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Mambo By Liz Claiborne For Men. Cologne Spray 1.7 Ounces

Introduced in 2001. Fragrance notes: orange, bergamot, musk and patchouli. Recommended use: casual.

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Honest reviews



Sorry, this cologne isn’t that special. It smells very similar to the variations of Axes. It is very strong, and does last; but it smells too much like other cologne. Most of the reviews on this product are bogus; who writes reviews on cologne that they have not purchased through Amazon to say how many guys and girls they attract? Sorry, but your cologne is not going to make you a hit or miss. When a girl who smells nice walks past you in a bar, it probably hasn’t significantly raised your chances of approaching her. It bugs me that so many of these reviews are fake methods of advertisement. Look for the “Amazon verified” reviews from people who actually bought this through Amazon; not all these fake reviews produced by Mambo…

Marian Belton, TX

I like this!

This is a great smelling product, but wasn’t exactly what I was expecting it to be. I needed just a little more (umphhh) in it to hit the major note for me. But it is pleasant to wear.

Tabitha Howes, SD


I hate this cologne it smells like my grandpa’s musty arm pits mixed with right guard deodorant from the 1970’s.

Frieda Eden, NC

Very classy cologne

I actually got wind of this cologne while listening to the Howard Stern Show of all places. Howard’s driver (Ronnie) kept raving about this cologne and how the ladies liked it, so I could not resist. Very very happy!!!

Liliana Olalla, WA

50/50 no/yes

How can I review product that gets 50/50 on comments? lol, ok I got it because I was requested to try it, and so I did, it does smells very masculine and it is not over powering, I got one comment the most, it smells like back in the days, and it is true, the smells it is for someone who was raised with this cologne, or for someone older like on their 40’s, so after getting comments on how good it smells and how old it does, I can tell you this, at the end it is a personal choice, for me it is just ok, I like something more modern, more actual, more younger. hope it does help you to decide.

Ursula Conewango Valley, NY

Liz Claiborne’s Mambo for men

For money and quality, I think this is the best cologne for men. When I was looking for a good men’s cologne, I came across this product, looked at the reviews and a very high percentage of five star votes (72%) convinced me that this is the best cologne.I have been using this for three weeks and I must say that I am very satisfied. It smells great and I spray only once in the morning and it last for a good four to five hours. The ladies at work had positive comments. I highly recommend this cologne.1.Royall Muske Of Bermuda By Royall Fragrances For Men. Cologne Splash 8.0 Oz ( Aftershave Lotion & Body Cologne ).2.Vera Wang By Vera Wang For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Ounces

Araceli Kewanna, IN

One of my favorites!

I always love buying mambo! Smells awesome! Love that it’s not too expensive and that girls always have something too say about how good I smell.

Esperanza Mitchellville, IA

Not for me

It was rather strong, which i don’t mind. However, it seemed like it had one too many scents trying to over power each other. It had an underlying smell of Joop. I bought Claiborne’s Bora Bora and was very impressed with it so thought I’d give this a try. At least it was cheep I’m sure one of my friends will take it off my hands.

Colleen Neapolis, OH

A little heavy handed

For my taste, but my girl loves it, so what am I complaining about? I can put up with many thins so long as she digs it!

Bethany Ridgeway, OH