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Mane ‘N Tail Combo Deal Shampoo and Conditioner, 32-Ounce

Original Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner combo helps to revitalize and moisturize your hair. A complete system of hair care especially designed to help hair look and feel thicker and healthier.

Key features

  • Shampoo and Conditioner combo helps to revitalize and moisturize your hair; A complete system of hair care
  • Our micro-enriched protein formula provides down to the skin cleansing action and conditioning leaving the hair soft and shining
  • Regular use enhances coat health and appearance

Honest reviews


Dry hair

I recently purchased this product. I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for about 5 weeks now. My hair has grown 3/4 of an inch in four weeks, when it usually grows about 1/4 inch in that amount of time. I’m happy with how fast it’s making my hair grow, but it seems to leave my hair very dry and frizzy. It feels like it strips your hair of all the natural oils. In order to keep down on the frizz I only use this product about twice a week.

Cleo Danevang, TX

Why did’t I check the price on Walmart and other drug stores?

1. When I saw the price on Walmart’s webpage I was so surprised, the price of the 32 oz. shampoo and conditioner is half of the price here!! I just felt so mad. Then I cheked on some other drug stores, I felt even more depressed, they are even cheaper!!So, if you want to purchase this product, YOU WILL DEFINITELY WANT TO SEE THE PRICES FROM OTHER STORES AND SUPERMARKETS!!!!! I know I clicked on check out but you know when you found the same products you pruchased has a lower price and you don’t need to wait, you just feel being cheated. Especially my conditioner leaked out 1 square centimeter…2. About this product, since I want to get the best result ou of it, so I followed the directions carefully. The direction on the shampoo says "work through hair with fingertips" so I only let the foam work on my hair and away from my scalp. While the direction on the conditioner rinse out says massage it into scalp……and I tried my best to rinse it out but my hair became oily again soon. Oily Scalp should not use this.3. Something I like about this product, the shampoo iseasy to lather and very foamy and the smell is not very strong which is pretty good. It does detangles, my hair tangles easily.

Jeannie Spragueville, IA

Hair Growing Faster Cheaper at Walmart

I’ll give you the semi short version. You can find this in Walmart in the pet section for about $11.00 for both of them together. Started using this on June 29, 2013 and today, it’s July 13, 2013. So in 15 days using this, my hair has grown almost a full inch. I use to have very long, very thick hair but it has all broken off and I haven’t been able to grow it at all for over 13 years. I got use to using extensions and such. Not a fan of weave & the money it costs so trying to make the effort to take care of and grow my own hair. I take those hair and nail vitamins every day, but for the record, I had been taking those for over a year with no progress (except longer nails). ONLY when I started using Mane N Tail did I see any results. Hair feels super clean, new growth comes in fast and thick now, it’s not as brittle and the conditioner makes it super strong. For the record, I’m a black woman with a natural curl pattern, even though I do relax.

Augusta Morann, PA

Great shampoo for people and horses

Strangely enough Mane’n Tail shampoo was originally developed for horses and after seeing improvement in the health and appearance of their horses’ manes and tails. The improvement in their animals’ hair prompted the company to try it for people use.I have used Mane and Tail for years off and on, but in the end I always go back to this brand. This shampoo moisturizes my hair and helps keep my hair healthy and feeling clean. It feels very clean and doesn’t leave any residue that many other shampoos leave behind on your hair. The shampoo cleaned my hair without leaving it dry and brittle.This is a good quality shampoo and conditioner without all the chemicals that other products tend to have but I do suggest shopping around as you can find the big bottles of this for around 5 to 6 bucks for each bottle.

Lana Sutton, AK

My daughter loves it

My daughter’s friends use this for their own hair and now that she tried it she doesn’t want anything else.

Kaitlyn Dowling, MI

It works with an unfortunate side effect

Now you have to use this product properly for it to work. The first time I used it, alot of hair came out in my comb and a very gross patch of grease was imbedded in my hair. The very next morning I left a moisture treatment on 3 minutes before getting into the shower. I washed that out with tons of shampoo. You have to use alot more of both products than regular human stuff for them to work properly. I then leave the conditioner heavily on my ends and lightly on my roots for 3 minutes (combing through with my finger tips) before washing out very very thoroughly. I had little to no fallout from combing.Even after the two days I’ve been using it, already my hair feels so very soft and amazing. It’s like the first time I used Aussie when my hair was virgin without the static.My hair is dyed red and that has been stripped to a copper color so I don’t recommend this for red dye. My hair is growing-that I can see already. A huge downfall for me though is this enormous disorienting headache that wont go away no matter how much ibuprofen I use. If it becomes reoccurring, I may have to make this only a weekly treatment or eliminate it from my regimen all together.Edit:After the third use, I no longer have any sort of migraine-like side effect. I may have been a result of the product removing such a large amount of oil from my scalp (I’m naturally with a super oily scalp). It’s very textured and soft and long. It’s very easily a staple in my daily shampoo and conditioning. When using though, make sure not to use anything in between the shampoo and conditioner. You can use things before and after (as I do) but the system only works properly when used in tandem, back to back.

Janelle Emmet, AR

Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner

Got it on Saturday 5/26/2012, very nice shampoo and conditioner, it clean your hair and help your hair grow. I will buy these from now on if the price not raising in the future.

Glenda Summit, AR


I have long hair. Aside from the normal 50-100 strands of hair a human loses each day, I generally lose 3x as much due to breakage. After just one use of Mane ‘n Tail, I can already see the difference. There is no longer a massive hairball at the end of my shower. I can actually count the number of strands there now.After losing Herbal Essences to their stupid new direction and formula 10 years ago, I was at a loss to which shampoo and conditioner to use.I was really skeptical at first, because of me being, you know, not a horse… But I’m sold. I will never use a different product than Mane n’ Tail.

Lynn Geddes, SD

Want your hair to grow?

If I wasnt so embarrased at what my hair WAS, I’d post a picture somewhere if it would let me.I have very FINE and potentially very thin hair.I FINALLY got my hair to grow a few years ago. I loved it but my sister talked me into cutting it because short was "in."So I cut it short and it DIED! Just like Tangled, the movie! lolI was so desperate I put a few ‘streaks’ in it to give it some dimension. Every strand that got bleeched fell completely out.I had a total mullet and couldn’t wear my hair down for over 6 months!Until I saw my sister after 6 months and she went from having short hair like mine to THICK hair down to her bra strap!She said she ONLY uses Mane N Tail no matter what!SO! In 7 months my hair has NEVER been better. EVER.It’s grown over 3 inches and my entire hair is almost the same length. Meaning ALL of my break offs are completely long and healthy and shinny.Before this shampoo and conditioner I tried EVERYTHING. Natural things, oil treatments, Bosley treatments, EVERYTHING.Side note, I also was taking 10,000mcg’s of Biotin every single day without fail as well. I had been previously taking Biotin before the shampoo but I kept it up.If you stick to it, it WILL work.

Natalie Ripon, CA

Best hair growth product ive ever used!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this product because it actually made my hair grow long! I have long hair now but I stopped using it a couple years back and regretted. So now im back with mane n tail and intend to keep it that way. If you want your hair to grow this is the product for you. Unlike others I didnt experience the dry hair after using it but I guess not everything is for everyone. But its worth a try.

Gina Eland, WI

Thick hair!

Started using this product after I dyed, bleached, and let a teenager hack off most of my hair…needless to say I’m surprised i had any hair left. What was left was badly damaged, brittle, dry, and somewhere in between a mullet. So I picked up the big bottle of shampoo from walmart then got the conditioner at sally’s for around $5.99 each. That was about a month or two ago and I usually just wear a headband to tuck my hair away because I couldn’t stand looking at it. The other day I let my hair down and straightened it for the first time and WOW…My hair had grown tremendously and is SO THICK. I would say before my hair’s longest strand came to my chin and the shortest layer was right at the tip of my head. Today my hair is almost all one length and right down to my collar bone. i know it’s because of this shampoo and conditioner. I didn’t do anything else to it or put any other products in it. I just washed it, let it air dry and put it under a headband. I am very happy with the results that I bought more and even bought the mane and tail leave in conditioning spray. I’m in the process of growing out my natural hair which is raven black so I’m excited to see the results on my natural hair. If it made my bleached brittle hair soft, thick, and manageable, I can only imagine how my natural unprocessed hair will look. This product definitely works! Never using anything else!

Terri Cleghorn, IA

Does Better than Other “Top” Brands

I was pleasantly surprised with this purchase. I have tried shampoo and conditioners WAY more expensive than this, with far less results. After using this, I noticed my hair not only getting longer, but also slightly thicker and the smell is nice. I do notice a slight buildup after a couple days use and I wouldn’t recommend the conditioner everyday for the same reason, but that could just be my hair. I normally purchase the big bottles of this at a local “big chain” for way cheaper than this. I would definitely recommend for those whose hair is stuck at a certain length or is beginning to thin out.

Flossie Fredonia, TX

Wow! Talk about volume!

I’ve you this product years ago and loved it. Just bought it recently and it still works wonders on your hair. I use Henna to color my hair and it works fine with it. The second you start to shampoo your hair, you can feel the fullness. When you blow dry your hair, watch out because it literally doubles in volume! I’m not a spokes person for this product, just a happy customer. I will say I notice I get tangles more even after using the conditioner but I comb my hair out from the BOTTOM up. The other way only creates more tangles. Other than that, the bottles are HUGE and well worth the money. Packaging was great. They tape the nozzle so it doesn’t leak during shipping. Arrived on time as well. Try this stuff! You’ll love it! This brand has been around for over 30 years as far a I know.

Mellisa Lydia, SC

not the best for my hair

I bought this shampoo in combination with some Biotin pills, and a hair serum to stimulate growth in hopes that my hair would grow really fast. Because I know friends who have mentioned to me that it inhibits hair growth and worked for them.It didn’t work as a hair growth product (not that i need it, i just want longer hair faster) and it also didn’t work as a regular every day shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner is fine. However I feel the shampoo really strips my hair which is dissapointing. not a bad product it’s worked for some, just not me. Oh well…

April Franklin, VA

Economical and Effective

Use the Mane N’ Tail products routinely for my horses, and really like their economy and effectiveness. Combined with their excellent detangler, this is a must-have trio for a horse-barn.

Inez Windsor, VT

Smells nice, decent but not great shampoo…

The shampoo is really rich and smells heavenly. Over time it dried out my hair because of the detergent ingredients. Conditioner also rich and creamy but tends to leave the hair waxy. Found it’s better when both products are diluted. Of course, the dog smells terrific…

Sonya Munising, MI

Volume, Volume, Volume

If Volume is what You want, this is the best shampoo I ever tried, also my hair looks shine and healthy. It makes what it promises. Very hapy

Rosie Old Glory, TX


This stuff is nothing special, I prefer other brands in this price range. I found the shampoo drying and the conditioner was an unpleasant texture, kind of lumpy.

Melody Perote, AL

Worth $7.50 a Bottle In the Long Run!

I have been using the shampoo/conditioner combination as a shampoo/conditioner/creme leave-in conditioner for a week without skipping days or anything. I previously used $20 thickifier in my hair every day after washing my hair. I noticed a small difference in thickness while using that for a little over 3 months. I recently studied some reviews about this shampoo and decided to dish out the extra $5 for each bottle. After using Mane ‘n Tail for ONE WEEK, I have noticed more of a difference in growth and thickness than I did with the thickifier. Before using this, my hair was fried from constant heat, frizzy, dry, and broken off from tons of damaging and useless hair products and hot tools. Now, my broken off pieces are less noticeable, I can actually do stuff with my hair besides use a straightening iron or tons of taming hair products, and my hair is soft and strong. The smell is very pleasant, like apples, and the conditioner is very moisturizing as both a leave-in treatment and rinse-out conditioner. I will definetely buy in the future and recommend to my friends and family.

Mina Center, KY

Best Shampoo Ever!

I use this product for my own personal hair care and my cat for approximately 2-3 months. My hair has never been so healthy and strong; i have very thin hair that snaps if the wind blows too hard. I can’t express how pleased i have been with Mane ‘N Tail. I have searched high and low for a product that does not contain such harsh chemicals (ex:sulfate) with a tolerable smell. Before purchasing the set on Amazon, i would buy them at my local Walmart/Target for approximately the same price (sold individually in the pet aisle). About two weeks ago, i went into the store and noticed the bottles are smaller and more expensive. Also, i think the word is getting around which means limited stock.

Delores Brighton, MI

Arrived- but messy.

Was really excited to receive my new shampoo and conditioner- got here very quickly.Unfortunately when I got it they were both COVERED in what I assume to be shampoo that leaked out. Hence the 3 star rating. Kinda disappointed with that.

Liliana Fred, TX

fine hair, more voluminous

I wanted to wait until I used this product for at least a month, before I reviewed.To start with hair growth, I do believe that mane and tale has to ability to help promote hair growth, mainly because it helps encourage a healthy scalp. It definitely makes thin, delicate, fine hair, more voluminous, and adds a nice texture. My hair is very fine, but it also is wavy, so during the summer, I can get some real nasty frizz hair.I did notice, that I used this shampoo for a week straight, that my hair felt almost TOO thick, too voluminous, and the texture became too rough. (Keep in mind, its summer time) In the summer, my hair is already thicker, and has more volume because of the huminity, so I do think that this shampoo, would be AWESOME during the winter. In the summer however, I would use this once a week.So honestly, I went and bought myself pantene beautiful lengths – because that made my hair grow like crazy in the past. Since pantene makes my hair super silky, and almost too FLAT, I now alternate between beautiful lengths and pantene.ON A SIDE NOTE- I tried a little experiment… I used Mane and Tale on my eyebrows ( after seeing how it made my hair so thick I was curious if it would do the same for my lovely brows, and it did give a fabulous boost to them, so now, i rub and scrum my brows with the mane and tail as well. Hope this helped all who are curious.I do think its a good product, give it a ride. 🙂

Ashley Hawk Springs, WY

It’s great

Ok so I started using this shampoo/conditioner set during spring break so like two weeks almost three weeks ago (a full month) & so far my hair feels fuller, softer, and less damaged. My hair also feels a TINY bit greasier…that could be the shampoo/conditioner OR the fact that I stopped washing my hair every day (it’s bad for your hair in case you didn’t know) & I started washing it every 3 days. But a bit of grease doesn’t set me off because overall I feel like my hair is a lot healthier.

Margie Deerfield, MI

Great smell

My mom loves it. She said it made her hair so soft. For someone who only buys 40 dollar shampoo hair products etc at a salon I’m happy she loved it.

Christy Gulston, KY