, so that was good, and it definitely keeps your hair soft all day. but seriously, for the price, its not bad.

Brianna Bluffton, IN

Great conditioner

From what I understand, Mane ‘n Tail was originally developed for horses. Horse owners reported seeing “significant improvement in the health and appearance of their horses’ manes and tails.” The improvement in their animals’ hair prompted horse owners to try the shampoo out on themselvesI use this conditioner in conjunction with the shampoo and this over the years has been my favorite go to shampoo and conditioner. After using both the shampoo and then the conditioner, my hair feels both healthy and clean.Over the years, I have gone to other brands but I always seem to come back to this brand. This is a good quality clean feeling conditioner without chemicals.Shop around though as you can find the big bottles of these cheaper locally in the big box stores.

Lora Crane, MO

The best I’ve ever used in a lifetime!

I am so glad I tried this conditioner and the shampoo. It leaves your hair soft, supple, shiny with lots of body.The shampoo does not strip the hair at all yet it’s clean and bouncy with no frizzies. Really good. Wish I would’ve known about it years ago. Since it doesn’t strip the hair, because it has moisturizing benefits, you don’t have brittleness or breakage. Perfect for long hair and to keep long, lustrous and full bodied. This will make your hair prettier and fuller then it’s ever been before, really truly happy.

Cheryl Black Canyon City, AZ


I had only used this on horses before I used it on myself. Ask yourself: have you ever seen a horse’s tail up close and touched it? Unless it’s VERY regularly tamed, it’s always a thick and matted mess. Anything that can make a tail like that silky smooth has got to be good. It’s been working great for me and I think that I’ll keep buying this for myself.

Eleanor Seville, GA

Can’t go wrong with main and tail

It conditions nicely and has a great smell. Once the horse has dried, the tangles don’t come back right away.

Abbie Peever, SD

Great Product

I have always been a fan of Mane and Tail products. They make th hair feel healthy and manageable. Hat is off to Mane and Tail!

Vera Union, IL

Mane ‘n Tail Deep Moisturizing Conditioner

This did nothing for my hair. I didn’t feel moisture or dryness…just did absolutely nothing. I’d rather have Suave professionals Conditioner in Rosemary Mint…amazing especially on Afro textured hair.

Bridget Burlison, TN

5 stars & more

Love, love, love this conditioner. It helps my hair to be manageable, and soft at the same time. My mom and sister uses this conditioner as well … With superb results of course.

Earline Reynolds, IN

Old faithful

I have very long hair and love using this conditioner. I used to use this over 20 years ago and forgot about it. I can leave this in a little when wearing my hair curly. This is the perfect conditioner for my hair and it loves it. I also use it as a deep conditioner when I wear my hair straight. It is hard to find a conditioner that works perfectly for straight and curly hair all the same. This one is it.

Nan Bancroft, IA

Mostly for my beard.

I got this when I was growing my beard out. I have coarse hair and I wanted something that would baby it a little bit. Saw a lot of reviews from what I believed to be a race of people with traditionally rough and tough hair so that convinced me.It works pretty well. Has a nice scent and seems to have done as much for my facial hair as humanly possible short of oiling the d@mn thing every few days.

Tina Miami Beach, FL

It’s good

I am an African American woman with natural 4a/4b hair. I like this deep conditioner. It’s not the best deep conditioner I’ve ever used but it works. I bought it for 3.99 at Walgreens. I think it’s a good product for the price and the quantity. I have noticed that my hair has more shine. I looks very healthy as a result. My hair has a hard time absorbing moisture so I use a blow dryer and apply heat to insure it gets absorbed. I usually buy Neutrogena’s Triple moisture hair mask or the shea moisture deep treatment masque. They are more moisturizing than this one but this one is okay compared to them. But I’m not opposed to buying it again in the future. One of the main reasons I decided to try this is because of the ingredients. Things like coconut oil and mineral oil are pretty high on the list of ingredients.

Marla Manitou Beach, MI