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Mane N Tail Straight Arrow Herbal Gro Maximum, 5.5 Ounce

Maximum Herbal-Gro is an advanced herbal styling and conditioning solution. Herbal-Gro utilizes the natural power of herbs in an exclusively prepared formula to transform dull lifeless hair and dry scalp into beautiful hair and a healthy conditioned scalp.

Key features

  • Promotes stronger, healthier, shinier hair
  • Helps stop and prevent breakage and split ends
  • Revitalizes, strengthens and moisturizes dry, damaged and relaxed or colored hair

Honest reviews


Big Thumbs Down!!

I wish the seller would have listed the product ingredients because, I would not have ordered it if I had known that the first two ingredients are Petroleum and, the next ingredient is mineral oil. BIG NO NO because, these two products are the worst things that you can put on your hair because, they do not really absorb into the hair shaft therefore it never fixes the dryness in your hair but, gives you a false shine. It is hard to wash out of your hair and, off your hands. TOO GREASY. I will not ever buy it again.

Alison Upperco, MD

mineral oil and petrolum listed as first ingredients

Ladies on hair journeys be ware this product contains two of the no no ingredients for black hair, mineral oil and petrolum and they are listed as the first two ingredients so although it says herbal gro. It’s going to clog your pores and cause your ends to break. Dont be fooled. I accidently picked the wrong product will return. On a side note though mane n tail has a creme version of this it does not have maximum listed on the outside. That is the good stuff for naturals it will leave your hair soft and manageable and it has a lot of good ingredients in it. Also for those of you who use Qhemet Biologic heavy olive and olive cream or the burdock root this (the herbal gro creme therapy it’s called) is a cheaper substitute same results. save your haie

Catherine Windham, ME

Hopefully this review somewhat redeems the product

Alright, so a little back story about my hair: I dye it constantly, I bleach it constantly, my hair color changes a lot. Luckily, I’m not super attached to my hair and have no problem cutting off several inches of dead ends on a regular basis, but all the haircuts in the world could not take all of the damage out of repeatedly bleached hair.Well, only twice in my life have I experienced the terrifying “I went to rinse out the bleach and my hair came with it!” (Oddly, this happened to me today after nearly a year of leaving my hair [relatively] alone so it could repair itself, so I don’t really know why it happened – but that’s off topic).As other reviewers say: YES, this stuff is thick. Yes, it’s hard to work with. Yes, it’s kind of like putting bubble gum in your hair. So, if you bought this to use daily, use the teeeeeeniest. You don’t even need to scoop out a finger-dollop full. Rub it between your hands, heat it up/melt it, then evenly apply through your hair. If you have dry, thick, damaged, and/or curly hair, this should help restore the life and shine to it.If you’re in my situation like mine where your hair is beyond fried, you need to lightly dampen your hair then GLOP this stuff on. Coat your hair. Leave it on for as long as you can, overnight is the best option (use a hair cap or a plastic shopping bag to keep it from drying out and protect your pillows). It will feel gross, it will be almost impossible to wash out tomorrow morning, it will be difficult to work into your hair, but it will be worth it. This has saved me from literally having to shave my head before and I currently have it in my hair under a head cap as we speak because I know it will pull through again.For daily use, yes it’s a bit tricky. I also dislike the scent. But if you have very thirsty hair, this should more than help it keep from frizzing when used CORRECTLY and daily. And if you have a tendency to over process your hair, this should be able to bring it back to a bearable texture (though nothing but time can 100% fix damaged hair!).I just wanted to give this a positive review to counteract some of the negative ones. It’s saved me from being bald so I can’t help but love it.

Edith Centreville, VA

On time and great product

I love mane and Tale Herbal Gro. Ive been using it a very long time. I was very happy that Amazon had it for me to choose. Fantastic product and herbal gro

Willie Genoa City, WI


This product is great for curly hair. The only trik is : you must ti use a smoll amount of the product to styling your hair when is dry ( not completly) just try it! I have dry and damage hair. For me works great!

Rosemary Sevierville, TN